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March 23, 2018
ז ניסן תשעח
פרשת צו
· March 27 April 8 - Pesach
· April 9 - School resumes
· Mah nishtanah hashonah hazos? Even with days off for snow, all the
students have been toiling hard preparing their hagaddos and Pesach
projects. Despite all the weather challenges everything is ready, בה We
hope your family will enjoy the fruit of their labor over Pesach,
· Tzezchem L’shalom to the Birnbaum family. We will miss them.
We hope they enjoyed their stay in Boston.
· מזל טוב to girls in grade 1 on completing Perek Bais in Parshas Bereishis
and girls in grade 4 on completing Parshas Shemos.
· Thank you to Mrs. Shira Sternfield for creating the Girls’ Bein
Hazmanim Learning Program for students in grades 4-8.
· As part of their English curriculum girls in 7G performed Helen Keller
for parents and friends.
· As part of the ”Understanding Our Difference”, under the auspices of
Gateways and sponsored by The Ruderman Family Foundation, boys in
grade 3 learned about blindness. Gary Alpert led the program assisted by
a visually impaired speaker.
והיה כי יביאך ה׳ אל ארץ הכנעני וכו׳... והגדת לבנך ביום ההוא לאמר וכו׳... בעבור זה עשה ה׳ לי בצאתי ממצרים. רש״י: בעבור
שאקיים מצוותיו פסח מצה ומרור When
Hashem will bring you to Eretz Yisrael, tell your son on that day… for the sake of these mitzvos, Pesach,
matzah, and maror, Hashem did miracles and wonders for me when I left Egypt.
These pesukim seem to indicate that the mitzvah of
retelling the story of יציאת מצרים only begins from
when בני ישראל enter Eretz Yisrael. However, we
know that the first time Bnei Yisrael performed this
mitzvah was in the מדבר , many years before their
entrance into Eretz Yisrael.
The משך חכמה responds to this with a moshol, parable:
A wealthy man married off his daughter to a fine
young man. He married her off in style, provided the
young couple with a beautiful home, a car and a good
job and also provided them with all their needs. A
few months into the marriage, the wealthy man’s wife
commented about the wonderful marriage their
daughter and son-in-law were building. Responded
her husband:
Why should it not be that way? I have provided them
with all their wants. If they had nothing and had to
work hard to get by with little, and they still would
love each other, that would be a true proof to the
soundness of their marriage.
Explains the משך חכמה : When כלל ישראל was in the
מדבר , their keeping the Torah was not proof that it
was worthwhile for Hashem to perform miracles for
them in Mitzrayim. All their needs were provided;
they were surrounded by ענני הכבוד , they ate מן , they
drank water from the באר , and they never wore out
their clothes. It was a utopian existence. Under these
circumstances, it was no surprise that Bnei Yisrael
kept the mitzvos.
However, once בני ישראל entered ארץ ישראל and now
had to provide for themselves by planting and
harvesting the land, keeping the Torah became much
more challenging. Thus, it is only then, when Bnei
Yisrael adhere to the mitzvos when it’s difficult, does
the רבש״ע say בעבור זה עשה ה לי , for this it was
worthwhile for me to alter nature for them.
The בעל הגדה writes: אין בעבור זה אלא בזמן שמצה ומרור
מונחים לפניך , The בעל הגדה does not mention the
mitzvah of the קרבן פסח , only מצה and מרור . This
omission, explains the משך חכמה , is intentional. The
בעל הגדה is referencing a time where the קרבן פסח is no
longer offered, while כלל ישראל is in גלות , When בני
ישראל keep the Torah during the travails of exile, the
רבש״ע feels that His delivering בני ישראל from מצרים
was all the more worthwhile.
This vital message of the Meshech Chochma must be
transmitted to our children on the night of the seder.
They must understand the uniqueness of our
relationship with Hashem and how much He
cherishes every mitzvah we perform especially
when the challenges to do so are great.
Enjoy the projects and דברי תורה your children will
undoubtedly share with you. Thank you to all the
Rebbeim and Moros for all their efforts.
גוט שבת! א כשרן פסח!
Bulletin Board
Grade 5
Y. Feldman, M. Leff , N. Youshaei
Grade 6:
N. Halpern , M. Miara , N. Ochs
Grade 7:
M. Hain , Y. A. Leff, S.M. Solomon, Y. Zyto
Grade 8:
M. Fontek, Y. Miara
Raffle Winners:
M. Miara, N. Ochs
· Mr. Sammy and Mrs. Reyna Simnegar on the bar mitzvah of
their son Yosef (7B)
· Mr. Daniel & Mrs. Anne (7-8G Math support Teacher)
Pessar on the birth of their son
· 3 Nissansponsored by Dr. David & Mrs. Rochel Soll l”illui nishmas Ze’ev ben Yisroel z”l , Mr. Willian Soll
· 3 Nissansponsored by Mr. Dovid & Mrs. Shira Mintzes l’illui nishmas Shimrit Tzivia bas Moshe Nachman a”h, Miss Helaine
· 5 Nissansponsored by Torah Academy as a zechus for a refuah shalaimah for Yaakov Yisroel ben Chaya Shifra
Grade 5
Y. Feldman, M. Leff , N. Youshaei
Grade 6:
N. Halpern , M. Miara , N. Ochs
Grade 7:
M. Hain , Y. A. Leff, S.M. Solomon, Y. Zyto
Grade 8:
M. Fontek, Y. Miara
Raffle Winners:
M. Miara M. Fontek (shared), N. Ochs, Y. Miara
Mazel Tov to learners for
Parshas Vayikra
· March 23 - No BNOS this Shabbos Parshas Tzav
· March 29 - Bar mitzvah of Yosef Simnegar - 9:30 AM at
the Kotel, Jerusalem, Israel. The procession begins at
Dung Gate. Festive BBQs after prayers 12 noon at Mercaz
· Cold Press Restaurant will be open during Chol Hamoed
Pesach with a special Kosher for Pesach menu. No soy or
bean products.
1. First grade boys prepare for Pesach .
2. Second grade boys learning about Pesach.
3. Gary Alpert leading the “Understanding Our Differences” program about blindness in 3B.
1. 4G create watercolor ombre trees.
2. 4G tests potential and kinetic energy using the
variables of gravity, mass, and velocity.
3. 3G authors reading their masterworks to 1G listeners.
4. PreK 1 search for Chometz.
5. 8G celebrates PI day with a PIzza/chometz PI party.
6. Girls in 4G investigate the mystery of PI (3.14) on PI
7. 3G students worked hard to create their beautiful
haggados and enjoyed making special pillows for
8. The girls in fifth grade stuffed pillows made in the
shape of the sheep that were used for Korban Pesach
7. 8.