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Enrich The Vile

      Here begins the story of Enrich the rise and fall of this viscous beast who dissolved into history to never be seen again.


       He glances around, his heart pounding, he knew he shouldn’t have come but he did anyways, just on a stupid dare. The sirens blare, they’ve seen him and he needs to hide. Enrich starts to sprint towards the enormous double doors leading out of the military hanger. Earlier that day his had been sitting with his friends at his lunch table. Not really his “friends” considering he never shared an ounce of his life with them but it was better than being an outcast like a few people he had seen at school. They had been talking about Area 51 that they knew was just outside Las Vegas, Which he had only just moved to in the recent month. He was talking two Joseph which was a tall well-built kid in only his second year of high school. Joseph had sat next to Enrich in pity but soon grew used to his presence, during that lunch they had dared him to trek into the restricted hanger In Area 51 which the whole town new must be hiding something, considering that it had always been guarded around the clock.

         Enrich started to sprint away holding some sort of vial, the same vial he had only just found minutes earlier. He knew it must be valuable and he had needed something to show Joseph to prove that he actually went, and completed the dare. He glanced at the gates trying to think over his heavy labored breathing, he had never ran this much in his life. He throws his head behind him trying to locate the guards that had just been chasing him, to his alarm he had gained much ground and they were quite far behind him.

       Just as he thinks hes far enough away unable to be seen in the far expanse of the brutal desert, Enrich feels a pop in his ankle followed by searing pain as he doubles over onto the ground just barely able to hear the crunch of the glass vial shattering. He starts to shake in pain knowing what had happened has happened before, Enrich glances down at his ankle seeing a coiling snake with its large fangs sunk into his ankle. Enrich tries to take a deep breath but instead he feels a sharp pain in his chest he glances down to see a gash in his chest. He soon begins to realize what actually happened, the vial had shattered and forced its way into his chest. The wound now steaming with a hint of greenish steam as if it was boiling, just as he comes to terms with what just happened his vision begins to flicker and he soon just hears a blunt thump before passing out.


       While asleep Enrich twisted and turned drenched in sweat, he had dreams of a vile