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 My Book of Poetry

by Tytecha Belt

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Moon Rondeau (Write Like)


Man (Write Like)


Sweet Cravings (Original)


Horrors Made of Cotton (Original)


Drawing (Original)


Insomnia (Original)


The Rain's Words (Original)





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Dark fumes, made of dread

Turns my body to an aching red.

Gagging, dragging on the ground

Filling the world with a thunking sound.


Through pointed nails that pave the dirt

Through the leaf filled arrows that impale my shirt.

Through the windy hills and the crashing waves

Into the rock that is known as a cave.


Ripping, tearing, beneath the skin.

The thoughts of family roll within.

As the light flickers from my beating chest.

Here awaits the arms of Death.


A giggle soothes my heart like a warm cup of tea.

To the splashing waves that rock the sea.

The dripping drops of gentle waters.

With its sweet rhythm without a falter.


When it goes away, my heart shines bright.        

It’s sight in the sky brings me delight.

The cotton balls and the clear sea of blue.

Gives me a hug and warms me up too.


The Sun fades away and out comes the moon.

I smile and know that it’ll be back soon.

The blanket of stars whisks me away.

And I will grin to the brightness of day.



As a child all I could see

Was colors...



The moon is like a coin

Glistening the world

With its silver light.

Brighter than stars

That dance on stages.


The moon is in your eyes

Even when the night has not started.

They show the same mystery,

The same shine,

That the real thing could muster.


So our friendship,

Our love,

Could shine just the same.

Moon Rondeau

How can she do this?

Move around so much

Why can she just relax?

What’s with all the rush?


She wants to do this,

She wants to do that.

But I just sit here                              

Like a calm house cat.


She wants to see the world

She wants to be a woman

And then she finally realizes

That I didn’t want to be her man


But that doesn’t stop her

Because she leaves me here alone.

I wished she would’ve stay

In our cozy home.



My sweet tooth is like a child.

Bouncing around and going wild.

Picking out the sweetest of sweets.

Filling my mouth will all kinds of treats.


To chocolates to cakes

To the other goods that are baked.

From gummies that bring yummy

bears and worms to my tummy.


Even when I say no

And tell it to stop what it’s doing.

It always finding something else

To end my thoughts of brewing.


And for that, I can’t hide my smile

Towards my little sweet tooth child

For it acts like me and did what I did

When I was a scatter minded little kid.



Sweet Cravings

Horrors Made of Cotton

Buttoned eyes and string hair

Give you a look too hard to bare

In the dead of night, they look at you

With hatred that was used to sew


Those glass eyes and neat stitches

That brought their creators to the ditches

Dug six feet under to hide their souls

And in this hole went their life goals


And their memories live on in the toy’s soulless gaze.

With the same anger that they held to that terrible maze

They stare at you, so much hatred within

That you have no other choice but to bury them with their sins.


A pencil and paper in my hand

A surface, a table that can easily stand.

A hand, not broken, I prefer my right.

With this, I'll be able to draw through the night.


An idea, some idea, maybe used or new.

I can draw a picture right out of the blue.

Something amazing, something unique

Something I can treasure like an antique


A girl in a dress, a prince at his best

A pirate protecting his gold that's placed in a chest

Maybe a boy in the middle of a big brawl

All of these things and more I can create as I draw.


You yawn

You toss and turn

But you can't seem to fall asleep.


You drink a glass of warm milk

You dash through your phone's messages



Your eyelids are like weights

Heavy and can be dropped at any time


Yet and still, you stay where you are

Because you cannot sleep.


The Rain's Words

Drip drop

Raindrops patter

On your porch

Like some chatter


The tapping continues

Rather louder

It is because

The droplets speaks


It calls your name

"Go inside

It is not safe

You better hide."


Inside you go

Where it's dry

While the rain's conversation

Passes you by


1. Simile


This poem is centered around a relationship. However there is a rift in it, causing a bit of trouble between the two. And as such, the two do not speak to one another. The author explains this by using a simile, hence the name of the poem. Like the poet states; they have their "heads high" and their "hooves are always on firm ground" This means that the duo are alert just in case the other tries to act.


2. Moon Rondeau


This poem is similar to the last poem based on theme. This rondeau deals with relationship but in a different light. They discuss that their love is compared to the moon. And no matter where their love takes them, they state in the very first line that "love is a door we shall open together". This means thaat they are ready for whatever comes their wat as long as they do it together.


3. Woman


This final poem deals with love as well. It deals with the woman wanting to find a creative outlook to express herself and wants the man to join her. However, he refused to join her. Throughout this experience, the woman soon realized that "it was all right" as she decided to become a woman. Overall, she left the man and decided to become what she wanted, with or without a man to back her up.