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  • Medium size book

  • Hot Glue

  • Liquid Glue

  • X-acto Knife

A Cook Book


Learn how to make a cook book.


  1. Carefully take the pages from the spine quickly glue them together

  2. Once the glue dries cut about 1 in of the pages out and cut enough for the bottom

  3. Then glue the 1 inch of paper with hot glue to the edge of the book

Now you have a cook book 





Mail Organizer


  1. Take the pages out of the book

  2. Glue each half to the cover or back

  3. Take two pieces of nice fabric and cut them about 3 inches.

  4. Fold the fabric in half for a nice crease

  5. Then attach by glueing the ends of either side to create a opener