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BTS will forever remain a catalyst along my journey, not only in Christian ministry but all of life. I had the privilege to be instructed by pastors who knew their content but more importantly shared their experiences, trials, and triumphs. It has been said that seminary trains the mind, but suffering trains the soul. I'm thankful to the many godly instructors at BTS who addressed the hearts and minds of their students with practical examples and a realistic view of the full picture of ministry, joys, and sorrows. I am far more prepared for the task God has called me to accomplish thanks to the affordable and exible education BTS provides.”— Jason Williams, M.Div. 20124, D.Min. Pastoral Leadership Cand. 2024Executive Director of the Aspire Movement Birmingham, AL“

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At BTS, we know you are the kind of person who wants the best training to be engaged in ministry. That means seminary. The problem is that seminary is expensive and requires major life changes, which can make you feel like you will never be able to achieve your dream. At BTS, we believe quality reformed seminary education should be accessible and affordable to everyone who needs it. We understand that you have a number of other legitimate responsibilities with your resources. That is why BTS is committed to being the number one seminary in America for affordable, flexible quality reformed seminary education. Step inside today to start your journey to tomorrow.We have been offering exible reformed education for almost 50 years, so you can lead in ministry today. Start your journey so you can stop wondering and start learning.HERE IS HOW IT WORKSBTS & YOU1. Check Out Our Degrees2. Register for Class3. Apply to a Degree Program Today

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HistoricBTS was founded in 1972, with classes held in downtown Birmingham and at Edgewood Presbyterian Church. Classes were extended to all learners.ReformedBTS is a multi-denominational seminary that holds to the gospel of Jesus Christ, revealed to us through scripture alone. QualityBTS meets all learners at the junction of where they are and the task of graduate education. We have programs for everyone, but all programs are challenging!AffordableBTS maintains its commitment to be the most affordable seminary in America. At $100 per credit hour (graduate), we make seminary possible.BTS strives to be the number one seminary for quality, sound, affordable theological education that extends to learners in diverse environments for kingdom impact on their communities.WHO IS BTS? THE BTS VISION#StartWithBTS

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For me, working on my Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Counseling through Birmingham Theological Seminary ts my ministry education needs perfectly… They promote excellence. The program is convenient...[and] I’ve met great classmates! I look forward to how the Lord will further equip me to minister to the hurting!”— Lucy Ann Moll, D.Min. Biblical Counseling, 2020Sycamore, Illinois“

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The Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Counseling at BTS is exactly what I was looking for in an advanced degree program. I was looking for a respected academically rigorous, cost-effective, theologically sound, and gospel-oriented degree program that would further develop my skills in biblical counseling. The D.Min. program has proven to be a blessing, both to me and to my church family!”— Carl DeyArmin, D.Min. Biblical Counseling Cand. 2021Missionary Pastor, Village Missions at Machias Community Church Snohomish, WA“

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5-TIERED DEGREE CLASSIFICATIONCerticates & Alternative DiplomasLEARNING CERTIFICATES ALTERNATIVE DIPLOMAS (4 classes/8 hours) (15 Classes/30 hours)• Leadership • Apologetics• Teaching • Biblical Counseling• Worship Ministry • Biblical Studies• Missions/EvangelismMasters (40 Hours)ENRICHMENT MASTERS DEGREES (CORE) – Designed for volunteer based professionals.• Masters of Biblical Studies• Masters of WorshipMasters (60+ Hours) PROFESSIONAL MASTER OF ARTS DEGREE PROGRAMS – Master of Arts in: • Biblical Counseling • Public Theology• Christian Education • Worship Ministry• Pastoral LeadershipM. Divinity (100+ Hours)ORDINATION BASED DEGREE PROGRAM• Ordainable Version• Specialized: Apologetics, Biblical Counseling, Church Planting, and Church RevitalizationD. Min (Doctoral)4 YEAR, COHORT BASED PROGRAM FORTHCOMING• Biblical Counseling • Public Theology• Pastoral Leadership • Worship Ministry12345#StartWithBTS

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BTS DEPARTMENTS AND PROGRAMSCore (40 hours)BTS’s Core degree program (Masters of Biblical Studies) is designed to serve as a foundational study program that brings together a biblically based intersection of Biblical Theology, Systematic Theology, Historical Theology, and Applied Theology. It can be pursued individually, or as a springboard to larger degree programs. It is perfect for the lay church leader.Ministry (62 hours)The Ministry program at BTS is an academic study program designed to give students an opportunity to explore, learn, and to grow as a ministry professional. The Ministry program is a full professional level graduate degree with concentrations in Pastoral Leadership and Christian Education.WorshipThe mission of the Worship program is to equip worship leaders theologically and technically to lead the church in robust reformed and trinitarian worship that draws on the work of the Spirit, points to Jesus Christ, and glorifies God the Father, while learning from and impacting historically diverse cultures.Public TheologyThe BTS Public Theology program is developed to provide an opportunity for students to explore the interconnected branches of theological engagement in the marketplace through the study of Apologetics, Missions, and Evangelism, while striving to bring the mission of the church to bear on a lost and dying world.#StartWithBTS

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Biblical CounselingThe Biblical Counseling program is designed to produce graduates that are faithful to a Biblical view of personhood and equipped to provide insight, guidance, direction, and counsel to individuals struggling with significant issues in their personal and relational lives.DivinityBTS Master of Divinity degree is designed to meet the requirements of the Uniform Curriculum of the PCA with a full suite of classes in Biblical Theology, Systematic Theology, Applied Theology, & Historical Theology. It prepares individuals for service in full-time pastoral ministry.DistanceBTS offers a variety of programs and distance delivery methods. We believe that technology can enhance, carry, and empower learning when used correctly. We offer programs that can be pursued individually or in the community.While the heart of BTS is our Alabama residential programs, all of our degrees are available via distance through correspondence, live video conference, and directed study options. Our degree programs do not require residential visitation. We also work closely with one of our principal ministry partners, Thirdmill Ministries, to provide quality pre-recorded content for distance students in our Core program.BTS DEPARTMENTS AND PROGRAMS#StartWithBTS

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I am thankful for BTS because it allowed me to study for the ministry without moving my family or going into debt. My service in the church began on a solid theological foundation built up by professors that cared for me personally. This is BTS.”— Rick Hutchinson, M.Div. 2015Pastor, Christ Community Church Springville, AL“

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BTS AND YOUWHAT'S NEXT – REGISTER TODAY!How can we help you fulfill your calling?CounselorsYou’ll get the best training available for church-based or independent biblical counseling to help hurting people.LeadersWe work with you to achieve your goals and help you to become an impact leader in your church and community.PastorsTraining leaders for the church—today and tomorrow—by remaining faithful to God’s word.There are several ways to get started at BTS!Visit Us Onlinewww.bts.educationEmail Us btsadmin@briarwood.orgContact Our Campus Coordinator(205) 776-5650Find us on Facebook and Instagram Searching for "Birmingham Theological Seminary"#StartWithBTS

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#StartWithBTS (205) 776-5650YOUR JOURNEY TO FULFILLING YOUR CALLIf you desire to fulfill God’s calling in your life with accessible and affordable seminary options through a quality reformed theological education, you are going to love BTS!Your place to become who God calls you to be.