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Family Service Agency of DeKalb County

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Since 1956 Family Service Agency of DeKalb County has been providing counseling education resources and other essential services to DeKalb County We are among the oldest private non profit organizations in the area and our programs are constantly growing and adapting to the changing community needs 1325 Sycamore Road DeKalb IL 60115 815 758 8616 E info FSADekalbCounty org W www FSADekalbCounty org

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Family Service Agency acts as an umbrella agency to five distinct social service programs Children s Advocacy Center The Children s Advocacy Center CAC acts as a neutral third party hub whose purpose is coordinating services and safe child sensitive support to children and their non offending family members Youth Mentoring Family Service Agency s Youth Mentoring provides mentoring programs for children They provide children facing adversity with strong enduring professionally supported one to one relationships that change their lives for the better forever Center for Counseling The Center for Counseling CFC is the foundational program of Family Service Agency We accept many insurance plans including Medicare Medicaid Payment plans are available Senior Services For over 50 years Senior Services has helped community seniors maintain physical emotional and social wellness thus promoting senior independence This is achieved through a comprehensive program which combines therapeutic recreation socialization physical and mental stimulation and health education to reinforce dignity and self worth Community Action Community Action Program strives to help low income families achieve and maintain their highest level of self sufficiency by providing a variety of programs We have two primary purposes to provide essential antipoverty programs and to advocate for the needs of the community

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Children s Advocacy Center Our Process When the Children s Advocacy Center receives a report of abuse or risk of harm from DCFS or Law Enforcement the multi disciplinary team MDT gets to work A forensic interview is scheduled with the child non offending caregiver s DCFS law enforcement State s Attorney and CAC staff After the interview the child and family are referred to the Center for Counseling to receive free counseling with a clinician A non invasive medical exam is conducted by a Pediatric SANE Nurse in Family Service Agency s medical room CAC staff maintain contact with the child and offer support during court proceedings Forensic Interview A forensic interview is a single session recorded interview designed to elicit a child s unique information when there are concerns of possible abuse or when the child has witnessed violence against another person The forensic interview is conducted in a supportive and non leading manner by a professional trained in the NCAC Forensic Interview model Interviews are remotely observed by representatives of the agencies involved in the investigation

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What we know 1 Approximately 1 in 10 children will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday 2 Annually child protection agencies receive more than 4 4 million referrals for child abuse 3 Five children die every day from abuse in the United States 4 Neglect is the most common form of child abuse 5 Illinois has the 10th highest reports of human trafficking in the United States 6 Victims of child abuse are more likely to experience substance abuse violent criminal behaviors and serious mental health complications 7 An estimated 95 of child victims know their abuser 8 A study conducted in Texas found that educators trained using the Stewards of Children program increased their reporting by 82 in the year following training How Illinois ranks in responding to Child Sexual Trafficking According to 2021 Shared Hope International Potential Signs of Abuse in Children Adolescents Truancy Injuries Above Shoulders Criminal Activity Inappropriate Sexual Knowledge Substance Use Abuse Running Away Unexplained Injuries Difficulties Walking or Sitting Burns Bruises Lacerations Suicide Attempts Sudden Behavioral Changes Delayed Development

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Legislative Acts that Impact Child Abuse Prevention House Bill 1975 HB 1975 requires Illinois schools to provide up to 2 teachers institute days for child abuse prevention training and requires training for school personnel on child sexual abuse House Bill 3461 HB 3461 requires that all Illinois schools provide evidence based age appropriate child abuse prevention curriculums for Pre K through 12th grade and to school personnel House Bill 3462 HB 3462 requires that every child in Illinois has the right to a forensic interview when sexual abuse or sexual assault is suspected or disclosed Darkness to Light is a leader in child sexual abuse prevention education research and advocacy We empower adults to prevent recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse through awareness education and stigma reduction Our vision is a world free of child sexual abuse a world in which adults form prevention oriented communities that protect the child s right to a healthy childhood Family Service Agency has facilitators prepared to present the Darkness to Light Stewards of Children curriculum to organizations parents educators and community members Monique Burr Foundation is an evidence based age appropriate abuse prevention curriculum for children K 12 MBF is developmentally appropriate for children and adolescents This curriculum is supported by parents schools teachers administrators coaches and extracurricular leaders Children and adolescents will gain an understanding of body safety healthy choices internet safety mental health safe adults and much more Family Service Agency has facilitators prepared to present the Monique Burr Foundation curriculum to children of all ages

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Walk to End Child Abuse Since April of 2010 the Children s Advocacy Center hosts the Walk to End Child Abuse in honor of National Child Abuse Prevention Month Community members businesses and organizations donate items to be raffled off All money raised from the walk benefit DeKalb County children through supportive services community awareness and prevention education Family Service Agency Facility Dog In 2022 Family Service Agency welcomed a Facility Dog Laddie to provide courage and reassurance to children coming into the CAC Laddie underwent two years of training at Duo Dogs a training school in St Louis Missouri before joining the CAC team Laddie provides a welcoming and comfortable environment during forensic interviews medical examinations and court proceedings

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Youth Mentoring On average Family Service Agency spends 1 000 annually per mentorship match Approximately 36 hours a year are dedicated to each mentor This time and money is spent recruiting mentors conducting background and reference checks and providing training What We Know Children with Mentors are 27 less likely to begin using alcohol 33 less likely to engage in violence 46 less likely to begin using illegal drugs 55 less likely than their peers to skip a day of school 59 more likely to earn better grades 78 more likely to volunteer regularly 81 more likely to participate in extracurricular activities

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Types of Mentors Lunch Buddies Elementary and middle school mentees are matched with adults mentors who are scheduled to visit their match during the child s lunch period every other week during the school year Community Based Buddies Children ages 5 to 16 are matched with adult mentors over the age of 18 Mentors spend eight hours a month with their match for a minimum of one year Badge Buddies Mentees are paired with an adult mentor who wears a badge as a part of their profession Badge Buddies include police officers nurses attorneys firefighters and more Mail Buddies Mentors and Mentees write letters share artwork and communicate through the postal service Family Service Agency is constantly accepting applications for mentors and mentees

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Testimonial from a Mentor Q How long have you been a mentor with Family Service Agency A I ve been a mentor for over four years I ve had two matches and I m considering a third match Q Tell me about yourself A I am a DeKalb High School graduate and I attended Millikin University I own DESA Enterprises LLC Q What did you do with your mentees A We went bowling biking swimming played tennis watched movies and went out to eat My favorite memory was attending Pumpkin Fest Q Are you still in touch with your previous mentees A Yes We still talk from time to time and we re friends on Facebook Q How do you think this experience has affected your mentees A I think it has shown them the importance of giving back Q Would you recommend signing up for Youth Mentoring A Absolutely Spare Time for Kids Spare Time for Kids occurs every year in the spring to raise awareness and funds for Family Service Agency s Youth Mentoring program Bowling tournaments are held at bowling alleys across DeKalb County

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Our mentors and mentees are matched to ensure the best experience for both the adult and youth Behind every pairing a dedicated Family Service Agency staff member is working diligently to bring the right match together We consider each party s interests personalities and life experiences when pairing Who Benefits Mentees are typically referred by teachers guidance counselors or other professionals who understand the needs of the child and how they will benefit from having additional positive role models Parents may also contact the agency to enroll their children Mentees may be enrolled between the ages of 5 16 Each child and family has a unique background Reasons for a referral to the program may include history of substance abuse in the family incarceration of a parent or close family member mental health or academic concerns single parent household or a number of other reasons

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Center for Counseling The Center for Counseling specializes in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing EMDR Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy TF CBT Divorce and Separation Mediation Play Therapy Family Couple Counseling Sand Tray Therapy Bereavement Court Diversion Restore Trauma Assessments and many other vital mental health areas We have licensed clinicians trained in Abuse ADHD Aging Autism Spectrum Disorder Co Parenting Criminal Reform Depression Divorce Grief InSchool Services LGBTQ Support Mindfulness Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD Pregnancy and Infant Loss Stress Substance Abuse and Trauma among many other mental health and life concerns

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What is TF CBT Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy TF CBT is an evidence based treatment that has been evaluated and refined during the past 25 years to help children and adolescents recover after trauma It was originally developed to address the needs of children who were sexually abused but it has since been used to effectively treat children with multiple and complex trauma experiences of different developmental levels and cultural backgrounds TF CBT has continuously proven superior for improving children s trauma symptoms and responses This is a short term treatment model 8 25 sessions A PTSD diagnosis is not required in order to receive this treatment What is EMDR Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing EMDR therapy is a researchbased effective psychotherapy method proven to help children adolescents and adults recover from trauma and other distressing life experiences Unlike other therapy methods EMDR does not require talking in detail about the distressing issue or completing homework between sessions Rather EMDR focuses on changing the emotions thoughts and behaviors resulting from the distressing experience s or issue s EMDR allows the brain to resume its natural healing process EMDR can be utilized to address a variety of issues including anxiety chronic illness bipolar disorder dissociative disorders grief and loss personality disorders trauma issues pain sleep disturbances substance abuse violence and more

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Client Testimonial A mother came to Family Service Agency s Center for Counseling because her son John was experiencing some difficulties John was a young boy with Autism Spectrum Disorder and he struggled with life changes He was successful in kindergarten but he battled with the idea of transitioning into first grade During the first session with a clinician he would not look at her He spent most of the session building a train out of markers He would not interact with the clinician however he would tell stories while playing with toy trains When John walked in for his fourth session he found a train that the clinician had purchased for him This was the first time they were able to connect and interact with each other John decided to name the train Scarloli but the clinician suggested naming it Bubba as Scarloli was difficult to remember John panicked and could not accept it A few sessions later John walked into his appointment and told the clinician Today the train is going to be Bubba This is your Bubba John was accepting and initiating change on his own for the first time At that moment the clinician and mother knew the counseling was working and change was happening No Insurance Insurance Payment The Center for Counseling accepts most insurance plans Medicare and Medicaid If you do not have insurance financial assistance is available and will be discussed with you

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Center for Counseling Groups We offer support groups for children adolescents and adults no matter their financial legal or developmental situation We expand and implement new groups as community needs change Under 18 Gay Straight Alliance Gay Straight Alliance is a free support group for people 12 17 who are members of the LGBTQIA community or allies We have age appropriate conversations about identity gender inclusion and things going on in our community Kids Connect Kids Connect is a free support group for kiddos 7 11 who may or may not be experiencing mental health or behavioral issues This group promotes social and emotional wellbeing by engaging in creative activities games and discussions about feelings Teen Connections Teen Connections is a free support group for teens 13 17 who may or may not be experiencing mental health or behavioral issues This group engages teens in activities and discussions to help process their emotions in a healthy and safe way Criminal Reform Youth Court Diversion The Youth Court Diversion Program is for individuals 12 18 who have committed a criminal offense For 10 weeks clinicians work with the group to encourage participants to learn the necessary skills required to prevent future offenses Adult Court Diversion and Restore The Adult Court Diversion and Restore Programs are for individuals over 18 who have committed a felony offense For 10 weeks clinicians work the group to encourage participants to learn the necessary skills required to prevent future offenses Restore program is for individuals who have previously been convicted of a felony offense Bereavement Parenthood and More Share DeKalb County Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support This free support group is for grieving individuals couples and families who have faced the tragedies of pregnancy loss stillbirth or early infant loss This group provides a supportive and healing environment Parent Support Group This free support group is for parents with kiddos of all ages This group provides a supportive environment for parents to talk about the daily stresses that come with being a parent CHANCES Creating Hope Awareness Non offending Caregiver Support This free on to one counseling program is free to parents guardians and caregivers of a child who has been interviewed by a Children s Advocacy Center Non offending caregivers will receive free sessions with a professional counselor to help educate and support them

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Senior Services Family Service Agency currently operates four senior sites known as Club 55 These centers are activity and resource hubs for DeKalb County adults ages 55 and over Club 55 hosts daily activities such as bingo card games Wii tournaments outings fitness classes and craft projects Family Service Agency hosts monthly food pantries for DeKalb County seniors Club 55 Program Assistants aid participants in locating community resources Club 55 Locations Hours Club 55 hours of operation vary by location Visit www fsadekalbcounty org senior services for updates DeKalb 55 Sycamore 55 330 Grove St 480 Airport Rd DeKalb IL Sycamore IL Genoa 55 Malta 55 240 W Main St 115 S 3rd St Genoa IL Malta IL Senior Service employees and volunteers are not homemakers or caregivers

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Senior Connections Program The Senior Connections Program is designed for homebound seniors aged fifty five 55 and older The purpose of this program is to provide social engagement intergenerational relationships an increased sense of belonging lasting friendships and more The volunteers in this program are encouraged to meet weekly with their appropriately matched senior to do a variety of activities together including friendly conversations games crafts reminiscing and other activities Health Wellness and Senior Citizens Adults over 55 face many of the same stressors younger generations experience however seniors are at an increased risk of developing mental and physical health concerns Aging adults are more likely to experience reduced mobility chronic or terminal diagnoses or other conditions that may require long term care Mental health may be affected by life events such as bereavement or the drop in socioeconomic status may adults face with retirement According to the World Health Organization over 20 of adults aged 60 and through suffer from a diagnosed mental disorder Family Service Agency of DeKalb County works to ensure all seniors have access to resources including food transportation housing benefits and social engagement This is possible by connecting Club 55 Participants to Family Support Specialists clinicians and other essential community entities

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The Country Store Thrift Shop 659 E Lincoln Hwy Suite G DeKalb IL 60115 815 756 2378 About Our Store The County Thrift Store is entirely run by a team of dedicated volunteers All donations and proceeds benefit Senior Services allowing for the continuation of our programs to community seniors at our Club 55 locations within DeKalb County The Country Store does not have the capacity to accept large furniture appliances or technology

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Testimonial from a Club 55 Participant When my husband decided to retire he got really sick We went to the doctor for a check up and the doctor told me he had Alzheimer s disease As soon as he started his medicines the side effects hurt him really bad and he got really sick He lost his speech and he ended up in a wheelchair right after I took care of him all the way to the end Before he lost his mind completely he said I know you re here and not by choice but because of me If anything happens I want you to call your friends and see if you can go back to DeKalb I needed to be with people and I needed people to talk to so I could be open about what I was going through When I first got to the Senior Center I felt I was in a place where I knew I was going to feel better I never feel like a stranger to me they are like my family They have helped me find a place to live and they got me help with a counselor This place is a blessing to me

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Community Action Program Our Family Support Specialists offer free personalized case management services We can assist with overcoming various barriers finding and applying for jobs budgeting time management community and household emergencies applying for benefits and referrals Community Action Program will assist regardless of gender race immigration status sexual orientation criminal background cultural identity etc Your First Visit Required Documentation Documentation of DeKalb County Residency Household Gross Income Verification for the Past 90 Days Social Security Numbers of all Household Members Photo ID s for Adults 18 and Over

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Community Partnerships We are so proud to work closely with several social service organizations and participate with many service provider collaboratives and mission groups Below is information on some of our community partners and involvement DeKalb County Community Gardens We host monthly food pantries with DeKalb County Community Gardens DCCG Unlike other agencies DCCG does not require any documentation for community members to benefit from their food pantries We are thrilled to serve fresh produce meat and shelfstable food items American Red Cross Every quarter we host American Red Cross blood drives The team we work with is very efficient and makes the donation process quick and easy for everyone involved On average we receive an efficiency score of 99 100 meaning that our drives occur with few hiccups St Vincent DePaul Society We work collaborate with St Vincent DePaul Society to ensure all of our clients needs are met They are able to assist with some things we do not have the capacity to such as household essentials furniture security deposits and much more On Site Case Management Our Family Support Specialists regularly visit University Village and the Spartan Food Pantry to provide on site case management services to low income individuals We are very grateful to have the opportunity to help people no matter their location University Village Collaborative We are very grateful for the opportunity to serve as the lead agency to the University Village Collaborative We work hands on with the residents of the University Village community alongside nearly 30 other social service organizations The goal of this group is to improve the lives of UV residents through engagement and education

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Testimonial from a Community Action Client On March 22nd 2021 Family Service Agency s Community Action Program received an emergency referral regarding a homeless veteran had been residing in a hotel for three months The veteran was previously a business owner but due to the COVID 19 pandemic had to close their business Additionally the home they were renting was placed up for sale and the Veteran had no funds to purchase the house due to the closure of their business As the saying goes when it rains it pours A month into the hotel stay the Veteran s unemployment benefit abruptly stopped leaving a large bill at the hotel in the hands of the Veteran Family Service Agency s Community Action Program was able to utilize the available emergency COVID CARES Act funding to assist with the hotel bill and update the balance We then addressed the Veteran s greatest needs and began the employment search process The Veteran was actively searching for employment utilizing Family Service Agency s resources but that process came to a halt when the Veteran s cell phone was shut off due to an outstanding bill Luckily the SNAP Barrier Reduction Program was available during this time We began the process of initiating SNAP benefits and applying for assistance for the phone bill followed restoring the Veterans cell phone Though we were heading on the right track another obstacle hit vehicle problems Again the Barrier Reduction Program came to the rescue A month and a half later this client received help with a cell phone bill auto repairs back pay at the hotel future hotel dues finally getting an apartment and everything to furnish the new residency for the Veteran and their child

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DeKalb County DemographicsOther Black or African American 8 3 Hispanic 11 7 Persons Living in Poverty 10 8 Unemployment Rate 5 69 4 2 White Non Hispanic 75 8 Help us Help our Community Community Action Program requires gift cards to support our clients We provide individuals and families gift cards to assist during disasters crises and emergencies These are also utilized to encourage our clients to meet their goals and achieve the highest level of self sufficiency possible Donations to this program can be monetary or gift cards to gas stations fast food restaurants or grocery stores excluding Walmart White Non Hisp 75 8

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Resources DeKalb County Resource Directory lists many of the services offered within the County This document includes information on animals childcare education employment food health and wellness housing mental health senior services and more Mental Health National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Call 800 273 8255 or 988 The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a national network of local crisis centers that provides free and confidential emotional support to people in suicidal crisis or emotional distress 24 hours a day 7 days a week in the United States The Trevor Project Call 866 488 7386 Text TREVOR to 203 304 1200 We provide information support to LGBTQ young people 24 7 all year round National Eating Disorder Hotline Call 800 931 2237 Text 800 931 2337 Contact the NEDA Helpline for support resources and treatment options for yourself or a loved one who is struggling with an eating disorder Perinatal Depression Call 866 364 6667 Anyone in need of crisis assistance may call the Perinatal Depression Hotline staffed by mental health professionals 24 7 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Helpline Call 800 662 4357 SAMHSA s National Helpline is a free confidential 24 7 treatment referral and information service for individuals and families facing substance use disorders Crisis Textline Text HOME to 741741 Crisis Text Line is here for any crisis 24 7 Community Locating Resources Call 211 Crisis Information and Referral Workers can be reached 24 7 by calling United Way 2 1 1 Reporting Child Abuse Call 800 252 2873 Local Law Enforcement The DCFS Child Abuse Hotline is available 24 7 Call if you suspect a child has been harmed or is at risk of being harmed by abuse or neglect Be sure to contact your local law enforcement in addition to contacting DCFS Reporting Senior or Person with a Disability Abuse Call 866 800 1409 Adult Protective Services Hotline investigates allegations of abuse neglect and financial exploitation of adults 60 and adults with disabilities 18 National Domestic Violence Hotline Call 800 799 7233 Text START to 88788 Anyone who has been affected by Domestic Violence can contact the hotline 24 7 to connect with a trained advocate National Sexual Assault Hotline Call 800 656 4673 Call 24 7 to be connected with a trained staff member from a sexual assault provider in your area Youth Support Hotline Call 800 448 3000 Text VOICE to 20121 Boys Town National Hotline is available 24 7 for youth seeking support for bullying mental health issues family problems suicidal thoughts and substance abuse

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Our Service Area Esmond Lee Fairdale Malta Franks Maple Park McGirr Shabbona Milan Somonauk Waterman Victor Squaw Grove Mayfield East Paw Paw New Lebanon Rollo Shabbona Grove Clare Wilkinson Elva Franklin indicates only part of town community falls within our service area DeKalb Genoa Sandwich Sycamore Cortland Hinckley Kingston Kirkland Afton Center Colvin Park South Grove Accreditations We are accredited through the National Children s Alliance NCA We are so proud of our team for this fantastic accomplishment NCA accreditation means that our Children s Advocacy Center s programs services practices and the multidisciplinary team have been rigorously evaluated and meet best practice standards We are accredited through the Council on Accreditation COA We are so proud of our team for this amazing accomplishment COA accreditation means that our organization s programs services administration and management have been rigorously evaluated and meet best practice standards

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QR Code includes our social media campaigns resources events and more 1325 Sycamore Road DeKalb IL 60115 815 758 8616 www FSADekalbCounty org