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Bible Study The Uplifting Word - November 2020

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BIBLE STUDY THE UPLIFTING WORD November 2020 A Monthly Publication of the "Word" to live life each day. The Lessons are from my Bible notes since the 1960’s, Life Experiences and Studying the Bible. ■■ Bible Scripture searches the King James Version on the Bible Gateway website Public Domain in the United States Presented by Brown Crayon Copyright © 2019 - All Rights Reserved

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Saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done. Luke 22:42 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. I Thessalonians 5:18 ■■ Gratitude keeps us continually aware that the Lord is close by. Peacefulness does not come naturally in difficult circumstances. A decision to thank God for walking with us through life makes us sensitive to His comforting presence. It motivates us to look for God’s purpose in our circumstances. Knowing that He allows hurt and trouble for His good purposes takes the edge off the pain. If we do not understand why we are going through suffering, we can thank God because, in His time, He'll work it all for our good. In the meantime, we can rest in the knowledge that He is using every hardship to transform us into the image of His Son. Thanksgiving helps bring our will into submission to God. The situation we are experiencing is the last thing we want. Thanking the Lord is a giant step toward being able to follow Christ's example and say, "Not My will, but Yours be done." Gratitude helps us acknowledge that God's will is best, even if hard. That

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way, we are able to release our hold on what we want. Although the circumstances may remain the same, submission changes our hearts. Thankfulness is an essential ingredient for joy. There is no way to "rejoice always" without giving thanks for everything. That is why ungrateful people seem so grumpy. Joy is an inner sense of contentment. All God's purposes are good that flows from a deep assurance. He is in complete control of every situation. With that kind of supernatural joy, it is easy to be thankful. *** The King James Version (KJV) of the Bible, widely known throughout the English-speaking world was commissioned in 1604 by King James of England and was first printed in 1611. All the Bible Scripture in the publication was taken from the King James Version for referring to the “Word” only.

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All of us would like to be remembered as individuals who left a good and lasting imprint on the lives of others. The problem is that we tend to be so self-centered that few of us deeply impact even our closest neighbors. How well we succeed in touching the lives of others is determined by our character. Ultimately, our spiritual impact is our heavenly Father’s concern. To illustrate the influence we should have on others, Jesus used the example of salt, a familiar household item that alters whatever it touches. The Lord taught that salt must maintain purity and integrity in order to have this lasting impact. In a similar way, we must guard our purity by walking in the newness of life instead of loving the things of this world. Then, when people witness our transformed lives, they will be powerfully influenced. Salt flavors and preserves food. When we sprinkle it on something flavorless, the food becomes much more enjoyable. We are to flavor the lives of people around us by using our actions and words to point them to Jesus. If we are just like them, there will not be any impact. Salt does not change itself. It enhances only that which is bland or void of any real taste. Never forget that you have an influence on others—either for good or bad. Whatever comes in contact with salt will make a positive difference. We are followers of Christ. It is our job to flavor the world around us to be affected in a positive and God-honoring way. Bible Reading Matthew 5:1-48 I John 2:1-29

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MATTHEW CHAPTER 5 Note: When feeling trapped, God has the strangest way of restoring purpose to your life. The person you try to send away may have the key to restoring purpose and fulfillment in your life. Search Scripture KJV – BibleGateway Public Domain:

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I JOHN CHAPTER 2 Note: God knows how to take a mess and turn it into a miracle. When He gets through working on you, all your adversaries will be ashamed. All your accusers will have to take it back. All the people who contributed to your sense of low self-esteem will admit they were wrong. Jesus is the resurrection. He is the answer! Search Scripture KJV – BibleGateway Public Domain:

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Have you ever wondered why the Bible repeatedly tells us to give thanks to the Lord? The main reason is He deserves it. Everything you have comes from Him. He created you and is the One who keeps your heart beating. To claim life as your own and do as you please is the ultimate ingratitude. God created you to love Him and sacrificed enormously to deliver you from your sin. Expressing thanksgiving to the Lord is a way of honoring and acknowledging all that He’s done for you. Most of us would probably have to admit that our prayers tend to be rather self-centered. Do you spend more time with your prayer request rather than thanking God for what He has already accomplished? The psalmist advises us to begin each day by focusing on His loving-kindness as we look forward, trusting Him with all our concerns. In the evening, we should thank God for His faithfulness. Take note of the ways He provided for our needs and guided our way. Even if the day has brought pain or difficulty, we can still thank God for His presence as He carried us through. Thank God for His promise to work everything out to our benefit. Take time to remember what the Lord has done for you, and express thanks to Him. Be creative and think of all the ways you can show gratitude—then sing, praise, and joyfully worship Him. By keeping your focus on God, you can have an attitude of gratitude all day long. Bible Reading Psalm 92:1-15 Romans 8:1-39

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PSALM CHAPTER 92 Note: Reach out and embrace the fact that God has been watching over you all your life. He covers you, clothes you, and blesses you. Rejoice in Him in spite of the broken places. God’s grace is sufficient for your needs. He will anoint you with oil. Search Scripture KJV – BibleGateway Public Domain:

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ROMANS CHAPTER 8 Note: Real prayer was not made for human ears. If you have a problem that can be easily prayed through in public, then it’s not a problem. When we pray, we are surprised at how inner feelings come to the surface. Prayer is a nausea of the mind. It brings up the unresolved past that swirls around inside us. Search Scripture KJV – BibleGateway Public Domain:

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Thanking God glorifies and magnifies Him, but did you know this also benefits us? The Lord does not need our thanks, but we need to give it so we can become what He wants us to be: unselfish, encouraged, and confident. When we give thanks: Refocuses our attention ■ Life is filled with situations and distractions that keep us from seeing all that God has done for us. Instead of getting out of bed with the weight of the world on your shoulders, try refocusing on the Lord by thanking Him for His past provisions, guidance, and faithfulness. Relieves anxiety ■ Since our fast-paced society has lots of pressure, expectations, and responsibilities, many people live in constant anxiety. When we bring our concerns to the Lord with thanksgiving, the burden shifts, and His peace comes to us. Refreshes our relationship ■ Gratitude keeps us from thinking that the Christian walk is all about us and our needs. Our fellowship with God is enhanced. We are focused on Him instead of ourselves. Reinforces our faith ■ When we thank the Lord for His past faithfulness, our confidence in His present faithfulness will rise. Rejoices our spirit ■ Thanksgiving is the best way to dig ourselves out of the doldrums of discouragement. Although gratitude is always beneficial, it’s not always easy. When discouraged or overwhelmed, you are probably not on your radar to thank God. I learned from experience that shifting focus and thanking the Lord for all He’s done is the fastest way to change one’s attitude and reenergize. Bible Reading

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Psalm 105:1-45 Philippians 4:1-23

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PSALM CHAPTER 105 Note: If you recognize areas in your life where you have been guilty of resisting change, stop and allow God to cleanse your heart from the fear of change. Know in your spirit that something good is going to come out of it. Search Scripture KJV – BibleGateway Public Domain:

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PHILIPPIANS CHAPTERS 4 Note: Look to God when there are needs in your life. He satisfies, and you will find fulfillment for your soul and contentment with yourself. There is a difference between wants and needs. If you are in right standing with God, then He will supply your needs when you need it most. Search Scripture KJV – BibleGateway Public Domain:

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Immediately after teaching His followers to pray, Jesus gave a warning about allowing unforgiveness to reside in the heart. He said that those who refuse to forgive others will not be forgiven by the Father. Do not misunderstand Jesus’ meaning here. Believers do not lose their salvation when they refuse to forgive. Rather, they break fellowship with God because their unrepentant attitude gets in the way of regular confession and repentance. The Lord cannot ignore sin. His Spirit will bring attention to wrong behavior until he or she deals with it. Forgiveness is an act of the will more than an act of the heart. Often people do not feel like being merciful to someone who has wronged them. A resentful spirit grows into a terrible burden. The Lord knows that forgiveness is best, even when difficult. You will not deal with sin until you see it as God does. Assume full responsibility for your unforgiving attitude, and acknowledge the violation of His Word. Claim the divine mercy He offers, and ask Him to enable you to lay aside anger and resentment against others. As part of the decision to move forward in grace, make a habit of praying for those who hurt you. If God leads, seek their forgiveness for your wrong attitude. A bitter and resentful spirit does not fit who we are in Christ. Nor is it healthy to carry an angry attitude through life. That is why Scripture emphasizes the need to forgive. Choose to be liberated from your burden—Jesus promised to make us free when we confess our sins to Him. Bible Reading Daniel 6:1-28 John 8:1-59

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DANIEL CHAPTER 6 Note: God wants your faith to be developed. Regardless of your position and your past, God raises people up equally. Faith is an equal opportunity business. Search Scripture KJV – BibleGateway Public Domain:

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JOHN CHAPTER 8 Note: We must learn to thank God for who we are. Today, there seems to be a double standard when it comes to sin. Search Scripture KJV – BibleGateway Public Domain:

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