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Let s start simple shall we This offering is something I have been thinking about for a very long time As we continue to learn that self care is no longer an extravagant option but a necessary way of living in this modern society I hope to inspire the desire to learn ways that will keep you and your loved ones healthy warm and nourished through the alchemy available in your home kitchen Here we will explore thin to thick familiar to new recipes for preventing soothing and recovering from illness surgery chilly winter weather or just general malaise that many are experiencing in these modern times These recipes are collected from dear friends family mentors and people whose healing work I greatly admire My hope is that you will recall a broth or brew from your childhood or from your travels or recall the go to meal that you make when you know you need some grounding and nourishing love Perhaps you can think of who your culinary healing influencers have been and honor them by stewing up a pot or brewing a cup in their honor In health Sarah Karinja of Nomad Herbals

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herbs spices and a couple of fruits for optimal digestion FENNEL moistening good for indigestion GINGER tri doshic nausea gas bloating PEPPERMINT cooling muscle relaxant SPEARMINT calming good for indigestion CHAMOMILE for gas nervine skin tonic TURMERIC calms inflammation gas BLACK PEPPER digestive stimulant DANDELION ROOT detoxifying prebiotic CALENDULA digestive tract inflammation BURDOCK ROOT detoxifying inflammation MARSHMALLOW moistening soothes ulcers GARLIC parasites digestive infections CLOVE relieves gas colic bloating warming LEMON strengthen digestion detoxifying PAPAYA diarrhea parasites digestive aid LICORICE moistening gentle laxative sweet

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simple broth plant based ingredients leftover tops scraps and peels of clean veggies tip keep a container with you when you chop veggies for any cooking use and toss clean unused bits in store in the freezer until you are ready to use make sure it has not been freezer burnt any of the following fresh garlic onion celery carrot peppers squash parsnips kale etc include any coarsely chopped fresh herbs you like Sage rosemary basil bay leaf and thyme have long traditions of being used medicinally Nettle is always a wonderful addition due to its high mineral content add spices like peppercorn coriander cumin etc DirectiOnS place fresh saved frozen veggie bits in a large pot like a dutch oven with a well fitting lid cover with water leaving space at the top for boiling water to bubble a bit bring everything to a roiling boil then turn to simmer and cook gently on a low setting for 45 minutes to an hour uncovered cool strain and compost your veggies store in the refrigerator 1 week freezer 3 weeks sip like tea in the morning for a mineral boost use any fresh vegetables you like preferably organic or home grown

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bone broth Donated by my dear sister and excellent chef Glendy Petrich ingredients 4 lbs organic marrow bones 1 carrot 2 celery stalks 1 medium onion 4 cloves garlic 1 tsp salt 1 tsp pepper 2 bay leaves handful of Parsley 1 2 sprigs fresh thyme 1 2 cup apple cider vinegar 18 20 cups purified water DIRECtIONS Brown bones in the oven at 450 for 15 30 minutes longer for larger bones Keep an eye on them to make sure they do not burn Chop veggies add to crock pot with spices apple cider vinegar and water Bring to boil then simmer for 48 hours until bones fall apart Let cool strain Enjoy with freshly chopped parsley tiPs Lasts one week in the fridge or frozen up to 3 months in mason jars Leave space at the top for broth to expand Keep fat layer on top to keep broth fresh A C V encourages release of collagen Freeze cooled broth in ice cube trays and transfer to ziplock bags when frozen for ease of weeknight cooking

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infused NEttles potatO soup ingredients Recipe by Carol Wade AHG of Earth Island Herbs 2 bundles fresh stinging nettles optional or 1 5 cups dried nettles additions 12 cups of fresh water 1 2 sliced fresh 6 8 red or yellow potatoes burdock root or 1 tsp cubed in 3 4 pieces dried 2 tsp grapeseed oil 3 carrots chopped use any high heat index oil 1 parsnip root sliced 1 onion chopped or 3 4 turnips sliced 4 cloves of garlic minced NOTE make sure to 1 cube vegetable boullion add these ingredients or your homemade broth to the pan first to Salt pepper to taste help them break down Cayenne pepper a pinch Dulce just a wee bit Smoked paprika as garnish If you do not have access to fresh nettle you can use dried though the soup will not be as brilliantly green and will lack some of the vibrancy of freshly harvested nettles Don t worry you are still receiving benefits

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tipS DirectiOnS If you are harvesting fresh nettles always use gloves and wear long sleeves to protect yourself from the sting Gather after morning dew has dissipated Let sit 10 minutes or so to allow any hitchhikers to clear out first the fresh nettles Set a large pot of water to boil NOTE this is not the soup water it s just for blanching the nettles USING GLOVES dip a small bunch of nettles at a time into the water After about 30 seconds pull each bunch out and set aside STILL WEARING GLOVES just in case strip the leaves from the stems and set stems aside to be composted Next the soup base Place water or veggie broth into a large stock pot Add all hard veggies potatoes carrots turnips parsnips burdock Bring to a boil reduce heat to a simmer In a cast iron pan best choice but use whatever skillet you have drizzle oil Saut the onions until translucent add garlic and remove from heat Add the saut ed vegetables nettles to the stock pot Simmer uncovered until potatoes other roots are soft Add salt pepper and cayenne to taste Blend until relatively smooth using an immersion or conventional blender This is where Serve in a colorful bowl you will add dried nettles if that s and sprinkle with a pinch what you are using of smoked paprika

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creamy vegan SHROOM SOUP Dedicated to my amazing Mother from whom I inherited a love of herbs ingredients 1 5 TBSP coconut oil 1 2 red onion chopped 3 cloves of garlic smashed 1 pkg baby bella mushrooms stemmed sliced directions 1 pkg shiitake mushrooms sliced 2 portobello mushrooms stemmed and cubed 1 tsp dried thyme 1 tsp dried oregano 1 4 tsp dried rosemary roughly chopped 1 cup pearled or roasted whole barley 2 TBSP balsamic vinegar water or veggie broth salt and pepper to taste In medium pot on medium heat add oil Add onions and garlic saut until tender and fragrant Add all chopped mushrooms herbs vinegar and dash of salt and pepper stirring to combine Continue to saut another 3 4 minutes Mix in the barley Use enough water or broth to just cover Simmer covered for 10 15 minutes Use a conventional or hand blender to create a creamy consistancy Serve warm with a fresh sprig of thyme as garnish

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daily tonic featuring nettleS oatstraw Stinging nettles are rich in many nutrients like silicon chlorophyll vitamins A and C and one most of us are lacking magnesium It is an excellent urinary tonic and diuretic helpful in cases of excess mucus in the lungs and colon Taken as a daily infusion it counteracts low energy and fatigue It is also a hair growth restorer and the seeds have been used for hypothyroid conditions Oatstraw is the dried green stems of wild oats It is a soothing nutritive herb that takes the edge off Oatstraw pairs well with nettle to gently smooth frazzled nerves Taken over time this tonic combo will help build resilience and fortify you with the proper nutrients to take on your daily tasks with gusto ingredients 1 heaping tbsp dried nettle 1 heaping tbsp dried oat straw 24 oz fresh water boiled directions Pour boiling water over herbs almost to the top of your mason jar Cover tightly Steep 20 30 minutes Strain and drink throughout the day alongside your water Don t forget to compost your herbs Recipe suggestion by Lanny Kaufer of HerbWalks com

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pronounced kit cha ree Kitchari How can I describe the incredibly grounding healing fortifying satisfying delicious cleansing kitchari You will just have to try it for yourself As with many traditional healing recipes there are infinite ways to make it strong opinions about which is the correct or most authentic method and a long history of treasured family recipes Here I present kitchari as I was taught to make it in an Ayurvedic cooking class at a yoga farm ashram Also included is Sahara Rose s vegan grain free modern take which she has modified to be plant based When I first forayed into making kitchari I used any ingredients that spoke to me or were in season Feel free to play with this one The end result should be creamy with grounding spices shining though You can use it for a slate clearing mono diet eating only kitchari for 3 days to a whole week A wonderful way to reset after the indulgence of the holidays what is a mung bean is it the same as dal is it a lentil is it a legume does it need to be split what s the difference Mung beans are actually not a bean lentil or legume but rather a small seed They are green on the outside yellow inside You may see them labeled as Mung Dal or Moong Dal They can be used split or whole and are an easily assimilated source of protein ideal for fortifying the body during a kitchari cleanse

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KItCHARI optional veggies ingredients 1 cup basmati rice 1 cup mung dal split yellow 6 cups water approx 1 2 to 1 ginger root chopped himalayan salt to taste 1 TBSP ghee or coconut oil 1 tsp coriander powder 1 tsp whole cumin seeds 1 tsp mustard seeds 1 2 tsp turmeric powder 1 4 tsp asafoetida aka hing DirectiOnS sweet potato onion celery whole garlic cloves peas green beans kale 1 piece kombu broccoli cauliflower beets zucchini squash carrot Rinse the rice and the mung dal separately until the water runs clear Add both to a large heavy pot Add 6 cups water to the rinsed rice and dal cook covered until it is soft over medium heat about 20 min Dry toast the cumin seeds until they are darkened and fragrant set aside to cool Add chopped vegetables to the pot and more water if necessary In a small pan melt ghee or coconut oil Add cumin and mustard seeds to the pan with ginger Cook for approx 1 minute until you hear the mustard seeds pop and crackle Add coriander turmeric and asafoetida to pan cook for another minute Add this to the rice dal mixture towards the end To finish stir in salt chopped fresh cilantro and lemon juice Serve with a side of melted ghee coconut oil more cilantro and fresh chopped ginger to taste

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vegan KItCHARI From Sahara Rose s Kitchari Cleanse More than just a healing stew or a mono diet detox kitchari like yoga is more than one component You can dive as deep as you like learning the best spices for your dosha constitution applying meditation practices yogic poses and rituals incorporating this delicious healing food into your life BASE ingredients 2 cups quinoa 1 cup mung dal 6 cups filtered water 2 TBSP raw organic sesame coconut or mustard oil sesame for Vata coconut for Pitta mustard for Kapha 1 piece kombu 1 red onion chopped 2 tsp turmeric 1 tsp cumin 1 tsp mustard seeds 1 tsp sea salt greens your choice kale spinach broccoli chard garnish lime and cilantro OPTIONAL spices 1 2 TBSP grated fresh ginger or ginger paste for Vata and Kapha types or wintertime 1 tsp fennel seeds great for digestion best in summer 4 cardamom pods or 2 tsp best for winter 1 cinnamon stick or 2 tsp if you crave sweets 1 tsp coriander recommended for extra detox 1 tsp cayenne pepper or green chilis for a metabolic kick but not recommended for Pitta types

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DIRECtIONS Soak the mung beans overnight or at least 6 hours for optimal digestion Rinse and drain the mung dal Wash the quinoa In a large pan you ll be making everything in this pan so pick a large one heat the 2 tbsp coconut oil Saut the mustard seeds until you hear a popping sound That means they are activated Add the onions to the pan Saut until translucent Add the 6 cups water mung dal quinoa kombu and spices to the pan basically everything but the greens Bring to boil and then reduce heat and let simmer for 30 40 minutes or until well cooked The final version should have a soft and creamy consistency Stir in the greens for a few minutes when you are ready to eat as you don t want to overcook them Serve in a bowl eating mindfully Squeeze a lime and garnish with cilantro for extra flavor Sahara Rose has an inexpensive kitchari cleanse program which is where I adopted this recipe from You can make and eat kitchari any time but if you decide to do the mono diet version where you eat this dish for every meal for a few days please make sure you consult your healthcare team to make sure it is right for you

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pronounced tom ka traditional Thai soup thom KHA Broth ingredients Vegan tip Use the Simple Broth recipe 6 8 cups of water instead of chicken broth chicken bones boiled with the and simmer 2 hours following herbs for 4 6 hours for the base broth 5 oz burdock root 5 oz astragalus root peels of leftover veggies including carrots onions celery tomatoes bell peppers main ingredients 1 lb chicken thighs or breasts cut into or tofu small cubes or strips 1 2 lb shiitake mushrooms sliced or whole 1 2 lb sugar snap peas chopped 2 heads of bok choy chopped 1 2 cans coconut milk depending on how creamy you want it 1 head of garlic peeled and sliced 1 onion chopped 1 inch fresh ginger diced 2 sticks of lemon grass thai chilis diced as many as you like lemon juice salt and pepper to taste chives for topping DirectiOnS Strain the broth and combine with the main ingredients Cook uncovered for 2 hours on gentle simmer Top with fresh chives enjoy From Emily Sanders of Artemisia Academy

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CLEANSING GREEN SOUP This cleansing alkalizing inflammation reducing soup removes unopposed estrogens from the body specifically the tissues and supports weight loss ingredients Equal parts of the following chopped uniformly green beans zucchini celery asparagus vegetable broth or water DIRECtIONS optional upgrade Add fresh or dried nettle for an even more mineral rich dish Dandelion leaf is also an excellent mineral rich detoxifier Cover chopped veggies with vegetable broth or water in a soup pot Bring to a boil then turn to medium heat Cook until veggies are soft Allow to cool Once cool blend in the blender until smooth Soup can be enjoyed at any temperature lasts 4 5 days in the fridge and freezes well hormone balancing and detoxifying All of these specific green foods have the ability to pull out unopposed estrogens left over from prior menstrual cycles in which excess hormones remain from fertility medications endometriosis fibroids cysts environmental toxins and processed food Also helpful for men it is a great detox support and whole food source of vitamins Recipe from Danica Thornberry L Ac founder of Well Women Acupuncture

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pronounced Mee Yeok Guk MiyeoK GuK ingredients You can also use Wakame 1 pkg brown seaweed Undaria pinnatifida fresh filtered water 1 4 lb raw rib eye from a good source OR as an alternative use mushrooms Shiitake are highly medicinal 4 cloves garlic 2 tsp sesame oil Korean soup soy sauce Guk ganjang regular soy sauce or wheat free tamari for a GF option DirectiOnS Soak dried seaweed in cool water for about 30 minutes while you prepare the other ingredients Cube rib eye and add 1 TBSP soy sauce or tamari Mix and let marinate until needed can add pinch of salt Heat sesame oil add minced garlic to the pot Saut a couple minutes then add the cubed marinated beef Saut until golden brown Tip try using Drain and rinse seaweed until clean kitchen shears Cut into bite size pieces for easier eating Add seaweed and fill the pot to the top with water Bring to a boil lower the heat cover and let simmer for 1 hour Taste and add soy sauce to your liking Serve with rice and kimchi or sip all by itself for deep nourishment white rice kimchi miyeok sea mustard

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a soothing and fortifying tradition A long standing Korean tradition Miyeok Guk is often referred to as Birthday Soup Miyeok means sea mustard and Guk means soup It has been traditionally used for new mothers in the recovery phase of childbirth The mineral rich seaweed is considered a tonic This is why children and adults make and eat Miyeok Guk on their birthdays It is to honor the labour your mother went through bringing you into the world This magical soup can also be used in the recovery stage of illness or surgery It will fortify you to rebuild and prepare for returning to your daily life I find it deeply soothing and it brings back many happy memories of my sister and I schlepping to the Korean spa in the dead of NYC winters to scrub and warm and cleanse our bodies while taking a true break from our busy lives Dedicated with love to my sister Yangsun Park

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congee aKa JooK or Rice Porridge pronounced kon gee What is it A short grain rice that is slow cooked for 8 10 hours Basically your crock pot is releasing the rice fiber and digesting for you It improves metabolism boosts digestion and removes excess fluids You can make a week s worth at one time cutting down on morning stress It can be helpful for people who do not like breakfast optional additions ingredients 1 cup organic rice 8 cups pure filtered water or broth big pinch of salt handful dried apricots almond slivers dried cherries goji berries dried blueberries DirectiOnS Before you go to bed put everything in your crock pot cook on low overnight If you have a rice cooker set to porridge and leave overnight When you wake or 8 10 hours later you should have a thin porridge Using a hand or regular blender blend to a creamy consistency for easiest assimilation or eat as is Every day is a new chance to do better and care for yourself Dr Tiffinie Tang DACM LAc

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a daily practice Each morning you can start with approx cup of cooked congee reheated gently and add 1 2 of the following ingredients Less is more here Simplicity is key extras real grass fed organic butter or ghee clarified butter coconut or flax oil black strap molasses granola without added sugar cardamom or cinnamon ginger green onion cooked chicken this savory combo goes well with bone broth as the base how to best eat congee Practice eating this simple dish mindfully If you must read or consume media while eating try to at least make it uplifting spiritual or inspiring The morning is the perfect opportunity to start over with a clean slate mind and heart Recipe Dr Tiffinie Tang DACM LAc of Good Witch Wellness Apothecary

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red reishi chai ingredients 5 cups fresh filtered water you can start boiling this in your kettle 2 slices fresh ginger roughly chopped 3 cloves 4 green cardamom pods cracked open 4 black peppercorns whole stick cinnamon 1 slice of dried reishi mushroom broken into small bits tsp or one teabag good quality red rooibos tea optional cup milk preferably whole raw if you can find it or alternatively a rich nut milk cashew seed milk hemp or grain based milk oat raw local honey or organic sweetener of your choice Note do NOT overheat or boil honey It becomes bitter and is considered toxic in Ayurvedic traditions Raw and local is best added when chai is off the heat DirectiOnS Gently warm all spices in a medium sized pot shaking as you do so Add water pre boiled is preferred room temp is fine Bring to a rolling boil cover tightly reduce heat to low and allow to simmer for 20 minutes Strain into a mug find a cozy spot and enjoy optional Remove from heat and add milk of your choice

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nut milK ingredients How do you milk a nut 1 cup whole raw organic nuts almond cashew macadamia for this recipe we will focus on almonds 2 cups room temp cool filtered water some boiled water for soaking nuts almonds nekkid clothed optional 2 pitted dried medjool dates chopped dash of organic vanilla extract 1 TBSP high grade maple syrup 1 TBSP raw cacao powder 1 4 tsp cinnamon 1 4 tsp powdered cardamom DirectiOnS Place nuts in a bowl with enough boiling water to cover Set timer for 30 min Almonds when time is up slip off skins drop naked nuts in blender compost skins Add water to blender and start blending at low speed gradually increasing to higher speeds If desired as nuts are blending add optional ingredients Strain through a fine sieve or nut bag Compost what s left or reserve to use in baking recipes that call for grains

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