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This week’s השרפ discusses the ןמ, the incredible sustenance that Hashem provided the Yidden in the
רבדמ. The ןמ is described as םימשה ןמ םחל bread from Heaven and שבד, honey, שבד תיחיפצכ. Later, in
ךתלעהב תשרפ, the ןמ is described as ןמש, oil, ןמשה דשל םעטכ ומעט ׳יהו.
4:32 PM
January 26, 2018
י‘‘עשת טבש א‘‘ח
חלשב תשרפ
January 28– Rebbeim staff meeting
11:30 dismissal grades 2B-8B
January 31– Preschool PTA and
select middle school conferences in
Hamilton building
February 1– Williston STEM Fair–
details in the bulletin
February 3– Torah Academy Ladies
Night Out– details in the bulletin
February 5– Williston PTA
conferences, 4:00 pm dismissal for
gr. 6-8B, no aftercare
February 7– Hamilton PTA
conferences, dismissal at 4:00 pm ,
no aftercare
March 4 –Torah Academy 36th
Anniversary Dinner
בוט לזמ to all the boys who participated in Chemdas Yosef in Chodesh
Kislev. Number of Perakim learned in Kislev: grade 3—11, grade 4—
56, grade 5– 98, grade 6– 163, grade 7– 95, grade 8—129 for a total
of 387 Perakim. Grand total for this year 1252. Raffle winners in
grade 3-5 were: M. Blumberg, Y. Fontek, Y. L. Greene, N. Youshaei.
Raffle winners for grades 6-8 were: Y. Gould, S. Halpern, Y. Miara,
M. Tarlin.
Thank you to Rabbi Hain for running the Shnayim Mikra program.
A list of boys who participated through all the parshios of Sefer
Bereishis is included inside.
בוט לזמ to 3G on finishing Parshas Toldos
As part of L week, the PreK classes went to the Brighton Branch of
the Boston Public Library.
After weeks of intense preparation, the much anticipated Hamilton
STEM Fair took place this Wednesday. The girls’ presentation of the
material demonstrated their hard work and clear understanding of their
subject. Thank you Mrs. Ochs for input in making this event a
As part of the: ”Understanding Our Difference,” under the auspices of
Gateways and sponsored by The Ruderman Family Foundation, girls
in grade 3 learned about blindness. Gary Alpert led the program
assisted by Mrs. Peninah Rosengard. Mrs. Ellenbogen, a speccial
visually impaired speaker, addressed the girls.
Online scheduling for parent teacher conferences is now open to
parents. Please schedule your appointment as soon as possible.
The ארמג in אמוי reconciles these different
descriptions: ןמש םיניקזל םחל םירענל :אנינח רב יסוי ר״א
שבד תוקוניתל.
For the youth, the ןמ tasted like bread, for the
elderly like oil, and for infants, like honey. The
obvious question arises based on a different ארמג.
The Gemara describes one of the תולוגס of the ןמ as
םינימה לכ םעט וב ומעטש, which the ירפס defines ןמהש
.שבדו ןמש םחל םעט קר אלו םיצור ויהש רבד לכל הנתשמ.
The taste of the ןמ was extremely versatile, and
adopted the taste of whatever the eater desired – not
just bread, oil or honey.
Explains Rav Schwab ל״צז: If someone was eating a
meal merely to satisfy his hunger – not for the
pleasure of eating – then the ןמ had the three base
tastes of bread, oil and honey. However, for
someone who is םיגונעתב ושפנ הקשח, who has
cravings for pleasure, then the ןמ could assume any
Rav Schwab continues along this thread by relating
a personal incident. He once merited to spend a
Shabbos with the םייח ץפח. The םייח ץפח was
conversing with a group of people, and raised the
above mentioned ירפס, which describes the ןמ
assuming the taste preferred by the eater. He then
posed the following question to the group:
“What would the ןמ taste like should the individual
eating it not be thinking any תובשחמ at all?”
Realizing that the םייח ץפח had an answer in mind,
the group remained quiet. The םייח ץפח replied: זא
טשינ םעט ןייק סע טאה טשינ טכארט ןעמ. Without
thinking, he said, there is simply no taste.
The holy words of the Chofetz Chaim, says Rav
Schwab are a lesson that extends beyond the
parameters of the ןמ, but encompasses any הוצמ or
ינחור רבד. To truly ‘taste’ the geshmak of a Mitzvah,
you need הבשחמ and הנוכ to precede it. The more
effort and concentration one expends to understand
a sugya in the Gemara, the greater the הרותה תוקיתמ
The Chofetz Chaim is teaching us that passion in
Yiddishkeit is not a luxury. It is a critical and
necessary component. Shabbos, for example,
represents one of the greatest opportunities we have
in our week to be ךנחמ our children. We invest
effort in preparing the house, and in cooking special
foods for Shabbos. Let us also invest in the תוינחור
preparations for Shabbos: Preparing the right ירבד
הרות stories, and תורימז that will enable our children
to truly feel the םעט of Shabbos. And remember
always: טשינ םעט ןייק סע טאה טשינ טכארט ןעמ זא
תבש טוג
Rabbi Ochs
Bulletin Board
8 Shevat - sponsored by Mr. Heshy & Mrs. Bluma Mermelstein in memory of the yahrzeit of Shalom ben Nuta Yitzchok
10 Shevat– sponsored by Rabbi Sholom & Mrs. Marion Fine L'ilui Nishmas Shlomo Yitzchak ben Sholom Meir Fine z"l
January 26 - Shalom Zachor in the house of Rabbi and
Mrs. Septimus (34 Winship St.) 7:30-9:30 PM
January 27 - Kiddush at Khal Tiferes Yosef at 10:45
sponsored by Rabbi and Mrs. Mordechai and Shifra
Marcus in honor of the first birthday of their twins
January 28—L’chaim for the engagement of Moshe
Yaakov Rosenbloom and Talia Millman at Chestnut Park
at Cleveland Circle 1:30-3:30 PM
February 25 - Chai Odom Pre-Purim Carnival
Grade 5 : Y. Feldman , Y. Fontek, M. Leff,
B. Septimus, D. Simnegar, N. Youshaei
Grade 6: A. Bier, H. Blumberg, Y. Gould, N. Halpern,
M. Miara, N. Ochs
Grade 7: Y. Gluckin, M. Hain, Y. A. Leff, S. M. Solomon,
Y. Zyto
Grade 8: M. Fontek, Y. Miara
Raffle Winners: M. Hain, B. Septimus, Y. Zyto
Mazel Tov to learners who learned for all of Sefer Bereishis
Grade 5 : Y. Feldman , M. Leff, Y. Y. Mermelstein,
D. Simnegar, N. Youshaei
Grade 6: A. Bier, Y. Gould, M. Miara, N. Ochs
Grade 7: Y. Gluckin, M. Hain, Y. A. Leff, S. M. Solomon,
Y. Zyto
Grade 8: M. Fontek, Y. Miara
Mazel Tov to learners for Parshas Bo
Rabbi Zalman & Mrs. Simi Krems on the recent bar
mitzvah of Yisroel
Joshua (‘05) & Chana Rynderman on their recent wedding
and to parents Michel & Sima Rynderman
Yehuda (’08) & Menucha Beker on their recent wedding
and to parents, Rabbi Yaakov & Mrs. Leah Beker
Shmuel & Chaya Sara Septimus on the birth of their son
Moshe Yaakov (‘09) Rosenbloom & Talia (‘10) Millman
on their engagement and to their parents, Mr. Chaim &
Mrs. Miriam Sara Rosenbloom and Dr. Shmuel & Mrs.
Devorah Millman
Dr. Reuvein Shimanovich for installing the new bulletin
boards in the Hamilton building.
A big thank you to volunteers Mrs. Frumie Krochmal,
Avigayil Krochmal, Dovid Tzvi Krochmal, Nechama
Hoffman, and Tali Rosenberg for helping out with the
dinner mailing!
Congratulations to the winners of the December art contest,
based on the picture of Claes Oldenburg's sculpture entitled
"Giant Floor Hamburger".
Grades : 1-5: Y. Loketch, Honorable Mention: D. Simnegar,
A. Shimanovich
Grades 6-8: E. Markov, Honorable Mention : J.J. Ledewitz
1. Rabbi Sebbag acting as Pharoah as he acts out the Makkos for the 1st
and 2nd graders
2. 8th graders building their bridges
3. 5th grade creating aerodynamic models
4. 4B "Sift for Treasure" challenge for the Melacha of Merakeid.
5. The winners of the Chemdas Yosef raffle (grades 3-5) for Chodesh
6. While learning Sefer Yehoshua, 4B acts out the march of Yericho.
7. 4B researches, builds, tests, and improves their catapults
8. Claes Oldenburg's sculpture entitled "Giant Floor Hamburger," was
the subject of December’s art contest.
9. 8B probability fair
1. K1 has a pajama party for Parshas Bo with s’mores and hot cocoa.
2. Art experience in 2G, using tempera on canvas creating cups and
hot air balloons
3. PreK classes visit the Brighton Branch of the Boston Public
4. Literacy in K2 includes inventive spelling and reading books.
5. As part of “Understanding Our Differences” girls in grade 3
learned about blindness trying out Braille typewriters, seeing
other items that can be used to aid the blind. They also heard from
Mrs. Ellenbogen about what it is like to be blind.
6. 5G decorated their classroom with a Kosel bulletin board.
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