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  The Art of Train

       A psyco-survivor  guide to trainers and their clients


  • Chapter 1: The First Meeting
  • Chapter 2: Building a Foundation
  • Chapter 3:Creating a bond
  • Chapeter 4:Insuring security
  • Chapter 5:Deviate attention to create a better workout
  • Chapter 6:Better than my best friend

Chapter1:The first impression

  • When we first met
  • The small talk
  • The jokes coming faster
  • The intution, this is going to be a good match
  • When people come to see me, there’s definitely a lot of anxiety and nervous energy. All those things make it a very intimate and intense situation, and I feel like I bond very quickly with people because of it. 

Bottom line: He knows more about me than almost anyone else on the planet.


Chapter two:

  • The road Map