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BILKE S3 FIREWOOD PROCESSOREfficient and safe operation with automatic feeding conveyorEASY FEEDING AND OPERATIONanks to the automatic infeed, you do not have to hold up the wood when feeding them. Smooth-moving conveyor belts, a wide discharge conveyor and a shaped knife disc ensure ease of use. Working with the Bilke S3 firewood processor is easy and safe.VERY GOOD PRODUCTIVITYSeveral logs of thin and rough-sawn wood can be placed on the conveyor belt at the same time.Splitting multiple logs at once increases productivity!ADJUSTABLE LOG LENGTHLength of the chopped wood can be changed as required using the length adjustment system (23-55 cm).TOP CLASS CUTTING BLADE DESIGNS3 firewood processor has a powerful spiral splitter that gives the firewood a clean and fast cut.anks to the blade design, the power required for cutting and splitting is low.BILKE S3 - Firewood, quick and easy!bilke.netFIREWOOD PROCESSORWITH AUTOMATIC INFEEDING

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PATENTED TECHNOLOGY – TOP PRODUCT DEVELOPMENTe technical solutions of our firewood vending machines are highly developed .Our product development meets the current requirements of today - as well as those of the future. Our cutting technology is a patented invention. With all Bilke machines, safety is the basis for product developmentA solution that increases safety often also increases production output!Bilke firewood processors are manufactured by Lehtoniemen Metalli Oy, Finland.Sales:M Large Tree Services Ltd"Coolewell" Church RdNewtownabbeyCo AntrimN. IrelandBT36 6DH+44 (0)28 9034 2838sales@mlarge.comMade in FinlandALTERNATIVE POWER SOURCESBilke S3 can be powered by a tractor or electric motor.If you use an electric motor, you can regulate the power according to your needs.NO RISK OF BLOCKAGEe wide output conveyor ensures trouble-free transport of finished firewood out of themachine and reduces the risk of clogging.BILKE S3 - Firewood, quick and easy!bilke.netTechnical Data:Diamater of logs to be chopped: max. 22 cmWidth of board-type items: max. 34 cmLog Length: 23 – 55 cmLength of feeding conveyor: 200 cmLength of output conveyor: 280 cm, with extension 380 cmInstallation: 3-point linkageOutput capacity: 10 – 30 m3 / h.Power: tractor mechanical PTO, Electric motorPower requirement: approx. 15 kW, 540/750/1000 RPM/min.Weight: approx. 500 kgBilke S3 automatic firewood processor complies with the regulations of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EU and the changes to the directive as well as the national laws that ensure implementation.