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If you give Briana

If you give Briana a book, then shes going to want to do some reading.

If she does some reading, then she'll want to get cozy.

If she gets cozy, then she'll need a blanket.

If  she gets a blanket, then she will want a pillow.

If she gets both, then she will be tired.

If she gets tired, then she will want to take a nap.

If she wants to take a nap, then she will need her bed.

If she gets her bed, then she will want a glass of water. 

If she needs a glass,then  she will have to wash it. 

If she has to wash it, then she will need soap.

If she needs soap, then she will need a ride to the store.

If she needs a ride, then she will ask her mom.

If she asks her mom, then she will get gripped at.

If she gets gripped at, then she wont want to read.

So if you give Briana a book,then she will not want to read it.