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My nephew Brandon was very sick leading up to the day we found out he had cancer he missed a lot of school days. My sister in two of these pictures did not stop fighting for her son. 

During the time Brandon was getting radition he had it hard, especialy with losing his hair. So I asked him if he wanted to be my date to my promenade. He said yes, so I went out and got a dress of his favorite color. My friends and I also decided to put #BB under our corsage so that he would feel like he was at prom with us. He liked that idea so he wrote the same on his wrist. 

As you can tell in these pictures and pages to come each of the boys had there own thing. Brandon went with BrandonBrave with a thumbs up and a orange tshirt because orange was his favorite color. I believe this is what kept him fighting is seeing people supporting him. 

At the same time that my nephew was sick two other boys in his class that happened to be twins were also was very sick. The one you see with a hat on in most of the pictures his name was Bryce he had brain cancer before everyone else. His twin brother Alex was diagnosed with brain cancer two weeks before his brother passed away.

 These two boys plus my nephew were all in third grade when they found out they had cancer. Bryce the one with the hat on he passed away on February 4th, 2015. His brother Alex passed away on July 1st, 2015 to brain cancer also. On May 6th my sister got the call that my nephew had brain cancer. 

When Brandon started to lose his hair after he had started chemo therapy. He told his mom he wanted to shave the rest off so that what Bradon and his two brothers decided to do. 

No matter what this kid went though. Losing two close friends to the same thing, and even losing his hair this little boy stayed as strong as he could. 

After two long years of not feeling good and going through chemo therapy, and radition. Also having tumors on the brain, and on the spine. On August 16th, 2016 BrandonBrave was considered a cancer free patient. He was beyond happy and so was the rest of the family because this had been a long road for all of us. 

Here are some after pictures of what BrandonBrave looks like today. His hair is starting to grow back. As you can tell in these pictures and the other ones this boy never lost that beautiful smile of his. We as a family just found out until the very last tumor on his brain is compelty gone even though its not cancerous. Brandon is not considered cancer free yet.