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                                                                                                                       By: Bryson Snider

     I've been around since about the time the first steam locomotive was introduced; so actually I am a really "old" baby.  I am almost 200 years old.  Ancient civilizations used to use me to turn sand into glass.  Although, I was available in abundance, chemists had little interest in me.  

     In 1811, Joseph Gay Lussac and Louis Jacques Thenard used silicon tetrachloride with potassium metla and produced silicon in an impure form.  The credit for my discovery goes to Jons Jacob Berzelius.  I was discovered once he heated potassium fluorosilicate with postassium.  The first result was contaminated with postassium silicide, but once water was stirred in, I reacted and a pure form of silicon powder was found.

The Story of me





Pesonality:Boiling point: 4271*F Melting point:2570*F

Race: Chemical


Birth Weight: 28.0855 amu


Guardian signature:____________________

Docter: Jons Jakob Berzelius

Was born in Sweden in1824

Birth Certificate

Gender: Solid


Birth Height: 14

Nickname: Si










      In sand










      Number 14



  Polonium        Tellerium                 Antimony         Arsenic


   Germanium                                            Boron

The Metaliod family 


1824 Berzelius Way

     When I grow up I want to be used in computer chips. I was born in Sweden in 1824 to the metalliod family.I predict that computers will be very important in the future.

     In the past Silicon has been used for ceramics, glass, and construction materials. However, computers need me more!

     I am a vital part in the billion dollar silicon industry. My uniformity, mechanical, and chemical strength are important characteristics. I hope one day to be used in a Dell computer.



When I Grow Up