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Layna Tucker

Miss. Armstrong

English 2, 3rd Period

History Of How Brazil Was Created

     Columbus returned to Spain in 1493, when he returned he had news from two West Indies that were named Isabella and Ferdinand; they both began to talk and say that every important item that Columbus had found it was theirs and the "amazing discoveries" just belonged to the West Indies. the pope that was named Borgia and Alexander VI, also Papal Bull, began to say that all the lands of the west that are between certain lines are going to belong to Spain. Those steps are then taken and permanently drawn through the Atlantic. 300 miles of the Verde Islands. most of the Westerlies of Portugal. the line goes through the line of Africa and back to the Atlantic. It goes to be taken too the "rich territory" the Portuguese called this place Brazil because of the rich and beautiful natural products that they find. this discovery takes time to set off on the "Gold Rush" of the American Continent. they then begin to fight over this part and the fight is soon put to an end because of various reasons.

Brazilian Food

During the 16th century the history of Portuguese a lot of different nationalities began to come together and made different nations introduce new certain types of food. Just like the Italians brought pizza and pasta, the Spanish brought enchiladas, the Arabs brought lamb, the Japanese and Chinese brought wontons also pastels. The history has changed over time with a lot of new and different foods that many people seem to like it still too this day. The start of Brazil has began with the first "famous dish" with the beginning it was a thick bean stew, with rice and pork. It was invented by the slaves that were brought to Brazil during the 16th century, beginning to work in the fields for all different people it made it easier and more simple dish for them to serve and to eat with certain people and timing. Rice and beans are a big part of the Brazilian diet, it's usually eaten with different types of protein. Such as eggs or different meat products; they also eat a healthy salad, toast, and corn. the afternoon snack are before lunch and then after dinner time. Usually coffee, tea and a side of cookies. Different parts of Brazil have very good rich soil, a good amount of crops have a certain type of climate and make the amount of trying to figure out what to plant or if it's okay to make the decision to plant. They have a good amount of cattle, it is very noticeable. especially in different parts of Brazil. It is high in concentration, for people and the animals also the special crops they have. Many dishes that are alike are small salted cakes made with little beans with onions and vegetables and then fried in oil. They have dried shrimp with red pepper, okra that also has toasted nuts. Some desert dishes have a type of jam or "spread" as they call it, it is made out of coconut oil and small fried fish to go with it.  

Language Of Brazil

Portuguese is the main language of Brazil, 99 percent of the population speaks this language. A lot of Brazil's language has gotten bigger into different languages and learned by many. it makes this language unique and have a different type of "identity" of who they are as people and who they are to others, it takes time to learn the different languages from then to now. Even though they've made a lot of changes. during the 1700's the differences made many of changes, during this era they had different people from all places making changes. They've failed to fit in with the decisions that they had made. by the style and by the way that their lives had been lived. In other times, the second most amazing language was German. The Germans had a bigger percent than the Italians did, even though the percent immigrants were much more important. the German language was the language that was most used, especially more than other languages that soon came around. The Italians spoke the less amount of German people, some of this was because a decent amount of kids spoke mostly Portuguese at their homes. Later on the others between Brazil and Europe, they began to come up in this era, Portuguese failed to adopt a good amount of languages. It was then taken place where most of them took after the Frenchman Ship. Portuguese stayed loyal to all the languages that came from the others;  in 1757, a language called "Tupi" was banned later in the time of year. even though this language was already being brought up and overcrowded by the Portuguese. A good number of these immigrants had began to speak this language, it was then taken over by a different language. It became to where many of these words that got brought together during that time. it began to where they took it for piece by piece and began to bring and put different languages together and came up with new "fascinating" words for new languages.