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Tabby Ivy: Between Artists Catalog

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2 Between Artists: Life in Paintings and ProseThis collection varies in size, style, and subject matter, and represents a diverse body of work made possible because of the trust, attention, and time devoted to the collaborative process between the two artists.In addition to the exhibition, a book is available on Tabby Ivy’s website: the Exhibition:Between Artists, Life in Paintings and Prose is the result of a two-year collabora-tion between Montana artist Tabby Ivy and Damon Falke, a US-born writer, poet and playwright living in northern Norway.Their journey began in 2018 with a Facebook friend request when Falke noticed Ivy’s paintings on a gallery Facebook page. A connection was made, and a con-versation between the two artists began. Their long-distance communication and collaboration ourished in spite of the miles between them. Ivy notes, “In a strange way, the distance in miles, the growing challenge of the global pandemic, as well as the time dierence between Norway and Montana, allowed for a kind of intimacy in our collaboration. The disconnect provided a safe place for creative exploration and personal reection that would not have been possible if Damon and I lived in the same place.” Over time, common themes emerged from a proj-ect born from distance, online media, and the pandemic. Reections about life’s journey, loss, memory, and silence became part of their to watch a short video about the exhibition The Between Artists exhibition in-corporates the written word and a diverse body of new work by Ivy, represented in over thirty paint-ings. Of the exhibition, Falke says “Between Artists invites the viewer to experience what is close in life, to stop and not just look, but to see and nd a quiet place within them-selves for reection.”

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3Tabby Ivy & Damon FalkePurchasing Artwork:FoR Fine Art is honored to be the exclusive representative of artist Tabby Ivy’s paintings from the exhibition Between Artists, Life in Paintings and Prose at the Hockaday Museum of Art in Kalispell, Montana June 17 - August 20, 2022.Paintings can be purchased by clicking on the image of the artwork in this cata-log, which will direct you to the FoR Fine Art website. You can also call the White-sh gallery to make a purchase at (406) 730-8855.Paintings will be shipped or available for pick up at For Fine Art Gallery in White-sh, Montana, aer the close of the exhibition August 20, 2022.

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4 Between Artists: Life in Paintings and ProseA Place Set Apart2020 28” x 31” oil$4,200

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5Tabby Ivy & Damon FalkeWords Le Behind2021 40” x 60” oil - diptych$9,800

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6 Between Artists: Life in Paintings and ProseWhat Speaks Inside These Walls2020 18” x 24” oil$2,400 The Grain Elevator2019 24” x 18” oil$2,400

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7Tabby Ivy & Damon FalkeDays of Summers Past2019 18” x 24” oil$2,400

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8 Between Artists: Life in Paintings and ProseSeeing the Forest2018 42” x 28” oil & cold wax$3,900 Into the Woods2018 39” x 27” oil, cold wax, & gold leaf$3,800

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9Tabby Ivy & Damon FalkeIn That Space a Moment Before202140” x 45” oil$7,200

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10 Between Artists: Life in Paintings and ProseWinter Grazing, Montana202016” x 20” oil$2,200 Out of Despair2020 30” x 22” watercolor on Arches 300# paper$1,800

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11Tabby Ivy & Damon FalkeReecting Time202130” x 40” oil$6,200

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12 Between Artists: Life in Paintings and ProseTranquility201830” x 60” oil & cold wax- triptych$6,400

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13Tabby Ivy & Damon Falke

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14 Between Artists: Life in Paintings and ProseJourney202024” x 30” oil$3,800 The Barn at the Bottom of the Hill2019 6” x 6” oil$575

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15Tabby Ivy & Damon FalkeLittle is Ever So Clear202262” x 58” oil$14,000

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16 Between Artists: Life in Paintings and ProseRise to the Light20203” x 12” oil$575

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17Tabby Ivy & Damon FalkeThrough the Trees201816” x 20” oil$2,200

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18 Between Artists: Life in Paintings and ProseFar, Between, Touch202011” x 42” oil - triptych$2,600

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19Tabby Ivy & Damon Falke

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20 Between Artists: Life in Paintings and ProseSome Places Still Keep the World202030” x 35” oil$5,600

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21Tabby Ivy & Damon FalkeHe Walks These Hills202120” x 24” oil$2,400Gently the River Flows2017 24” x 30” oil$3,600

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