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A Message from Rabbi Ochs
Torah Academy Bullen
Dear Parents,
The last few weeks in school are very exciting, filled with siyumim, trips and activities.
On Monday, the boys in Grade 2-8 celebrated the Choson Vayikra seudah. There were
close to 65 chasanim and they earned 2 slices of pizza, French fries, and a soda. At the
seudah over 40 םירפס were given out to the boys who had learned תוינשמ and הכלה over
חספ sponsored by Rabbi and Mrs. Klerman in memory of their parents. We also showed a
musical video on the topic of הרזח.
On Tuesday, 8G went on their graduation trip to New Hampshire. They explored the po-
lar caves, rode a cable car to the top of Cannon Mountain, climbed the weather tower and
substituted Fun Stop for the Flume due to inclement weather. They had a fun filled action
packed day and had a great time in spite of the rainy weather. Thank you Mrs. Blumberg
and Mrs. Ochs for giving up an entire day to chaperoning the trip.
On Wednesday, 8B went on their graduation trip. The boys woke up early to daven at
5:30 AM at Chai Odom. Unbelievably, everyone was on time! They drove to Albany,
NY and their first stop was Fun Plex, an amusement park. They traveled to Howe Cav-
erns where they explored the stalagmite and stalactite caves. They bought supper at
PriceChopper in Albany, davened החנמ and returned to Boston at 10:45 PM. Thank you
Rabbi Moskovitz for coordinating all the details of the trip and giving the boys such a
great and exciting time. Thank you Mr. Sadetsky for driving the boys.
On Thursday, 23 boys went to Providence, Rhode Island for a banquet in honor of the
Masmid Gavoha program. We joined together with the boys from Providence and Water-
bury for the New England chapter of Masmid Gavoha. This is a national program that
runs during the winter months. Students track the time they learn at home and get points.
If they achieve a certain number of points, they are able to participate in the banquet.
This year it is taking place in Providence, Rhode Island. Thank you Rabbi Hain for or-
ganizing and running this program and driving a group of boys to Providence. Thank you
as well to Rabbi Miara for helping with the transportation.
Liel Shkap is the winner of the annual Rose Ruderman Scholar Award. The award recog-
nizes “students who contribute to the Jewish community by reaching out and helping oth-
ers.” Commemorating the activism of Rose Ruderman z"l, Liel is committed to her fam-
ily and involved in her community. She is a leader in the Malden community, modeling
tefilah, simcha and a strong commitment to yiddishkeit. She will receive the prize along-
side winners from five other Orthodox days schools.
The PreK celebrated their completion of the א-ב with a gala הביסמ . Each class
performed superbly and there was no stage fright evident at all in these 4 year olds.
Thank you Morah Chavi, Morah Yocheved, Morah Rachel, Mrs. Kagan, and Morah Ari-
ella. בוט לזמ to 7G on completing קלב תשרפ. Thank you Mrs. Ochs.
בוט לזמ to 8G on completing םירבד תשרפ. Thank you Mrs. Ochs.
בוט לזמ to 4G on completing עשוהי רפס. Thank you Mrs. Sternfield.
Please note that there will be a Rebbe’s meeting this Sunday, with dismissal at 11:30 AM
for 2B—8B. Have a תבש טוג !
June 9, 2017 עשת‘‘ ז
ךתולעהב תשרפ
ט‘‘ןויס ו
8:02PM תורנ תקלדה
Tue, June 13 -
last day of school
for 8G - noon dis-
missal for 8G
Wed, June 14 -
Girls’ graduation
Thurs, June 15 -
last day of school
for 8B, dismissal
after mincha
Thurs, June 15 -
Boys’ graduation
Mon, June 19 -
last day of pre-
school - noon dis-
Tue, June 20 -
last day for 1-
8B/G - noon dis-
Mazel Tov
To Bostoner Rebbe
and Rebbetzin on
the birth of a son to
Rabbi Mordechai
and Mrs. Sarah So-
cha (‘94) Beresovsky
To Rabbi Yehoshua
and Mrs. Sharone
Zuber on the birth
of a daughter to Mr.
and Mrs. Pinchos
Dovid Zuber
To Dr. Shmuel and
Mrs. Devora Mill-
man on the engage-
ment of their
daughter Tsippora
(‘11) to Doniel
Dismissal this
Sunday, June 11
for Boys Grade 2 - 8
will be at 11:30 AM
Babysitting available
I'm a frum mom of 2 who just moved to Brighton in March.
I babysit 1-3 infants at a time;
I have spots open for the fall, full- or part-time.
References available; contact me
at or 513-470-4914.
Aviva Kornbluth
This Shabbos last Pirchei of the year.
Thank you to Miara family for hosting!
Heads up!
Coming up- Monday, June 12
our Teacher Appreciation Day!
Once again the Rosmarin family
will generously be matching
every dollar
that comes in up to $3,600
for teachers' classroom
So, keep your eyes out
for our launch campaign
this upcoming Monday!
This Week’s Days of
4 Sivan
sponsored by Torah
Academy as a zechus for a
Refuah Shelaima for
Shifra bas Faige Ruchel,
mother of Mr. Mark Bressler
17 Sivan
sponsored by
Ms. Arlene Rosenbaum in lov-
ing memory of Florence &
Coleman Rosenbaum
man ben Yosef and Esther z"l
and Frima bas Binyomin and
Malka a"h
13 Sivan
sponsored by A
Friend in honor of Mrs. Anne
Yavner for all the amazing
things she does for Torah
Academy every day!!
Only 10 Slots Left!
We are just a few days short of the last
day of school. Grab the opportunity
to reserve one of these last
Days of Learning
in memory of loved ones, as a zechus
Refuah Sheleima, or in honor of
a special person or occasion,
before the summer vacation begins.
Top picture – Rabbi Eliezer Y. Gibber, Rosh HaYeshiva/Dean of the
Yeshiva Gedolah of Providence, speaking at the siyum
Bottom picture– Moshe Fontek (7B) speaking at the siyum
June 7, 2017
To All Members of the Torah Academy Community:
It has been my pleasure for the last several years to award a
$1000 prize from our family trust to a general studies teacher at
Torah Academy. I am so impressed with the caring and creativi-
ty these professionals bring to their work every day. The Board
of Directors agreed to add this amount to the salary of the
teacher who wins this award for the years to follow -- and they
established a similar prize for the religious teachers.
We are seeking input from parents, faculty members, and
(especially!) students to determine this year's winners. Please
send your thoughts (in writing) to the secretaries in each build-
ing by Friday, June 15. Or, you may email them to me at by that same date.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Brenda Keegan, Ph.D.
Director of General Studies
Young S.T.E.M engineers - Students in 4G designed mazes for “The Great Marble Race.” They con-
structed a maze for a marble to run through to see whose marble could complete the race the SLOW-
EST! Each group had to incorporate certain vocabulary words (friction, acceleration, motion, and grav-
ity) in their explanation, as well as show how their maze used at least one of Newton’s Laws.
7G singing
American songs
to Preschool
2:00—4:00 PM
From Pre-School dismissal to Elementary School dismissal
Available by the day or week
Price: $2,100 for a full week for the year
Spaces are limited and fill up quickly.
Please complete this registration form
and return it to the office as soon as possible.
School Day Care Program-Pre
Family name: __________________________ Phone #: ____________
Child(ren): ____________________________ Grade(s): ____________
My child will attend:
___________Full Week
______Fri. ______ Thurs. ______ Wed. ._______ Tues______ Mon.
Kindergarten students get-
ting ready for Shavuos,
practicing creative writing,
and sharing their works
with Rabbi Ochs.
2B Shavuos
Rabbi Ochs
talking to 2B
students before
A. Feuerstein
Y. Gould
M. Miara
D. Faintuch
JJ. Ledewitz
M. Ledewitz
Y. A. Le
S. M. Solomon
Y. Zyto
A. Cywiak
M. Fontek
Y. Miara
Y. Ochs
Y. A. Rosmarin
Y. Solomon
בוט לזמ
םוגרת דחאו ארקמ םינש
רבדמב תשרפ
Coming this September!
Geshmake Thursday night Mishmar at the Kollel!
Given by Rabbi Yaakov Berzansky
for 7
and 8
grade boys.
Stay tuned for more details!
A. Feuerstein
Y. Gould
M. Miara
N. Ochs
M. Ledewitz
Y. A. Le
S. M. Solomon
Y. Zyto
Y. Wasserman
A. Cywiak
M. Fontek
Y. Miara
Y. Ochs
Y. Solomon
אשנ תשרפ