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Brazil history

Where does the brazilian culture descend from? the main country that resembles it is african culture. The samba was developed by african slaves in brazil. There is another country who plays a big part in brazil's culture,which is portugal. The offical spoken language is portuguese. Their religion is mostly roman catholic faith. About 80% or brazilians practice roman catholic. This is due to portugals large amount amount of land they controlled. Brazil has about 190 million people from descends like portuguese, italian, polish etc.Brazil are also very classy and take business seriously. before making any deals first they must get to know each other and build a friendship. 

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Brazil's culture & traditions 

The Brazilian festival is prolly the biggest in the world. By the way they spend months practicing for the festival.Setting everything up. The main streets are closed for the festival may last all day. Tourist from all over the world come to visit Brazil for the festival. Revelion is a high spirited culture in Brazil. The afro-brazilians culture is to fill up boats full of trinkets wears all-white garb and light up candels near the ocean for the sea godness Yemenja. Brazil has many cultures. Some act out a play of a death & reincarnation. Some woman wash the steps of a church with perfumed water. They indeed have some unique traditions. the afro-brazilians have a dance called capoeria. its a mix of martial art turned into a dance. soccer is one of the biggest sports in Brazil. It gives a whole new level to both the sport & country. 

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Brazilian food culture

Feijoada is a one of the many Brazilian classic food plates. this plate is a bean feast with pork & beef. Another classic plate is a weird combination. It includes shrimps & sweet cashew nuts.Sounds weird.? not done yet.  Moqueca de Peixe is another very classic & unique Brazilian plate. This plate includes fish stew & coconut. They have recently adopted & remade pizza by adding unique styles of toppings. They really like adding fruits to there food some way or another. Like in the plate Chancaca they combine salmon with there unique pineapple sauce. Even there deserts have fruits in them.  Quindin is a flan filled with coconut or Banana Frusta Com Canella Angular is fried bananas sprinkled with sweet brown sugar. 

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