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A recap of the meeting had on 7/11/17.

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Thank you for your attendance to the broker meeting on 7/11/17. We hope the information discussed today was useful and will be able to be used in advancing your office agenda.

Quarterly leadership meeting

Bring the numbers to forefront

1) Wins    

         Recruits…how many this year? How many in the pipeline?

         GCI for agents

2) Good news

         Charter Ads

         National Ads

         Value to the agent, what would it cost them?

         Member of the Chamber in all markets.

         Pre-licensing cost for new recruits if registered with us is currently $250.00. If taken at WRA $325.00.

3) Office Numbers

         Sales YTD vs Last Year

         GCI for office

4) Recruit (procedure, expectations, growing the agent, 18 mo expectation)

         11 (net positive) agents added to company (goal of 30% growth by 2020 a total of 110 agents)

5) Agent numbers (GCI not sales volume)

          Expectations for office

          Expectations for agents


6) Menomonie

7) Chippewa Falls

8) Marshfield

9) Rice Lake

10) Tech questions


         ZAP update



         Smart Homes

11) Brand focus

12) Whys

13) Needs

          Identify the bottom 5% and help them

14) Identify value proposition (create a list of everything all companies in our marketplace do)

15) Teams

         Definition of a team and how they will be classified starting in 2018.

16) 10th Annual Golf Outing

         Sept 7th at Wild Ridge in Eau Claire registration starts at noon.


We are a friendly, experienced, technology driven, leader in all of our marketplaces.

The accomplished agents of this company experience a forward thinking leadership team that hold family-like values as the cornerstone of their decision making. Our empowering atmosphere is showcased by the commitment to implement change as needed or requested by our agents.  The desire for flexibility was answered by implementing a paperless filing system, which includes the ability to offer e-signatures. This allows agents, lenders, title companies, buyers, and sellers to have full or restricted access to the file regardless of location or time of day. Needing the competitive edge of an app, we now offer an app, personal web page, and mobile web page all with direct to agent lead generation, all at no additional cost. Wanting more advertising exposure not only do we have the corporate TV, print, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram ads, we have local Charter media blitzes that run for 2 months at a time, local brand specific magazine, and Facebook pages in all of our marketplaces. Wanting growth, our offices offer classes, knowledge, and support fostering an atmosphere that encourages learning, teaching, honesty, and sales. Wanting support throughout the day we offer a higher agent to broker ratio than our closest competitors. Most agents have access to brokers in person nearly any time of the day. Putting agents first, there has been no increase in the cost of the 100% plan in 20 years. Additionally, adding technology and services while holding expenses to a minimum has allowed for our agents to experience increased sales and GCI, effectively increasing their income.  As a company, not only do we represent over 20% of the transactions in the MLS, we have been recognized with the Coldwell Banker Presidents Award of Honor. This means annually our agents have been paid over $5,000,000 in commissions. We have had this valued distinction for 15 years running, the second longest in franchise history.

With a focus on fun, our agents created a golf outing allowing participation by affiliates. In size of participation in our industry, this outing is only surpassed by the RANWW outing. We have a half of a golf course to ourselves for the afternoon!  Unwinding after a long selling season on a beautiful September day couldn’t be more fun! Our spring bowling outing had over 100 agents, friends, family, and affiliates in its inaugural year. Both events offer numerous prizes for the participants and bystanders. Attending annual Christmas party and awards banquette offer two more times throughout the year for us as a company to connect with each other.

Value Proposition

Recruitsaverage office GCI
Eau Claire: 2 this year and 2 in pipline GOAL 2 for '17, 4 per year through 2020
Chippewa Falls: 1 this year and 1 in the pipeline Goal for '17 1, 2 per year through 2020
Rice Lake: 2 this year and 2 in the pipeline Goal for '17 1, 2 per year through 2020
Menomonie: Goal for '17 1, 2 per year through 2020
Marshfield: 1 in the pipeline Goal for '17 1, 2 per year through 2020


The cost to the agent for local Charter media ad would have been over $3,000. Not only do we have local ads we have national tv, print, and social media that permeate every marketing class.

Good News



Personal Meeting




Host up to 100 participants

Unlimited 1 to 1 meetings

40 mins limit on group meetings

Unlimited number of meetings

Online support

Video Conferencing FeaturesVideo Conferencing Features

Web Conferencing FeaturesWeb Conferencing Features

Group Collaboration FeaturesGroup Collaboration Features


What constitutes a team?

Two or more licensed sales associates/representatives working together on a real estate transactions.


Golf Outing



3 days after an agent changes offices call and ask "Are they treating you ok?"

3 weeks after call and ask "Are they still treating you ok?"

3 months call with MLS data and ask "Are you sure you are ok"?