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Bookkeeping is the process of recording financial transactions and is an integral part of
accounting in business.
Transactions may include purchases, sales, receipts and payments by an
organization/company or simply by an individual client.
A Bookkeeper is the person responsible for tracking and recording day-to-day financial
transactions of a business or person. They record their reports on their daybooks, a book
containing records of purchases, sales, receipts and payments.
A Bookkeeper ensures that all transactions, cash or credit, are recorded correctly and
The qualifications of a bookkeeper varies from business needs and culture. Companies
may need more from the Bookkeeper’s standard qualifications.
Boomering caters to companies all over the world and some companies from these
countries may require the Bookkeeper to be familiar with their specific taxing laws. We are
fully aware that computing for an American-based company will be different from an
Australian-based one.
Fortunately, Boomering outsources these region-specific services to meet client needs.
Responsibilities of a Bookkeeper
Creates financial reports and posting information to accounting journals or accounting software.
Balance and maintain accurate ledgers.
Develops system to account for financial transactions by establishing a chart of accounts.
Maintains general ledger by transferring subsidiary account summaries.
Maintains historical records by filing documents.
Conduct a monthly reconciliation of every bank account.
Conduct periodic reconciliations of all accounts to ensure their accuracy.
Provide information to the external accountant who creates the companys financial statements.
Assemble information for external auditors for the annual audit.
Calculate and issue financial analysis of the financial statements.
Comply with local, state, and federal government reporting requirements.
Maintain an orderly accounting filing system.
Maintain the chart of accounts.
Coordinate bank deposits and report financial results on a regular basis to management.
Monitor office expenses and tally and enter cash receipts.
Pay vendor invoices and track bank account balances.
Provide clerical and administrative support to management as requested.
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