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Book of Titi Kwasia

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THE TRUE STORY OF HOW TITI KWASIA RUINED PARADISE Once upon a time in paradise There existed beautiful people who loved their Father with all their hearts and obeyed every word He gave to them These people who lived in paradise lacked nothing because their Father gave them everything they needed The people enjoyed rest in paradise They only worked in service to their Father and to each other These people sacrificed for each other The only thing that motivated them was The Holy Spirit of The Father and nothing else What ever The Holy Spirit of The Father led them to do was the only thing they did Nothing existed in paradise to stop these beautiful people from doing anything other than what The Holy Spirit alone led them to do There was no restlessness among these people They enjoyed a beautiful life with each other and The Father These people were known as the holy people because everything they did was holy according to the direction of The Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit empowered the people to be able to do all kinds of great things because of their obedience to Him

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As a result of their ability to do great and mighty things through The Holy Spirit they called themselves ‘The I Can people’ The ‘I Can people’ could do all things through The Holy Spirit who enabled them Life was great in the land of ‘The I Cans’ Life was perfect in the land of ‘The I Cans’ because no cuckoo existed anywhere among the people As long as there was no cuckoo among ‘The I Cans’ The land was filled with only cute lasses with no hoes at all in the land

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The ‘I Cans’ enjoyed a great life because they stayed away from titi kwasia (old fool) and his cuckoo The Father warned ‘The I Cans’ about the titi kwasia and his cuckoo The Father told his children never to entertain the titi kwasia otherwise he will ruin their paradise for them The holy people continued to enjoy their life in paradise until one fateful day when titi kwasia smuggled just a little cuckoo from fii naa 3 da po (The filthy beast from the sea) When titi kwasia smuggled his cuckoo into the land of the holy people He could not find a hoe so he found a cute lass and convinced her to enjoy his cuckoo The cute lass tried the cuckoo given to her by titi kwasia and she loved it The day the cute lass embraced the cuckoo She transformed from a cute lass into a cut lass and hoe She dropped the ‘e’ from cute and began to cut She also became a back-breaking hoe With time the cuckoo smuggled from fii naa 3 da po by titi kwasia began to spread throughout paradise The more the cuckoo spread The more the land became filled with cut lasses and hoes When the cut lasses and hoes filled the land The beautiful paradise of ‘The I Cans’ began to transform into a horrible economy

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Once the land stopped being paradise and instead became an economy Everything changed The people began to turn away from their Father The love of the children for The Father and toward one another began to grow terribly cold The holy people began to fight against each other They began to look down on each other The beautiful people began to plunder each other and adopt alien practices that were unthinkable prior to the introduction of the cuckoo The holy people who once followed only the directions of The Holy Spirit began to turn away from The Holy Spirit and instead began depending only on the cuckoo given to them by titi kwasia With time The people completely turned away from their Father and The Holy Spirit and instead made titi kwasia their national hero The cuckoo of titi kwasia got the people so intoxicated that they no longer realized the poor state of their existence Instead of seeking to return to The Father and The Holy Spirit to restore their lost glory They were rather full of gratitude to titi kwasia for bringing cuckoo into their land With time The people who were once known as the holy people Became known as the cuckoo people They became the world’s greatest producer of cuckoo And they were very proud of it

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Why not? Their intoxication ensured that they loved the tons of cuckoo they produced and even exported around the world These people became such great producers of cuckoo that they were sending plenty of cuckoo to the worst (west) part of the earth They enjoyed exporting so much cuckoo to the point that when the worst (west) nations began to produce their own cuckoo and no longer wanted their cuckoo they protested bitterly and were greatly disturbed by it Once paradise was gone and the economy of cuckoo was introduced The people woke up to a new reality Instead of rest The land was filled with restlessness Instead of service to each other The land was filled with slavery to each other Instead of love The land was filled with lust Instead of sacrifice The land was filled with negotiation Instead of cooperation The land was filled with competition

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This became the sad story of the ‘I Can people’ The Father however did not give up on His children The Father devised a beautiful plan to restore the fortunes of His children in order to save them from a life of cuckoo and back into life in paradise The day the children are restored back into paradise They will return back to being cute lasses On that day There will no longer be cut lasses and hoes in the land

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