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This simplebooklet is about a famous pixar animator named Bob Peterson. This simplebooklet has pictures, trailers, and articles. I hope you enjoy reading this simplebooklet.

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By Ryan Renner

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The reason I picked this famous animator is because not only is he an amimator but he is also a voice actor for some of the characters in the movies he works on. He worked as an animator on several of my favorite Pixar movies including but not limited to; Monsters, Inc., Cars 3 and UP.  He also voiced one of my favorite characters, Dug in the movie UP. 

Mr. Peterson is known in his field as an exceptional creator and screenwriter. Pioneering some of Pixars most memorial animated films.

Mr. Peterson grew up in Ohio and graduated from Purdue University in 1986. Mr. Peterson's life changed when he attended a presentation by Pixar's John Lasseter. He knew after seeing what Pixar was all about that he wanted to be a part of it. So in 1994 he joined the Pixar Team and worked on many of the films Pixar released after 1994.His first project with Pixar was Toy Story, which became a huge hit. He followed that success with some of my favorite movies; A Bug's Life in 1998, Finding Nemo in 2003 and Ratatouille in 2007.

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