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food and kitchen safety

Foodborne Illness-An incident in which two or more people experience a similar illness after ingestion of a common food

how illness is spread- by direct contact with someone


how to prevent contamination- remind people to was hands, clean and sanitize work area, purchase prepared food.


ccommon synptoms- fever, chills, vomiting 


foods associated with illness- 1 hamburger could be from hunfreds of of animals.

Contamination-the action or state of making or being made impure by polluting or poisoning


cross contamination- when bacteria transerf to on food to another

avoding them- keep workplace clean

Chemical and Physical hazards

chemical-exposed chemicals to workplace 


how to prevent them- reduce or eliminate chemicals if possible


Physical- evnivormental hazards that are harmful 


how to prevent it- 

Clean vs Sanitary

clean- the soil and food is


visibly removed.


Sanitary- they are cleand for a

safe level


examples- puting them in the dishawer to make them sanitized and hand washing them to make them clean

hand washing

you should wash hand before preparing food, after using the bathroom, and if you are sick

Dishwashing by hand

Danger Zone 

what is FATTOM







ground beef- 2 hours


poultry- 2 hours


stuffed poultry- 2 hours 

Thawing- let it sit in the refridgerator