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A somewhat autobiography of my amazing life to be.

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A Timeline of My Life

By Edmond D. Davis


Despair began to set in... After five long years of trying to conceive a child Cynthia Davis wanted to give up. Her husband, Edward davis ensured her that everything would be fine, and that as long as they had fair then there was nothing to worry about. Soon enough, On March 15 1994, a beautiful black boy was born. He would be the youngest of three and the only son. With his eyes open he began his journey.

My first memories began around the age of five. Those memories are filled with moments spent at my grandmothers house. With everyone other than myself working in my houshold. My grandmother's house became a second home to me. One christmas when I was nine she bougtht me a gameboy color. From that moment since I have been in love with videogames.


Decades of My Life

0-10 (Initiative v. Guilt)(Industry v. Inferiority)


 At age 13 I thought I knew everyhing that life could throw at me. After losing my grandmother two years prior, I noticed that my family began to drift from one another. My relatives ,who were my closest companions, became distant strangers to me, so I had to establish new friendships. I'm very fortunate to have found my best friend Micah. She literally turned my life around.

Decades of My Life

10-20 (Industry v. Inferiority)(Identity v. Role Confusion)(Intimacy v. Isolation)

Age 13


Age 16

Best Friends 


Fortunatley I have found the love of my life and I have started towards my career and live goals. I wish to study political science at the university of Colorado Boulder. While in Colorado I would like to have my first child. Many would chose not to have a child while trying to complete their education, but I openly embrace the opprotunity. By my late 20's I would have liked to have finished law school and start being a lobbyist.

Decades of My Life

20-30 Intamacy v. Isolation


While I am living out a healthy and happily marriage I would like to have at least two more children . By this time I would have moved to either Texas or Louisiana to stay until my youngest children are old enough to leave. Hobbies that I take part in and would like to pass to my children are reading books, listening to old funk music and watching anime.

Decades of My Life

30-40 Intimacy v. Isolation

 Around this point in my life I would have most likely lost one if not both of my parents. This will be a very difficult moment in my life. My parents have always done what they thought was best for me, and I greatly appreciate the sacrifices they made for me. Hopefully my family will be there for me when I'll need them the most. By this point in my career I would like to hold a seat in congress.


Decades of My Life

40-50 (Generativity v. Stagnation)

 I would like to have grand children by this period of my life. A challenge that may occur is that I wish to spend more time with my family as I get up in age, so I may look into retiring early. With that in mind I'll be sure to create many ecconimic opprotunites for my self to secure early retirement. Being a grandfather has been a life goal of mine as long as I can remember. I never knew my grandfather's from either side of my parent's, so I've made it a mission to make sure that I'll be there for my grandchildren.


Decades of My Life

50-60 (Generativity v. Stagnation)

As I continue to outlive many of my relatives and friends ,I'll clinge on to those who are close to me. My greatest fear is to lose the person I love the most in this world, Micah. If she passes before I do I don't believe I'll ever recover. I'll live on because I know that's what she'll want but  a lot of my time would be spent coming to grasp with her being gone.


Decades of My Life

70-80 (Ego integrity v. Despair)

I would love if my last few years on this earth were spent simply passing on my wisdom to the next generation of  my familiy and anyone who is willing to listen. I will have no regrets in my life because I will know that I've done everything I could. My time will be up and I must pass on the tourch of knowledge on to someone who will continue my legacy.


Decades of My Life

80-90(Ego integrity v. Despair)


If you're reading this letter, then I am no longer on earth with you. I pray that my life has been a great service to humanity. I hope that the state of my people will continue to improve while I'm gone. I want all of those that I have taught to share their knowledge with fellow curious minds to unify and advance the well being for all people. I am most proud of my loving family who have supported through my life journey. I have no regrets, life was to short to have any...

During this time I would love for my wife and I to travel as much of the world as we can . Hopefully my hobbies will still include reading books, and I'll practice ways to keep my mind and body in great shape to help me maintian mobility in my old age.


Decades of My Life

60-70 (Generativity v. Stagnation)(Ego integrity v. Despair)