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               The diverse subtoppics included in assignment are   

         Genetics                   Ecology           Ethology                            Molecular Biology       Cell  Biology       Immunology                        Environmental Science   Embryology        Zoology 

        Microbiology         Animal Physiology   Bioschemistry                                                      and

               General Biology in addition to many others     





  • Online classes  are preschedued    
  • time and topic of class has to be  previouslky set with the tutor.
  • It is mandatry to have headphone with mic     


  • Research papers are provided when exact details of the topic, research subject and other required data are provided.
  • Research or dissertation papers can be obtained after consultation of the details involved
  • Bibliography is provided free and a realistic taarget date should be provided

      Research Papers


Conditional requirements to be ascertained by prior                       discussion