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Tyrannosaurus Rex

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   All about Trexs

I never knew where they were found



The T.rexs were found in north amarica and asia.

The scientists said that the T-rex's lived up to 65 to 85 millon years ago.

The T-rex's would live in the forest.



Where were they found 

LOOK AT THAT SIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The trannasuras rex arms are 3 feet long.

The height of a T-rex is 13 feet tall.

A trannasaurs rex is taller then a house.





The size of T-rex 



The T-rex is the king of all dinosours and it's mucales are super solid.

A trannsaurs rex's brain is amazingly smart and it is the king of tyrant lizards.

Unlike any dinosours a trannasuars rex only has 2 claws.

   Neat Facts 

        Neat Facts