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Main Ideas Of Buddhism

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 by Andrei 

" To some people meditation


 means enlightenment. "





Chapter One



What is enlightenment?

Enlightenment (or bodhi in Indian Buddhism, and satori in Zen Buddhism) is when a Buddhist finds the truth about life and stops reincarnating. The only way to reach enlightenment is by following the 'Middle way'.

  " The root of suffering  is attachment "


- Buddha

The first three sites shocked Buddha but his final site inspired him to find inner peace through meditations. Without the suffering Buddha saw, there would be no Buddhists now. The aim of Buddhism is to reincarnate until you find inner peace. Suffering is the first of 'Buddha's Noble Truths'.  

Buddha's four sites

1) A Poor old man.

2) A very ill man.

3) A dead man.

4) A peaceful monk.

These four sites drove the first Buddha to become a holy man and get rid of suffering.




Chapter Two



What Is The Eightfold Path?

The 'Eightfold Path' is the fourth of Buddha's 'Four Noble Truths'.

Also known as the 'Middle Path', which helps reach enlightenment,

as seen earlier.


Chapter Three



1) Right view.

2) Right intention.

3) Right speech.

4) Right action.

5) Right livelihood.

6) Right effort.

7) Right mindfulness.

8) Right concentration.

This list is the 'Eightfold Path'





The 'Four Noble Truths' is the basement of Buddhism, it's also a guide to reach inner peace and end suffering.


Buddhism's Roots.

Chapter Four



1) Dukka

2) Tanha

3) Niro dha

4) Magga

Here are 'The Four Noble Truths'.


Below I'm going to explain them.

1) You suffer.

2) You suffer because you have a desire.

3) If you don't want to suffer get rid of desire.

4) The way to get rid of suffering is following the 'Eightfold Path'.

Thanks for reading