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Lobsters Are Cool :


Lobsters  swooping down on its prey in the twilight night under the sea. These animals are nocturnal so they hunt at night. A lot of people haven't seen a lobster alive or in the wild.



gotcha now crab



Sadly because of lobsters being eaten  by humans, people dont care that they are boiling alive. Some people said they hear them scream in pain when they are being boiled alive

Because these kind of lobsters have no claws, there only other place where they have meat is in its tail so it's common for lobstermen to to cut off the lobster tail and throw them back in the wild. Luckily for lobsters, they can regenerate limbs!



a spiny lobster

the tail of the lobster

The other type of clawed lobster is called the scampi, but it is much smaller than the other clawed lobsters. To make up for that though there claws are just as tall as their whole body! To put that in perspective, imagine holding iron bars that is as tall as you! The largest lobster caught that was recorded was 44 pounds and was a clawed lobster.


The legs, 2 act like arms and help the lobster eat and the other 2 act like legs

the abdomen of a lobster

the lobsters claw

i lost my claw from a fight!

To help with surviving a long life, if a lobster loses a body part, then a lobster can regenerate it! It might take 5 years to fully regenerate a lost claw. Thankfully for the lobster, the lobster will usually be sneaking up on its prey because it is nocturnal. Thanks to it having an owl's eye, it can sneak up on its prey and not have to get in a big fight.When it finally catches its prey, it eats through the stomach! Fortunately for lobsters, they have four pairs of feet! The front 2 pairs act like hands and helps the lobster eat.


5 years later

yay now i hunt for prey again!

The reason why when lobsters are adults, they are at the top of the food chain is because of their  2 monstrous claws! One of the claws is bigger than the other one. The bigger claw is called the crusher claw and for good reason. When they catch their prey, they use their crusher claw to crush their prey. The other claw is ( the pincer claw) used to cut up its prey to make it more easier. If the crusher claw is on its right side then it is right-handed, if it's on the left side then it is left-handed just like humans.


this lobsters crusher claw is on its right side and its pincer side is on its left. That means that this lobster is right handed!

not today jelly fish!


To help out for being the highest in the food chain, it is now immune to a very dangerous animals venom. THanks to adaptations, it is now immune to the jellyfish's venom! Well not really but because of how the lobsters face and body is shaped, the jellyfish cannot inject venom. So one very dangerous animal cannot hurt a lobster!


Just in case if their prey is very slippery or fast, then lobsters can still take it down and catch it. Whenever a lobster catches an animal with its claws, it will be very hard to get away because inside their claws they have little teeth that sticks to prey so it will be much harder for it to slip away. Unlike a  lot of animals, lobsters have 3 stomachs! The reason why they have this amount is because a lot of lobsters prey have shells so it helps digest it easier.



see the little teeth?

Speaking of hunting, Lobsters mainly eat sea urchins, flounder mussel, whelk, sand shrimp and the lobsters rival, crabs!  But when they are starving and there is no prey around, they will become cannibal and eat each other! Since being at the top of the food chain, lobsters don't really have a predator, except of course humans.



But when lobsters were young, they had lots of animals looking for them for their next dinner. Just like when they are adults, lobsters aren't very fast but they make up for it with their monster claws. When they were younger however, they didn't have claws so fast animals could catch them and eat them easily. For an example their predators are cod sculpin, wolffish, ocean pout, skate and cunner. All of those predators  are fish!


This is one of the many predators baby lobsters had to survive from.

This is the wolfish  

A lobster's life starts its life in an egg, along with 9,999 other eggs. That means that a female lobster lay's 10,000 eggs!  You might be wondering, how are their not 1,0000 lobsters? Well out of those 10,000 eggs barely 0.1% survives so instead of 10,000 lobsters there is only 10 lobsters!


the red shows the amount of lobsters that would make it out alive of 100

After a few months they float to the ocean's surface to start molting and become stronger. To make sure they get enough energy Each time they molt, they start to more and more resemble to a actual lobster. After the fourth molt, they are ready to go back under the sea and find a home.



You might be wondering what is molting? Molting is another word for shedding but it also  makes the lobster bigger and stronger as well. But to make sure that they can molt, they have to do a lot of stuff before it. For an example, they have to keep all the calcium in the shell that they are leaving, but how? They store it in special compartments in their body called gastroliths. On top of that they also have to store more water in its body than usual the only problem however, is that they are vulnerable when they are molting. After that, he/she finds a partner rinse repeat.


the old shell

the lobsters new body bigger and stronger  than before

i can live to be 507 years old!

When you think of animals that live a long time, what comes to mind? Clams, tortoises  maybe whales? The reason why lobsters aren't in there, is because if everything goes perfect then lobsters are immortal! From age at least. Lobsters are called biologically immortal because they can never die of old age.


i can live for 207 years!

i can live forever!

Lobsters in a way, can anticipate the future! They know when when they are going to feel pain so it could not feel the pain. For an example, would it be better if a lobster felt pain or not felt pain? Well  lobsters feel no pain, when they anticipate it but that doesn't mean they can't deal pain.

i feel nothing

The crusher claw, Can deal over 100 pounds of force when it pinches you If you ever want to NOT be pinched by a lobster, you can always hypnotise it. You can hypnotise it by putting the lobster upside down and slowly rubbing its shell. It will be hypnotised!!


an average dresser is 100 pounds so to imagine a crusher claw pinching your arm, imagine a dresser falling on your arm!


Because they can anticipate pain, they can not be knocked out of pain, when that happens, that is called shock. It would usually help lobsters, but because of people boiling lobster alive, it is just making them suffer even more! When they boil a lobster alive, it takes up to a minute for a lobster to die hen being boiled alive, so they feel all that pain! Imagine yourself being boiled alive how would that be


alright ill stop!

Now though, people are trying to cook and kill lobsters in a more humane way.Now instead of boiling it alive, some people either electrecute the lobster or cut its head open. So now the lobsters have a painless death.

Even though having the brain the size of a grasshopper's brain that doesn't mean they are not a very smart animal! They can become stressed when it is about to be boiled alive or when it is caught by a human. Besides being stressed, it can feel many other feelings just like us!


im smart to!


you might be thinking, since lobsters are technically immortal then doesn't that mean that their average lifespan really long? Well surprisingly no, their average lifespan is 50 years! The main reason is us humans are hunting them so much! Because we had so much extra lobsters, they put lobsters in some golf balls! So now you know why your dad said “i'm gonna hit a few lobsters larry”


tthe reason why they dont make a lot of them is because the golf balls travel 30%  less farther than regular golf balls.

Lobsters have grown very popular to human beings. There is a whole food chain that is based off of lobsters, Red Lobster! also, it has became so popular that there is a national day for the animal! On june 15th 2017 is national lobster day so everyone in the world can celebrate lobsters!

thank you!

the lobster is at the top of the food chain

lastly,crabs prey are usually mussels and shrimps prey are algea

the lobster food chain

then the crab and the shrimp are the main food for the lobster

in this map the blue shows where american lobsters habitat is.

the green shows where the mediterranean spiny lobsters habitat is.

map of where  the different types of lobsters are located in the world

the red shows where the european lobsters are distributed in europe.