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     All about the              Digital Life 

           By:Bryanne Mathis and Lauren Pyrzenski



1. Dont use personal information

2. Use special characters

3. Write down your passwords

4. Dont make easy characters

Tips: Make sure the password that you make arent too easy for others to know or guess. 








What is a BLOG: It is a regurally updated web page that is run by one focusing of on partucurlar thing 


FLAMING: The hostile interaction between internat users, 


P2P? Peer to peer. 


PHISHING: This is a scam that internet users get tricked into using their personal information to give the scammer their information unknowingly. 


PODCAST: This is a video made that is made for putting on the internet. 


AGGREGATOR: A installed application that updates new content. 

Digital Life 101 


1. Use proper language  

2. Read all comments before hitting submit 

3. Be precise 

4. Control your temper



1. Be respectful

2.Watch what you say


To protect yourself online you need to watch what you say and be careful who youlet "follow you"

Tips to protect yourself online:

1. watch out for scams

2. shop safley

Protect Yourself Online:

DIGITAL PIRACY:  The illegal trade in software, vidos, and digital videos.

Digital piracy:


1. Be safe 

2. Dont give your personal information out

3. Dont just comment on peoples post that you dont know

Social Media:


Cyberbullying is internet bullying online. Many people commit sucide each year from this. 

To protect yourself from cyberbully make sure you watch your friends and also make sure who ever you talk to on the internet is real and not just made up. Also be care ful who you talk to.