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Location of Brazil.

Men who are gathering coffee beans for Brazil's HUGE agriculture industry.



Brazil is considered the soccer champs of the world, with 5 FIFA World Cup titles.

Brazil hosted the 2016 olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Basic information

The capital of Brazil is Brasília, NOT Rio de Janeiro, as some people think. Brazil is approximately 3.288 million sq mi, ranked as the 5th biggest country. It's population is also immense, with about 207.7 million people. It is between 31 degrees south and 1 degree north, and 72 and 41 degrees west. As for the government, Brazil is a democratic republic. The elections are mandatory unless you are 16-18, over 70, or you tell the government that you are not voting. The legislative branch is made up of the Chamber of Deputies and the Federal Senate (They make the laws).

Brazil (Highlighted).

The Flag of Brazil With its motto, Ordem E Progresso (Order and Progress).


Brazil's landforms are cool too! The Amazon river, as you probably know about, is actually the biggest river in volume, but most scientists think that the Nile river is the longest. This puts the Amazon in 2nd, even though it runs through more than 3 countries! The Brazilian Highlands, on the other hand, are actually plateaus! They are the source of Brazil's mineral wealth. And finally, the Pantanal wetland is the largest freshwater wetland, 10 times the size of the Florida Everglades!

The beautiful Pantanal wetland.

A tiny part of the Amazon River.

Some plateaus in the Brazilian Highlands.


The climate in Brazil can get wacky! In most Brazilian places, the temperature will get up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit! However, in the high places such as mountains, it will get lower than 35 degrees! For precipitation, the Amazon can get from 80-200 inches of rain every year! But the highest for the highlands (ever) is 8 inches!

A wet Amazon rainforest during the rainy season.

Human Features

Bom Jesus de Matosinhos and the statues.

Brazil has many amazing human features. For instance, there is Christ the Redeemer, the tallest statue in South America! Igreja e Convento de São Francisco is a beautiful church with over 40 pieces of art! But last, but not least, Bom Jesus de Matosinhos is a  beautiful church with 12 soapstone statues of prophets in the front!

Exterior of Igreja e Convento de São Francisco.

The 125ft tall Christ the Redeemer.

Natural resources


3 main natural resources for Brazil are bauxite, iron ore, and gold. Bauxite can be found in the mountains in the north, where there is a huge mine already! As for iron ore, large deposits can be found in rainforests all around the country. And gold, that great treasure that everyone loves, can be found in the hills of Brazil, in the central and southeast region.


Iron ore


Some of Brazil's biggest industries include the textile industry (denim), the automobile industry (cars), and the machinery and equipment industry (agricultural machines). Brazil is actually the 2nd biggest denim producer in the world! As for machines and equipment, 90% of agricultural machines are domestically bought. And for the automobile industry, is a major player in the economy, generating over 90 billion dollars!

A car(left), denim jeans(middle), and a tractor for getting coffee(right).


Brazil's agriculture industry is HUGE! It is the number 1 tobacco producer. It is also the #1 coffee producer, with more the 5,500,000,000 pounds of it! And finally, soybeans. Though it is the #2 biggest producer, some think that it will overtake the United States and become #1.

Soybeans (left), tobacco (middle), and coffee beans and coffee (right).


Brazil's main religion is Roman Catholicism (it also has the most Roman Catholics in the world!). A good food is moqueca, which is basically fish stew served in a clay pot while it is still steaming. And the Brazilian independence day is on Friday, September 7th.

The Catholic cross (Left), Brazilians celebrating independence day (middle), and moqueca (right).