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Tyrone Salvage, at age 13, runs away from the English settlement he lived in, in the 'New World' during 1689. How will he survive in the wilderness, all alone?

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Better Off Without Me

By Zachary R.

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Tyrone Salvage is a thirteen year old boy living in Jamestown, Virginia in the year 1689. As a baby, his parents died in a war against Jamestown settlers, and was adopted by a settler named Peter Salvage. Peter was of lower class, and is a servant to a man named Vince Willis. He raised Tyrone well, but there was one problem. Discrimination. The people of Jamestown did not like the natives, because they were much different than the Englishmen of Jamestown. Because of this, ever since Tyrone was 6 years old, he has been disrespected and placed last in everything he does, such as friends, hunting, and even meals! Tyrone feels terrible and is sometimes even spat at! He decides that he needs to get away from Jamestown, so in the middle of the night, he sneaks awake and runs away! Now, he is alone in the wild, with nothing but his clothes, shoes, and a special pocket knife his father passed down to him. How will Tyrone survive in the middle of the ‘New World’ wilderness?

 The Escape

Tyrone woke up to the sound of rain. Oh no, he thought, It is raining. I must leave with quickly, and with something to keep me warm. But one problem is that there is night watch, so Tyrone must avoid running into them. Tyrone thought about it, and realized that even if he did run into the night watch, they would most likely be happier with Tyrone gone. "They probably would be better off without me. That is why I must leave," he thought. He silently opened the makeshift door, making sure Peter was asleep, and walking out. I am truly sorry, father, I wish you the best, as you are the only one who truly cared for me other than my first parents. Tyrone ran off, with nothing but clothing to protect him from harsh weather, his good luck charm, the stone knife that Peter passed down to him, and his survival skills.


After running for about a mile, Tyrone stopped at the entrance to a forest, looking more like the entrance to a cave, because of how dark it was. Tyrone managed to find a rock that was big and stable enough to sleep on, so he laid down, and drifted off to sleep. The next morning, Tyrone awoke to the chirping of birds. “Well, time to work,” he thought aloud. So, he did get to work. He decided he needed to figure something out. A way to kill some of those birds without having to climb trees and risk injury. Tyrone figured, if he could stay near the water, so he could have a supply to drink, then maybe he could set up camp. The water was certainly drinkable, because it was a river, and not an ocean. But, Tyrone also needed a food supply. If only he could figure out a way to maybe shoot down the birds without a musket. What did father call those things that my real used? Feathers? No. Arrows. That’s what it was. But how will I make one? Tyrone has seen arrows before, and they looked to be made out of sticks, feathers, and rocks. He decided to attempt at making one. He found a stick that was hard enough, and used his knife to chip at a small rock he found, to make the rock sharp. Then, he went on the hunt for feathers, and it took a while, but he eventually found one. After that, he carefully tied the feather to the arrow, using the string made of very thin wood, and repeated this process many times. Now, all he had to do was figure out how to make a bow, but unfortunately for Tyrone, the day was almost over.

 First Kill

It took almost a whole day to gather enough materials for a fire that will last 3 days. Tyrone was starving, and exhausted. He had found some useful materials such as small rocks, firewood, sticks, and an egg that he assumed was a turtle’s egg, because he found it on the beach in a little sand pouch. Tyrone started a spark using pebbles, and sticks, and lit a fire. He put the rocks he gather and carved them out with a knife, and formed a small pan, which he used to cook the egg. He left it on his makeshift pan for about 2 minutes, then he took it off, and cracked the egg. It seemed cooked, so Tyrone poured its juices into his mouth, his first meal since he left Jamestown.

The next morning, he decided to work on his bow. He gathered the extra sticks, and used the thin, rope-like wood that he had to form a bow. He tied 2 thick sticks together, then created a flexible enough wood to use for the bow. He tied everything together, and formed and crude bow, that could launch an arrow far enough to kill one of the birds. He left the rock which he called his bed, and found a small group of birds. They seemed scared of Tyrone’s bow, so a few of them froze to make it seem like they either dead, or to blend in with the environment. Unfortunately for the birds, Tyrone didn’t fall for their tricks. He quickly grabbed an arrow, aimed precisely, and shot. Missed. The arrow seemed to go under the aim he made on the bow. He took another arrow, and aimed, but this time a little lower, and shot. Bullseye. Feathers flew around as Tyrone went to receive his prize.

A Few Weeks Later

Shelter. That is just what Tyrone needed as the weather grew colder and colder and the trees grew barer and barer. He still had not built shelter, even though he has been in the forest for about 3 weeks. It was going to rain, Tyrone assumed, because of the dark gray color of the sky. It looked as if a block of coal was dropped on top of the clouds. He determined that if he tied a few logs together, using the thin wood, then he could create a small roof, which could protect Tyrone from rain and snow. He had created a small bed out of a few logs, which was comfortable enough for him to get a good sleep. As for Tyrone’s food supply, he had created enough arrows to shoot down around 3 birds per day. He also found another batch of turtle eggs, and took most of the eggs to his small camp, and left a few out of his love for nature. After he cooked the eggs, he took some of logs he had previously collected, and attempted to create a stable wall. He decided to sharpen the edges of the logs, and dig holes to place the sharp edges inside. He figured that the holes will keep the walls stuck in the ground, and it will be stable enough to protect Tyrone from any wild animals. He dug ten holes, each about 5 feet deep into the ground. After that, he sharpened the log edges, and pushed them into the ground until they were stiff. After that, Tyrone used the branches hanging from trees closest to his camp, tied them together, closed the gaps with extra sticks and logs, then tied everything else together, and done. Tyrone felt proud of himself. He had created his own little hut, although he had only one wall, but the trees made it feel like he had a completed hut. Tyrone realized he was very lucky to have picked a rock that had trees surrounding it, to create more of a shelter. After that, he ate his second meal of the day, he had cut his amount of food everyday from 3 to 2 because of how scarce food was. Tyrone knew he had to figure out another food source. So, with that thought on his mind, he drifted off to sleep. 

The Moose

“Huh?” was the first thing Tyrone said when he awoke the next morning. His sleep was interrupted by a loud shuffling sound. Out of curiosity, he checked outside his camp. That was the biggest mistake he will ever make. The first thing Tyrone saw was huge antlers start charging at him, and he had no time to react. Excruciating pain coursed through him as the antlers slammed him in the stomach, making his ribs feel like jelly. After the impact, Tyrone lay under a tree, unable to move, and shocked at what happened. His ribs were burning with pain. Most likely broken, he thought as he tried getting up. It was difficult to breath heavily, because when he did, the pain returned. Taking light breaths, Tyrone supported himself by leaning on the tree, and he started trudging back to his camp. He kept cautiously looking around, making sure the moose had disappeared, before walking inside his camp and collapsing onto his bed. After checking, one of his ribs had definitely been broken, he concluded, so he had to rest for a day, then the next day he will hopefully feel up to hunting for supplies. Tyrone made sure he had enough food to rest for the day, and he did. So he laid down, and thought about what the future could hold for him.

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Although Tyrone thought he would feel better after a day of resting, he was wrong. So this is the third day he has been resting in bed. He cut his meals per day down to one, because he was unable to hunt or do anything due to his injury, and he was running low on extra food. After eating his meal, Tyrone laid back in bed and kept thinking about what he should do after he heals. I will hunt, then make the camp more stable, then make a bandage for myself, he thought. That is exactly what his plan will be for the next few days, he figured. To work on his camp the first day, then hunt and bandage the next. So the next day, he pushed through the pain and worked. He had placed two more walls around the camp, somehow managed to move a huge rock outside of a wall that did not have a tree in front of it, and collected a little more firewood for the next few nights. He was really proud of how much work he had gotten done in these few weeks, despite the days he rested and the injury he has. But, he realized, he can’t live on the same birds for his whole life, if he decides to stay where he is. Tyrone put some thought into it, and he decided that he should hunt for at least a berry bush, or maybe even bugs. But Tyrone will soon realize, that he won’t even need a new food source.

A New Friend?

The next morning when Tyrone woke up, he ate the bird he had cooked the night before, and set off to hunt for food, like he had planned while resting. But, something was off. Tyrone had marked a couple of trees with sticks, so he could find his way back to camp. But this time the sticks weren’t there. Tyrone saw this as a threat and became very cautious of his surroundings. After he killed five birds, he made his way back to the camp. A little while later, while Tyrone was finishing up cooking one of the birds, he heard an odd sound. It sounded like the cracking of a stick, which was the second weird thing Tyrone has experienced today. He peeked outside the door frame of his hut, clutching his knife in his hand, and called, “Is anyone there?” The only reply was footsteps. “I mean no harm. I just want to see who is there,” Tyrone said, stepping outside his hut. A man stood before him, definitely an Englishman, he had long, blonde hair, with green eyes and was holding a small sack with who-knows-what in it, wearing a dirty and ripped blue and red button-down shirt, with golden buttons. He was definitely of higher class, but the look in his eyes made him seem like he hated it. He also seemed out of breath, like he was running from something. “Who are you?” Tyrone asked, still gripping the knife. “I am Logan,” the man said. 

“I am living in a small settlement down the river, near Jamestown. The settlement was attacked by natives, because our villagers acted very cruel towards them. I did not agree with their disgusting ways. My village had previously befriended the natives, they helped up us survive in many ways, which we were grateful for. But most of the people who befriended the natives had died off, due to hunger and sickness. After the population had decreased, authorities sent more people, and the new people hated the natives. I had no control over their decisions against them, so I ran away,” he explained.

“I am a native to this place. My parents died in a war to Jamestown, so I was adopted and raised by a very good man. Discrimination brought me down, and that’s why I am here now. I hope my father is in good health,” Tyrone said.

“That’s terrible. I’m so sorry, but I have two questions. Did you build this hut on your own? Also, what happened to your rib?” Logan asked. 

“Yes, I built my hut on my own. I was attacked by a moose and my rib is in terrible pain,” Tyrone responded.

“I have many supplies in this bag. I looted the town after it got attacked, because it was abandoned. So let’s get you patched up,” he said.

“Ok, thank you,” Tyrone said. 

"I hope this is the beginning to a new life! Logan can take care of me! He has tons of food!" Tyrone thought, as Logan patched him up.


Not Alone

Day after day, Tyrone and Logan were getting by, and even finding enough extra time to make music and arts. Logan was coincidentally a pottery maker and he loved to draw things with the materials he had. Tyrone crafted a flute sort of instrument, and he was able to play it well. They had also found three more people, 2 being from the attacked village Logan was from. They built houses and fortified walls, and hunted. They caught fish, crafted bows, arrows, and even stone swords! The rock Tyrone originally slept on had been turned into a sort of monument, marking the start of the little settlement. Tyrone still slept on it, because he made his bed very comfortable over time. Now that there is a new settlement on the rise, will Peter find out and take back Tyrone?

What Happened After?

Peter never found Tyrone. Tyrone grew up to be an amazing priest, who loved his job. He was also president of the town at one point, because there were so many people in it now. Tyrone died at age 72, protecting his wife, Laura from an arrow shot by a Native American. They had one child, also named Tyrone. Tyrone Jr. grew to become a soldier in the American Revolution, and he died two years into the war, from a musket shot. Tyrone Jr. was never married, and never had a child. He ended the Salvage family’s tree, with honor.