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This is based off of the Untitled art piece that is painted fiber glass at the museum. The one with the two very peculiar card players. There are also other pieces in here based off of other works of art at the El Paso Art Museum

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They say that we do not belong here

That we are trash and a disgrace

That we were never meant to be

a part of the human race


It's not like we decided to

become a part of all of this mess

We were made and we are living

I'm not sure why we're here I confess


Others look at us like we are beautiful

Others seem to distance themselves away

What they don't know is that we're suffereing

every time they walk astray

"Why am I here?"

Where do I go?

What do I do?

What can we show?"


Our questions are silent

as we're trapped in an everlasting loop

People can't answer us

and it gets harder to hold onto hope


Some of them support us

of course not everyone agrees

They no longer want to see us

It's as if we are a disease


I look to my comrad

my one and only friend

and he smiles at me

even though it's just pretend


"I know why we're here.

I know where to go

I know what we can do

And exactly what we can show."


We walk away from all of the judement

the hatred in their eyes

To a small and quiet corner

Where I'm sure we can survive


I find it interesting as to why all of this happened

How we got here and where we stay

It is quite a long story however,

I'll save that for another day

We Are Who We Are 

Crashing waves roll violently onto the surface

Creating rocks that are sharp and frightening

Causing the water to eat the cliffside, making it weaker as rocks

Crumble into the roaring sea below


Softly the waves flow calm and collected

Sparkling and shimmering the sky reflects up above in a beautiful spectrum of colors

Silently the sun sets allowing everyone to sleep soundly

Slowly the world goes to sleep, safe and soundly

After the Storm Brings Calm



Card Game