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Online File Storage
Daniel Brewer
So, I started this assignment by looking at the most recent reviews of online file storage. The one that I
looked at was from PC Magazine ( The review was based on the following criteria:
1. Lowest price
2. Area of specialization
3. File size limit
4. Free storage
5. Online editing
6. File versioning
7. Windows app
8. iOS app
9. Android app
Based on these criteria, Google Drive was the highest rated platform out of the 9 others mentioned.
Following closely behind Google Drive was 4 other platforms. Each were equally highly rated at 4.5 out of 5
just below Google Drive’s perfect score of 5. These 4 choices were as follows:
1. IDrive
2. Microsoft OneDrive
3. CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box
4. Box (Personal)
As mentioned above, the editor(s) gave each platform an “Area of Specialization” category. I thought
this was especially helpful in understanding because different users have different needs for their online file
storage. With this in mind and in keeping with the assignments criteria of choosing 2 systems to review, I
chose to compare Microsoft OneDrive with Google Drive. Both of these platforms were given the
“collaboration” as the area of specialization.
Just as a note of interest, the other platforms were given the following areas of specialization:
1. IDrive - Backup
2. CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box Security
3. Box (Personal) Compatibility With Other Services, Business Use
Okay, so let’s get to it! How does Google Drive compare to Microsoft OneDrive? The following
diagram shows the basic similarities and differences.
Microsoft OneDrive
Google Drive
Office 365 Business: $8.25 per user
with an annual commitment
Office 365 Business Premium:
$12.50 per user with an annual
G Suite: Free for basic
$5 per user per month for
complete access with NO
annual committment
Area of Specialization
Collaboration: Microsoft Office 365
Included with 1 TB purchase
File Size Limit
Free Storage
Online Editing
File Versioning
Windows App
iOS App
Android App
So, it’s pretty clear. There is not a whole lot of difference between OneDrive and Google Drive. Both
are highly recommended by reviewers/users, and both offer a wealth of features. So, how does one make a
choice and why does Google Drive get PC Magazine’s 5 stars instead of 4.5?
For one, Google Drive is a less expensive product offering. If you have a Gmail account, you are given
access to Google Drive’s basic and very sufficient user tools. However, if you want the whole kit and
caboodle, a mere $5 a month with no commitment will get you there. In contrast, Microsoft OneDrive with
Office 365 is $8.25 per user per month with an annual commitment, and Office 365 Premium is $12.50 per
user per month with the same annual commitment. Users will need to think twice before purchasing
Microsoft OneDrive, where Google Drive requires no commitment or cost for most users.
Another feature that sets Google Drive ahead of Microsoft OneDrive is its storage space. Microsoft has
been edging back its storage capacity to lead to the current 5GB of free storage. Contrast that with Google
Drive’s 15GB of free storage. Further, Google Drive’s file size limit is 5TB while Microsoft OneDrive only offers
a whopping 10GB.
Okay, so things are all bad with Microsoft OneDrive, and things aren’t perfect with Google Drive either.
Microsoft OneDrive excels in offering a wealth of features with Office 365 and the compatibility with more
platforms than Google Drive or any other system currently out there for that matter. Google Drive can be
difficult to use if you need to access documents offline.
So, what do I think about these systems you might be thinking? Well, the review by PC Magazine
confirmed my bias for Google Drive. Earlier this year I took a class that focused on using Google products in
the classroom. It didn’t take long for me to see the incredible capabilities that the program had to enhance
my classroom. Further, for someone that is always pressed on time, ease of use/intuitive controls was
paramount. Before this time, I was a dyed in the wool Microsoft Office user. However, switching to Google
Drive has truly made my life easier. No longer do I have to think about where I am saving my documents or
worry about emailing myself or taking a flash drive home. Not to say OneDrive cannot do this, but Google
does this all for free. It’s hard to argue with that.
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