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   HELPING OTHERS  we collect water      for children guajira




Address: race 7 lane 2 Bethlehem district 



until June 2, 2016

 Availability , quantity and quality                                        of water resources in the Guajira






The aim of this research work is to make public that, although La Guajira is the third department in Colombia with more income royalties earned through the natural resources development such as coal; the investment done in the region is not enough to cover the population basic needs. Potable water shortage is the biggest issue for its inhabitants. Only 83% of the population has access to drinking water supply, while the country’s average is 92%.


On the other hand.....




 it is evident the department presents high maternal mortality rates and malnutrition usually followed by infant mortality. The corresponding royalty rate for each township is not clearly seen through the population’s quality of life by having access to an excellent urban water supply service which might minimize the risk and the direct impact on infectious diseases, malnutrition and death.


  Juan David Bulla Vaca      7-1