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The dark ugly truth about what actually goes on in 3rd world countries.

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United Nation's International Children's Emergency Fund


By: Brianna Farr

The UNICEF was founded in 1946 when it was originally created to provide aid to the children affected by World War II. For 70 years this organization has been providing life-saving care for children, and protecting their rights. 

After 18 years of expanding his work the first private contribution at the first National Committee in the US in 1947. In 1950 the United Nations General Assembly allowed UNICEF to expand outside of Europe. Since then the organization has gone global. 

 UNICEF works with 190 countries and territories to help children affected by disaster. All those are welcome to it as Executive Director, Maurice Pate says "There are no enemy children." There is no discrimination with this organization. 

The main goal is to get people to notice. All around we see people throwing out food, and littering. What they don't now is there are children out there that live in waste everyday. They don't get to go out and eat steaks, burgers, and fries. These children are malnourished, and most barely have clean water to wash or drink. These children are living off of rice, potatoes, milk, and greens. Enough to give them a full stomach, yet not enough to give them the full nutrients that they need. 

There is no electricity for most of these countries. Many are plagued with infections and diseases from not being to wash, or eat properly. Their parents do the best they can, but even that is not enough. In America there is gluttony, and food just going to waist. Why not actually donate some food, water, or medicine if you can. A little can go a long way for these kids.

Not all children are lucky. Depending on where they are living effects they state of condition the child is in. 


There is no such thing as to little when it comes to helping those in need. Become a donor, volunteer at your local food nation organizations, donate medicine for children who need it, help send fresh water so that failies can drink fresh water. These kids arent just a pity party to mae you spend more money. There are actual lives trying to stay alive in these situations. 

So before you buy that extra large pizza and large soda, think about if you really need it. That extra 5 dollars your'e getting ready to waist could be donated to a starving family's next hot meal. Something other than rice and potatoes. They might get some meat with pasta, and bread. Something to full their stomachs before they go to bed. But you will never know unless you take the time to help. 

For more in formation about UNICEF please visit their websit at

Not only does UNICEF help to feed children, but they also provide medical care, education, resreach programs, and innovaion. Every child dserves a fair chance at being normal. Every child gets the right to experince a normal education as well as medical care. Weither they are in a crisis or terrist country. Children are not the enemy, so why should they take the fall for it?


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