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This book provide the necessity's of the famous animator BRAD BIRD!

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Brad Bird News Highlights! THe magnificent animator!


By: Charan Teja Madaka

Why did I choose this animator?


I chose Brad BIrd because he holds some of the greatest animated films of all time. His talent is unmatchable and his creativity sparks out to the whole world. I believe that Brad Bird is indeed an animation pioneer for creating The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and many more! Learn how Brad Bird overcome many obstacle to achieve his fame and fortune he is TODAY!




  1. Brad Bird was born on Sept. 24,1957 in Montana USA. He produced many of the popular movies including the Incredible, The Timpsons and ,Rattitoutoe. He is married and they have 3 kids. Brad Bird graduated from Corvalis High School (Corvalis, Oregon) in 1975. Brad Bird is ranked #23 on EW's The 50 smartest people in Hollywood. His movie Rattitoutoe made #82 place for the top 100 grossing movies while his other hit, The Incredibles made a whopping $261,437,578, ranking 40 on the top 100 grossing movies.