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Could it be YOU this year?

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Who will be the winner of the ‘Bellavita Best UK Sommelier 2016’?
It could be YOU!
The competition will take place during the Bellavita Expo in London at the Business Design Centre, in front of a tough panel of judges. The style and elegance of such an artistic profession will charm the audience.
Last year the award was won by Vincenzo Arnese from Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, who set a real benchmark for other contestants. All finalists will show their class in wine service and knowledge before the judges and their ‘customers’ on the stage.
If you believe you have the necessary passion to participate and take on this challenge, putting your skills to the ultimate test, then get the support of your restaurant and get on board, propelling your career forward as well as your restaurant into the limelight!

If you are a sommelier and you want to enter the competition, click the buttons above.


It could be life changing!