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A holistic experience focused on personal wellness in a natural setting to cruise along. Earth, Sand, Salt, Air and Sea surround us, and they are the essence of our well-being. Our aim is to make the time on board an unforgettable experience that provides wellness to those who enjoy it and to our environment, in close contact with the incomparable background of beauty, magnetism and spirituality that Ibiza offers.


The B.I.O. Experience offers services aboard a boat during one or several days of rental, divided into 3 categories: food and drink, treatments and fitness and water activities or even at land, using local products, ecological and sustainable as far as possible.


Once you confirm your charter dates on board Casa Nostre, you can add your chosen B.I.O. Experience to your booking. If you prefer yo have a personalised plan, just ask your booking manager, we will present you a quote with the different experiences you would like to enjoy.


                A Holistic Ibiza Cruising

Casa Nostre has chosen the B.I.O. Experience as their Ibiza referent for Wellness services on-board, or even at land!

This dossier will take you through the experience, detailing the different packages and offers. All prices include taxes and any extras will also be detailed with their additional or estimated costs.

Join the B.I.O. Experience on board Casa Nostre and make your luxury boat charter holiday a stay full of local wellness around Ibiza.

OPTIONS & PRICES (delivery & taxes included)

B.I.O. Food "Taste Ibiza" - 90€ 

  • 24 x Local Ibosim 33cl mixed bottles.
  • 1 x basket of Organic seasonal Fruit, vegetables, jams and honey locally cultivated & produced.
  • 1 bottle of local oil, ideal for bread crackers, salads or even to cook.

B.I.O. Food "Eat Ibiza" - 300€ 

  • 24 x Local Ibosim 33cl mixed bottles or 12 x Bottles of beer + 1 x Bottle of local Wine
  • 1 x basket of Organic seasonal Fruit, vegetables & herbs,  jams, honey. olive oil, locally cultivated & produced.
  • Mix of vegan pates, olives, cheeses, author mini sandwiches, breads and crackers.

B.I.O. Food "My Ibiza" - From 50€ per person

  • Catering menus
  • On board invited Chef for the day.
  • Let us know your special requirements.


Would you like to have the best local ingredients in your on board meals? We have prepared different daily packs to bring to your charter on Casa Nostre.

An assortment of local and awarded beer Ibosim, these drinks are locally produced in San Antonio and there is one type for any taste. From Posidonia to Isla Blanca, they have become really popular since their opening a couple of years ago.

While on board, we offer you the chance of using local products in your meals.  A basket of local & seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs organically grown and handpicked by the farm Tierra de Ibiza & Co, as well as jams, cooking oils and honey. Your crew chef will be able to prepare great fresh juices and dishes with local essence. 

And for your light bites moments, your will have some savory snacks, high quality bites prepared with conscience and love, such as vegan pate & mini burgers, cured meats and cheeses, crackers and more.

You can also ask us for a customised on board diet, macrobiotic meals, raw food & desserts... ask for advice and let us present you some great menus.

Local & Natural Drinks


                A Holistic Ibiza Cruising


Ibiza jams, oils, herbs, fruit and vegetables.

Savoury snacsk and cured meats.


Aimed to naturally help you connect with yourself and to balance your energy through your body.

The B.I.O. Experience treatments are a fantastic complement to your stay on board that use natural products by LairebyIreneApolo, Ayurveda del Maediterráneo elaborated in Ibiza with plant oils and medicinal and herbs.

A wide range of products with specific purposes, such as Essential Oils, Medicinal Oils and Creams, Facial creams and serum, Eye cream, Body Lotion, Perfumes and Natural energy activators.

All produced with love, 100% chemical-free and with  conscience of wellness from which your body and mind benefit.

Tania Ayurveda will be your massage therapist; she is an all year resident on our island, a lover of traditional medicine and meditation. She will need to hear a bit about your needs and will bring everything ready for your treatment on board. She is and Ayurveda and Pindas specialist, a traditional treatment with hot clothes to cleanse your body from toxins and relax your muscles. The perfect choice when you are on a boat.

OPTIONS & PRICES (assesment, arrival, products & taxes included)

B.I.O. Treatment "Ayurveda Massage" - 150€ - 1 hour.

  • From India, it´s a soft and deep massage with medicinal oils. Includes reflexology, head & face massage and some guidelines to improve your day to day.

B.I.O. Treatment "Ayurveda Massage + Pindas" - 170€ - 1 hour and 15 minutes.

  • Massage made with handcrafted cloth bags stuffed with local plants and herbs, it produces sweating and toxins are removed. Aimed to relaxing the muscles of back and legs.

B.I.O. Treatment "Sport Massage" - 130€ - 1 hour.

  • Descontracturant, strong and deep massage, it includes stretching.

B.I.O. Treatment "Swedish Massage" - 130€ - 1 hour.

  • Soft and deep massage on buttocks, abdomen, face and head.

B.I.O. Treatment "Relaxing Massage" - 130€ - 1 hour.

  • Gentle relaxing massage.


                A Holistic Ibiza Cruising


The B.I.O. Experience also offers fitness services for body, mind and soul! From Yoga lessons on board one to one or for groups, guided meditation, healing and reading lessons, and workshops on board such as aromatherapy!

Learning from the wisdom and, for some, magnetism and spiritul side of our Island is possible at any dregree. 

On board Casa Nostre, the space is sublime or this activities, even giving you the chance of taking part of a retreat. The comfort abroad and the surroundings during your lesson are the ideal scenary to learn, exercise and live unforgettable moments.

OPTIONS & PRICES (arrival, tools, materials & taxes included)

B.I.O. Body, Mind &Soul On board  "Yoga One to One" - 150€ - 1 hour.

  • Your Yoga instructor will know in advance your level of knowledge and the type of yoga you would like to learn. After the class you will enjoy a fresh juice.

B.I.O. Body, Mind &Soul  On board "Yoga class for groups" - 38€  per person (4 people minimum) - 1 hour.

  • Enjoy a group master class for any level, medium or adanced only if you wish. The lesson will end with a fresh local juice!

B.I.O. Body, Mind &Soul "Aromatherapy workshop" - 35€ per person (4 people minimum) - 3,5 hours.

  • A 3 hours aromatherapy course on board by Irene Apolo, a local maker of natural cosmetics and therapeutic products.
  • Learn about the local plants and their natural properties.
  • Elaborate your own perfume for you to keep!

B.I.O. Body, Mind &Soul "Healing and Reading sessions" -  One to one - 65€ - 1 hour.

  • Intuition is inner knowledge. It is a capability that all human beings possess aside from reason. The Intuition School of Ibiza Eivida teach how intuition can be used as a simple tool in life and in achieving one's goals. 

B.I.O. Body, Mind &Soul "Personal trainers or Other Group lessons"  

from 35€ per person - 1 hour.

from 150€  for personal trainer - 1 hour.

  • Ask us for any other ftiness class and we will arrange it as long as it is feasible on board, a arrange for a class at land if needed.


                A Holistic Ibiza Cruising


When at sea, you need to jump in and live this Experience. At Casa Nostre there is snorkeling equipiment on board, as well as some paddle surf boards and a kayak. 

But you might want to enjoy a group Padlle Surf guided tour with and instructor, or do the same with kayaking, or rent the popular Seabob for 1 day to be a diving master!

All this activities are fun, a worthy experience and environmental friendly! See below there are some options, with many more to come soon.

OPTIONS & PRICES (materials, insurance & taxes included)

B.I.O. Water Activities  "SUP (Paddle Surf) Tour" 

March and April: 25€ - per person.

May and October: 35€ - per person.

June to September: 45€ - per person.

Sunset: 55€ - per person.

  • All these activities are suitable for all ages. You don’t need any kind of previous experience or training but it is required to know how to swim properly.
  • The tour starts from the beach; transfers there can be done with the tender of Casa Nostre.

B.I.O. Water Activities "Kayak Tour" 

45€ per adult.

25€ per children under 18.

Free for children under 7 occupying the middle seat on the kayak.

  • Start with a small intro to kayaking on the beach. Then head out to sea and follow the coast along our specific route. Along the way, we will discover caves with turquoise coloured waters and hidden beaches. We’ll touch upon interesting facts on Ibiza’s history, flora and fauna. We’ll explore the geology and ethnography of this incredible island.
  • Some snacks and water included. Splash into the sea for a snorkel.
  • Morning 10:00-13:00, Afternoon 15:00-18:00, Sunset 18:00- Sunset.
  • The tour starts from the beach; transfers there can be done with the tender of Casa Nostre.

B.I.O. Water Activities "Seabob Rental" -  350€ - all day (charger included)

  • Seabobs are a great and high technology diving premium toy, suitable and fun for all ages. Dive in and out our beautiful waters.
  • You will have a briefing to know how to use the controls. It´s really simple and ready to make you have a great dive-surf experience.
  • A security deposit is required.


                A Holistic Ibiza Cruising




                A Holistic Ibiza Cruising