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I'm going to be making this booklet based off of the topic of Blood Letting.

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Cameron Moran

January 18th, 2017





Blood Letting Essay


    Blood Letting History:


           Blood letting (or blood-letting) is also known as the removal of blood from a patient to prevent or cure disease and illness. Blood letting was based around a ancient system of medicine which other bodily fluids and blood were regarded as "humors" that had to stay in proper balance to maintain good health. It is said to have been the most common medical treatment performed by surgeons in the late 19th century; a great span of almost 2000 years

        Blood letting was first performed in Ancient Egypt around 1000 BCE, later this treatment had spead to the Romans and Greeks. In Greece, blood letting was being used in the fith century B.C; during a life time of hippocrates, who mentions this treatment but generally relied dietary techniques. Archagathus; one of the first greek physicians to treat in Rome; also believed in the value of blood-letting.

Blood Letting Synopsis: