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Book of Chief Bozo

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FROM EDEN TO THE AMAZON THE GRAND DESIGN OF CHIEF BOZO There was a beautiful land in the East called Eden The land was a beautiful garden where everyone was prosperous and lived with ease Eden was pure and undefiled The people lived with wisdom and compassion toward each other

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Eden was the land of the E male of the Holy Spirit better known as Emmanuel As long as the E male of the Holy Spirit remained in charge of Eden Life in the garden was paradise Eden was nicknamed the den of E In this glorious den of E The love the people had for each other was pure Agape The people sacrificed for each other The people took care of each other In the den of E The Holy Spirit guided the people in every activity they engaged in The people never did anything unless The Holy Spirit approved of it The den of E was magical in every form imaginable Every good thing came easily to the people There was no sweat There was no hard labor There was no slavery Everybody lived free from fear and worry The people were fully empowered because The Holy Spirit gave them strength and power in everything they did Money was non existent in Eden Everything was free in the beautiful land

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While the people of the East enjoyed the beautiful life under the leadership of the Holy Spirit A man by the name of Chief Bozo who lived and had control of a horrible jungle located in the West was scheming to disrupt the beautiful life of the people of the East The first thing Chief Bozo did was to name his jungle Amazon In order to make it appear Amazing The strategy of Chief Bozo was to repackage everything in his jungle to make it T eMp Ting

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The ultimate aim of Chief Bozo was to get the people of the East to leave behind their beautiful garden of Eden and migrate into his Amazon jungle in the West In order to be successful in convincing the people of the East to migrate into his jungle Chief Bozo invented countless many items and placed them in his Amazon jungle Chief Bozo ensured every item in his jungle was carefully packaged so that it was TMT

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Unlike Eden where everything was free Nothing in the Amazon was free In order to get any of the items Chief Bozo packaged and placed in his Amazon jungle You first needed to have another invention of Chief Bozo This other item created by Chief Bozo which everyone needed in order to have access to everything in the Amazon jungle was called Money Chief Bozo carefully repackaged cotton and linen and made it appear TMT By giving it a new and fancy name The repackaged cotton and linen was renamed The Dollar Everyone needed The Dollar in order to have access to anything within the jungle of the Amazon Once Chief Bozo had everything set up in the jungle He took an uninvited trip to the East to advertise his inventions and get the people to migrate into his Amazon When Chief Bozo arrived in Eden The first thing he told the people was that their garden was limited whereas his amazing Amazon was unlimited in the items which were available Chief Bozo argued that the people of Eden were not free since they were always depending on The Holy Spirit in order to do anything within the garden Chief Bozo told the people that if they agreed to leave the garden and migrate to his Amazon They will not need to depend on anyone except themselves

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Chief Bozo told the people he will give them free will In his Amazon jungle Everything Chief Bozo told the people of the East was so Tempting that 30 of the population believed him Once the people bought into the allure of Amazon They migrated out of Eden and settled in the Amazon Unlike the garden of Eden where certain items were unavailable because The Holy Spirit did not approve of them The jungle of the Amazon had every item available Everyone who came into the Amazon had to enter the jungle through the point of entry known as the city of Genitalia Genitalia was a city filled with endless desires which made the people seek and patronize the countless items of the Amazon jungle

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THE ROCK IT DEVICE The trip from the Garden of Eden into the jungle of Amazon was a very long one so a special device was built by Chief Bozo to transport his new arrivals coming into the Amazon through his specially constructed city of desire known as the city of Genitalia This special device built by Chief Bozo Was called The Rock It device The Rock It device Is a long and slender instrument which operates on thrust The Rock It device of Chief Bozo starts the journey into the jungle of darkness by first being completely solid and full But once it gets to its destination It ejects its load and then completely falls apart The only time the Rock It device rises up again after falling apart is when it has been filled with a new load ready for a new trip into the Amazon

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Once the people got to the jungle of the Amazon using the Rock It device Things started out looking as good as they expected based on what Chief Bozo advertised At first The people did not have to labor much to get The Dollar which they needed in order to access the countless items available in the Amazon jungle But that did not last long With time Things began to change as more people migrated into the Amazon

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As everyone in the jungle sought the all important Dollar It became scarce and the people began to labor harder than they had ever done in order to get it The more the people sought The Dollar The more The Dollar ruled over them The more The Dollar ruled over them The more the people encountered chaos The people who once loved each other with only the pure love of Agape Began to lust after each other s flesh once they entered into the Amazon jungle The lust for flesh was designed by Chief Bozo and it was the most advertised item in his jungle Keeping the lust for flesh alive was the most profitable item for Chief Bozo So he made sure he did everything possible to make everyone in his jungle acquire this one item Without the lust for flesh The Rock It devices which Chief Bozo carefully built would immediately become useless Once the Rock It devices become useless New migrants cannot make it into the jungle of the Amazon This would be a disaster for Chief Bozo s Amazon So Chief Bozo did everything possible to ensure that the Rock It devices stayed active in order to continue transporting new migrants into his jungle Every transaction which took place in the Amazon jungle enriched Chief Bozo while impoverishing the people who engaged in the transactions

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Chief Bozo carefully packaged every transaction which took place in his jungle to include cleverly concealed elements which served to forever enslave them in his jungle This clever concealment of Chief Bozo ensured his dominance over the people for ever Because of this concealment Lust for flesh was carefully concealed inside true love for one another The people were made to lust for each other s flesh while thinking they were loving each other Destructive competition was carefully concealed inside pushing each other to get better Negotiation which is self seeking was carefully concealed inside compassion In the jungle of the Amazon The people were always being told to aspire for noble things And yet Chief Bozo made sure he made the pursuit of noble things impossible for the people by carefully concealing deceit in every noble thing the people tried to pursue In the Amazon jungle Every noble thing was contaminated with carefully concealed deceit Because of this carefully concealed deceit The people are constantly pursuing things they believe are noble but never see any reward from their pursuit because they always end up with the deceit which was concealed in the noble thing they are pursuing while the good thing they think they are seeking remains elusive and out of reach This is exactly what Chief Bozo wants

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As long as this endless cycle of elusiveness continues to exist in the jungle Chief Bozo will continue to rule While everyone else remains enslaved forever As the search for the Dollar inevitably intensified among the people since Chief Bozo ensured that no one could ever access anything within his jungle of the Amazon unless the person first had the cotton and linen which had been beautifully repackaged and renamed The Dollar The people began to be willing to do anything no matter how debasing just to find this piece of cotton and linen called The Dollar Their desperation for The Dollar was exactly what Chief Bozo wanted That was his plan from the very beginning To create one item that every person would be dependent upon To create an item that no one could live without in his jungle With this one item Chief Bozo could control every activity the people engaged in He could control their going out and their coming in He could control when they slept and when they woke up Everything about them was under his control as long as they stayed dependent on his indispensable item made from cotton and linen known as The Dollar

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In their desperation Chief Bozo gave them many things to do in order to have a chance to survive in his Amazon jungle HE MADE SOME PROSTITUTES

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In the end The people became helplessly and completely enslaved to Chief Bozo Through his clever concealment of their true state Chief Bozo was even seen as a hero by many of the people because of how smart he was And they continued to labor tirelessly in search of his indispensable item made from cotton and linen While he himself Continued to remain at the very top of The Amazing Amazon jungle

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