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THE TEST WHICH ENDED TOO SOON Benjamin was my childhood friend. Growing up, Benjamin was always popular with the girls because of his handsome features. Girls simply loved Benjamin and literally threw themselves at him which eventually gave him the reputation of a ladies man. After dating so many girls, Benjamin eventually found the love of his life while we were in college. Jessica was the girl who stole Benjamin’s heart, but unlike other girls who could not wait to jump in bed with Benjamin, Jessica made it clear to Benjamin that he had to wait until they were married before he could get physically intimate with her. Any other girl would have been immediately shown the door for demanding what was considered an outrageous thing from a man who could easily get any woman he desired. But Jessica was not just any girl. There was something special about Jessica that made Benjamin realize she was worth the wait. He could not pinpoint a particular trait which made Jessica stand out from all other girls, but somehow in her own unique way, she had every good quality which were often missing in all the other girls Benjamin had encountered in the past. So, Benjamin resolved to wait patiently until the day he got to marry Jessica in order to become physically intimate with her.

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AN UNLIKELY TEMPTATION While Benjamin waited to get married to Jessica, it was to be expected that he would fall into numerous temptations to sleep with other women because of his history with girls. The temptations did come, but Benjamin did a good job of keeping himself from straying from his commitment to Jessica. Of all the temptations Benjamin encountered, the biggest came from the most unlikely source. Theresa was the younger sister of Jessica, and she seemed to be doing anything she could to tempt Benjamin into sleeping with her. Anytime Benjamin came over to visit Jessica, Theresa would wear the most seductive clothing around the house. The way Theresa talked and behaved around Benjamin made it pretty obvious to him that she definitely had a thing for him. The flirtations from Theresa continued, but nothing ever happened between Benjamin and her. Benjamin continued to keep his focus on Jessica and the wedding which the two of them were planning to take place soon.

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TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE WEDDING Two weeks before Benjamin and Jessica’s wedding, Benjamin went over to visit Jessica at her home. When he arrived, he noticed that the house was very quiet. It appeared no one was home. No one except one person. The only one who was home to answer the doorbell was Theresa. As soon as Benjamin entered the house, there was his tempter, Theresa, in the most seductive lingerie. She immediately jumped on him and began to kiss him very tenderly. She told him not to be afraid to touch her since nobody was home and that this was the opportunity of a lifetime she had been waiting for to give herself to Benjamin to do as he pleased with her. While she was heavily caressing and kissing Benjamin, every resistance within him fled, leaving him powerless before the gorgeous younger sister of his soon to be bride. At this point, Benjamin resolved to give Theresa everything she wanted from him, but he was only going to do it with protection. He remembered he used to keep his protection in his car during his wild days when he used to date many girls. He still had some in his car, so he decided to run out the door and go get his protection so he could handle business with this beautiful seductress standing in front of him. As soon as Benjamin dashed out the door, He saw Jessica and her entire family standing outside and clapping with so much joy. Jessica was in tears while her parents hugged and embraced Benjamin for being so faithful to Jessica. Unbeknownst to Benjamin, the family used Jessica’s younger sister to test Benjamin’s loyalty to Jessica.

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The family set Benjamin up to be tested by Theresa to find out if he would fall for the temptation or successfully resist it, and that was why they all vacated the house and left Theresa alone at home to tempt Benjamin, once they knew he was on his way to the house. In the eyes of Jessica and her family, Benjamin had successfully passed the test of loyalty to Jessica. They believed Benjamin passed the test simply because he ran out the door. What Jessica and her family did not know was the real reason why Benjamin ran out the door. Only Benjamin knew where he really stood regarding the test. Just because the test was cut short a little too early, a man who was destined to fail miserably suddenly passed with flying colors. Such is the world of free-will where many people have been rewarded because they were deemed to have passed tests which they really never passed, all because those who set the test could not get to the true intent of the person who supposedly passed the test.

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