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Berkshire Animal World Building Upon SuccessUsing Positive Reinforcement Tips to find your lost dog or cat Dog Breed of the Month Shop Local Adopt Local Read Local m o r f y p p Meet Po ild W e h T n I Poppy January 2021 The Premier Berkshire Communities Monthly All Pet AniMagazine

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Rhonda s Reptiles We Rescue Reptiles in Need Reptile Birthday Parties Events RhondasReptiles com Pictured is CGHS SPCA Kennel Supervisor Kayla Shea with one of our cats for adoption Buck Buck is a docile 7 year old domestic shorthair Buck is a pretty reserved cat wanting to be independent most of the time He ll allow a small amount of patting but isn t overly affectionate He would make a great companion for other cats as he gets along very well with feline companions Rhonda Leavitt New Lebanon NY 518 794 0078 Purl and Olive are 15 year old male doves Purl is grey with a band around his neck and Olive is white They were surrendered to Berkshire Humane Society because their owner had health problems These two boys are quiet birds who would like a peaceful home Please call 413448 7878 extension 124 for questions about Purl and Olive 125 Humane Society Rd Hudson NY 12534 518 828 6044 Open daily Tuesday Saturday 11 30 4 https cghs org Boarding and Daycare remain the same and the food bank is open 7 days a week Please call with any questions Animal World We Are Now On FACEBOOK PLEASE LIKE US BERKSHIRE HUMANE SOCIETY ADOPTION IS AVAILABLE BY APPOINTMENT Only Berkshire Humane Society 214 Barker Rd Pittsfield MA 01201 Phone 413 447 7878 PAW FESSIONAL PET CARE SERVING CENTRAL COUNTY Dog Walking Daily and Overnight Pet Sits Pet Taxi Services Other Services as Requested MARIDAY GEYER Bonded Insured Certified Professional Pet Sitter 2 413 446 3336 shakerpaws gmail com www shakerpaws com Specializing In Your Dog Services Include Day School Obedience Canine Education Day Care Day Train Options Board Train Options Group Obedience Agility Classes All of Your Canine Needs including Leashes Collars Toys Food Dishes Foods Organic Treats Unique Boutique Items and More Gift Certificates Available 200 Main Street Williamstown MA 413 458 6087 www nbk9 com

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Paws to Reflect Hello Everyone Berkshire Humane Society has lauched an extensive plan to offer a classes for people and their dogs Look on page 6 but if you are interested in anything else call them My heart goes out to Midge Hunter s family and friends on her passing She worked at BHS for 25 years So many pets are lost everday The Appendix in Poppy In The Wild is a great resource and we have a Tails to Tell piece on page 18 from BHS which talks about it Shelters and Veterinarians are a great resource to help you in such a trying time I read Poppy In the Wild and being someone who is very picky having little time to read I thoroughly enjoyed it It is candid real engaging and informatve All of the trainers who advertise in Animal World use Positive Training techniques with dogs and cats and some of them with other pets too Did you know you can train ferrets Check out our Animalectory for the best animal businesses in the Berkshires and Beyond Please drop by www berkshiremountainanimalworld com Stay Safe Healthy Give all your pets an extra hug from me Gayle Berkshire Animal World Berkshiremountainanimalworld gmail com Founder Gayle Schechtman Editor Jane Nicole Writers Iris Bass Meg Caron Charlene Marchand Thom Smith Deborah Tuttle Linda Clayton Catherine Hibbard Ron Meredith Dr Debra Primovic DVM P O Box 1842 Lenox MA 01240 anlife aol com Berkshire Mountain Animal World 2018 2020 All rights reserved Berkshire Mountain Animal World is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced rewritten or photocopied without permission of the publisher Distribution is FREE in all of Berkshire County and areas in Pioneer Valley Massachusetts Northwest Hills Connecticut Columbia Rensselaer Counties in New York and the border towns of Vermont Advertising rates are based on monthly distribution Berkshire Mountain Animal World Publication is not responsible for advertising claims The advertiser is SOLELY responsible for content Berkshire Mountain Animal World reserves the right to refuse any advertising for any reason Berkshire Mountain Animal World is not responsible for errors in content made by any writers Berkshire Mountain Animal World does not endorse what is printed Year 3 Edition 30 Front Photo Credit Poppy from the book Poppy In The Wild Look at the Centerfold and companion article on page 8 CRATE OF CONTENTS Newsbites Near and Far 4 6 18 Dog Barks Building Upon Positive Success Leash Pulling Cat s Meow Positive Reinforcement Cat Training 5 6 Columbia Green Humane Society Behavior News 7 Tails to Tell This Side of Purradise By Iris Bass TIMELY ADOPTABLES ALL AROUND Tips to Find Your Lost Dog from Poppy In The Wild SPOTLIGHT Poppy In The Wild Interview 8 8 9 19 10 11 WEB SIGHTINGS Animal Websites for kids 12 Bird Bath Bird Brain By Michael Corral 13 14 14 Cub s Den Tetra By Thom Smith Tetra Fun Facts Dog Wags Breeds Bernese Mountain Dog 15 World of Animals Animalectory Guide To The Local Shelters Essential Oils By Deborah Tuttle 15 16 17 17 17 Rescue Leagues 18 Tails to Tell Tellus Is Home for the Holidays 18 TIMELY ADOPTABLES ALL AROUND January Issue Adoptables are from Columbia Green Humane Society Berkshire Humane Society Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter Mohawk Hudson Humane Society Dakin Animal Shelter Out of The Pits Jacks Galore Second Chance Animal Center Home Adoptions Check out our Canine Rescue League Directory Bark Bark Kindly Tell Our Wonderful Advertisers Where You Saw Their Advertisement 3

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www berkshiremountainanimalworld com Monthly Flipbook with Live Links Berkshire Mountain Animal World Simplebooklet com Spotlight featuring Poppy In the Wild by Theresa Rhyne She is the 1 New York Times Best Selling Author of The Dog Lived and So Will I Check out the Spotlight in the Centerfold of BAW and her fantastic book Offering Salon Services Playcare and Training for THE TRI STATE AREA S PETS SALON 75 YEARS COMBINED EXPERIENCE 2 CERTIFIED PET AESTHETICIANS ON STAFF COMFORT GROOMS A SPECIALTY CAT GROOMING AVAILABLE PLAYCARE STAFFED WITH CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS OPEN 5 DAYS WEEK TO APPROVED DOGS TRAINING 6 WEEK SESSIONS RUN CONTINUOUSLY THROUGH THE YEAR EARLY PUPPY BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED OBEDIENCE AND MORE For more information on our services please see our website www bowmeowregency com Check us out on Facebook Contact us at 413 229 0035 or by email at bowmeowregency yahoo com 4 Websites that provide information about people and animals during Covid 19 www AKC org www avma org cdc gov www AAHA org www americanhumane org AKC CHF Coronavirus Information for Dog Owners FOOD HELP FOR PEOPLE WITH ANIMALS Berkshire Humane Society Mohawk Hudson Humane Society Columbia Green Humane Society www petpartnersberkshires org Check with Your Local Food Pantries www foodpantries org www foodbankwma org In Memoriam Berkshire Humane Society mourns the loss of Midge Hunter who died suddenly on New Year s Day Midge retired last year after volunteering or working for Berkshire Humane Society s feline department for 25 years Midge was the original coordinator of the shelter s low cost Cat Spay Neuter Initiative or Cat SNIP greeting cat owners every Thursday morning for over a dozen years and assuring them their beloved pets were in good hands for their surgeries She also personally facilitated almost 1 000 cat adoptions Commenting on the Facebook post announcing her retirement last year a couple wrote Midge helped us through one of our darkest times after losing our cat of 17 years and brought us together with two new cats who have been with us now 10 years She will always have a special place in our hearts We miss Midge dearly but are comforted that her legacy lives on with hundreds of cats living in safe warm and loving homes thanks to her Contact us at P O Box 1842 Lenox MA 01240 413 496 8188 Email at either Anlife aol com or bmanimalworld aol com

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Building Upon Success Why Does My Dog Pull on a Leash By Meg Caron Dog Barks At the beginning of almost every call I receive the owner identifies a concern of their dog pulling on a leash The degree of pulling varies Some dogs will pull so hard the owner is unable to walk their dog at all and other will pull when they see a coveted prize another dog a squirrel or anything desireable to chase When beginning an obedience program the first lesson focuses right on that command Walking on a leash is probably one of the most important lessons we can teach the dog and probably the most difficult for the owner to master Most owners fail to realize that the walk is the foundation of their relationship with their dog I learn almost everything I need to know when I observe an owner walk their dog Loose leash walking tells me what your dog thinks of you relative to the outside world A dog who pulls their owner down the street is not looking to their owner for direction on how to interpret the world The owner is simply an impediment to getting where the dog wants to go and how fast There was a time when my focus for the walk was to control the walk as much as possible I have since through experience opted for another approach Although controlled walking is valuable through a pet store into the vet s office or down a crowded street it can be an onerous task for an owner to accomplish Eventually both the dog and the owner no longer enjoy the walk The goal instead is to make your dog aware of your existence The dog should look up to its owner to interpret distractions Loose leash walking becomes the foundation of the relationship The goal with our dogs is for them to look to us for direction and by really focusing on the walk and keeping the leash loose it begins to set the stage for introduction of all new commands In an ideal world loose leash training begins in puppy hood Certainly training our dogs to ignore us during a walk begins in puppyhood By allowing the dog to dictate the tempo of the walk when and where to sniff or pause we are teaching the dog to ignore the human holding the other end of the leash An owner with a small dog may not view this as a very important issue because their dog doesn t really pull them down the road compared to that 80 Labrador Retriever But the truth is that wheter your dog is 10 pounds or 100 pounds the message to the owner is the same you re irrelevant Starting out your dog may lunge ahead focusing on whatever is in front of him The technique I use attention training is to simply turn and walk in the other direction If every time my dog goes left I turn and go right the dog will eventually begin to pause and watch me This is the first step to flipping this exercise over to an expectation When I go in the opposite direction and I see the dog turn to look at me I pour on the praise Clapping hands slapping my leg and excitedly calling the dog to me This makes me and my walk much more interesting than what was initially in front of the dog At this point in the exercise I have moved from being irrelievant to present and hopefully a little fun Changing direction and pace quick turns and fast stops are all activities to incorporate into the walk once your dog begins to pay attention This however does not solve the problem It is only the first step in getting the dogs attention If you do not have your dogs attention you can t teach them anything In any form of training we always build upon success In the beginning of this exercise it is important to begin with very few distractions We want attention and we want success And only until the dog begins to regularly follow your direction and look to you as to what to do next do you begin to add distractions When we trained and raised the Guide Dogs for the Blind we never took the puppies to a busy road and attempted to get them to walk on a leash No we slowly built up the pressure and never added a new challenge until the previous one was a consistent success Add one thing at a time making sure the Open 7 days a week challenges begin as easy and gradually become more difficulty My favorite part and hopefully your teams too is proofing this exercise This is usually done with more than one person If you don t have that luxury you can begin to set up drills along your walk You can leave pieces of food on the ground getting your dog to ignore it and pay attention to you You can use a favorite toy or simply begin walking toward that thing that makes your dog become overly excited Perhaps you have chosen to use a squirrel as your distraction Begin walking toward the squirrel and as soon as you see your dog begin to lose a little bit of control change directions This is something he has become accustomed to and should know exactly how to respond Use ample praise and encouragement to get your dog to follow you Once you have his attention again turn and begin walking back to that squirrel The only thing that will make any dog good at this exercise is practice There is no magic pill or special potion Taking your dog out everyday and practicing for 5 or 10 minutes will make all the difference in the world It is important to note that this training technique is designed for puppies and dogs over the age of 7 months Beyond 7 months old we can begin expecting increasing levels of responsibility in exercises like this and therefore we can stop using food treats as a primary training tool For puppies under 7 months old we do the same exercise but we add in the use of treats to reward following behavior to make the exercise quite a bit easier for young pups to learn and follow Incidentally we also will add the treats or a high value reward for a dog over 7 months that shows a great deal of shyness or submissive behavior This exercise will actually increase confidence in any dog As always this is a snapshot of this exercise and what it should ideally look like Every dog owner combination is different If your dog begins to behave in an aggressive manner when you attempt to implement this exercise stop and contact a professional trainer Meg Caron is a certified canine behaviorist and dog trainer She is the owner operator of Alpha K9 professional dog training services Meg has been working with canines in the Hudson Valley and Berkshires for over 20 years Meg focuses on incorporating basic obedience into the home to address basic behaviors problems Alpha K9 personal dog training mcaron592 gmail com 518 392 0263 ZEN DOG TRAINING ONLINE Puppy Boot Camp 27 Included Everything you need to raise a Zen Dog 6 week online puppy course Best play biting solutions in the industry ZDT Comics Obedience Teaching Commands Solving House Training Separation Anxiety and more zendogtraining net shop VCA All Caring Animal Hospital STONEWOOD GERMAN SHEPHERD KENNELS 440 Stockbridge Road Great Barrington MA Mark Newton Like Us On Facebook 413 446 8261 markspetcare gmail com Conventional Holistic Veterinary Medicine Acupuncture Class 4 Laser for Healing House Calls on Tuesdays 413 528 8020 www vcaallcaring com Where quality puppies come to life Breeding for Good Temperament Excellent Bloodlines AKC Registered 5

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The Guide to Training Your Cat with Positive Reinforcement Sit Stay Come Do these sound like commands you would only give to a dog Well if you are a cat owner who thinks that cats can t be trained to respond to commands the same way that dogs do you re in for a surprise Basic training for cats involves obedience training just as it does for dogs Cats often do not respond to commands unless they want to so the real trick is making your cat want to do what you want All animals including humans are conditioned to respond to cues in their environments Conditioning is already at work in your home Your cat has probably already learned to associate mealtimes with certain sounds and your behavior prior to feeding time She has probably learned that when she hears you flip the top of a cat food can or shake a container of treats it s time to come running Your cat knows that she will be rewarded with food when she hears these sounds When you train your cat you can reinforce any specific behavior with a food reward preceding the reward with a sound that your cat will associate with an action to be taken Litter Training Your Cat Since most cats prefer to eliminate in private put litter boxes in places that are easily accessible but away from heavy foot traffic Recesses or the corners of rooms are suitable locations Position the litter boxes away from your cat s feeding or bedding area to avoid sending mixed signals Cats generally are fastidious creatures that groom themselves meticulously and bury their bodily waste Show your kitten a litter box demonstrate how to scratch in the litter and she ll generally get the picture pretty fast You can be sure that your cat prefers his or her litter box to be clean and fresh Scoopable litters are preferred by most cats Both urine and feces should be scooped from the litter box daily and the entire litter box contents should be changed periodically Clean the box with warm soapy water and rinse it thoroughly A litter box liner may help reduce cleaning time but may deter some cats from using the box There are a variety of litter materials available including clay litters and those made from plant materials Some cats will refuse to use certain litter material while others have different preferences for urination and defecation Find out what works best for your cat Litter box avoidance and inappropriate elimination urinating outside the litter box are the most frequent and irritating disagreements humans have with their kitties Inappropriate urination and defecation may mean that the litter box facilities are sub par that there s a medical problem or in the case of marking behavior that your cat is trying to signal something Cats use elimination of urine and sometimes feces for communication a kind of pee mail if you will That can be a sign that something is wrong In the latter situation your kitty is not being mean or spiteful She s got a problem and you ll have to figure out what it is if you want it to go away Punishing your cat for inappropriate elimination will not solve the problem It will only teach her to fear and avoid you and eliminate when you re not around In fact it can actually make the problem worse since inappropriate elimination is often caused by stress and punishment will only add to her stress level Clicker Training Your Cat Using clicker training it is extremely easy to teach a cat to sit or lie down or to jump up or down from a surface With patience cats can be trained to run through tubes and boxes to leap from place to place and even to complete complicated behavioral chains of activities A strange thing happens when you train your cat Instead of the two of you coming together briefly at feeding time and when the cat presents herself for petting the whole dynamic relationship changes from cat to owner and owner to cat and for the better It s as though a mutual appreciation society emerges from an otherwise perfunctory relationship and the cat s and owner s lives are both enriched Once the positive training interaction has become a regular feature of daily life all it takes is for the owner to stand up and say Wanna have some fun and to show the cat the clicker and the cat will resonate with excitement in anticipation of the impending activities Interactive training of this type for just a few minutes a day will exercise the cat s mind and promote relaxation It seems that a short period of intense concentration during such training sessions is equivalent output wise to a much longer period of physical activity Timing of rewards is critical If a cat stops meowing for 3 seconds and you have to reach into your pocket for a food treat and then walk toward the cat to deliver it the moment may have passed Yet it is difficult to have primary rewards food water toys handy at all times so how can this best be managed 6 The answer is using a secondary reinforcer like praise or a neutral cue that signals that the primary reinforcer is due For humans money is a secondary reinforcer It has little or no intrinsic value but signals to the recipient that they have performed well and that the real reward what the money buys will be forthcoming In time money alone reinforces the behavior work but it must retain its implied value or its attraction will eventually be lost as in times of great inflation In animal training whistles and clicks have been used as secondary reinforcers though you can also use your voice Positive Reinforcement Cat Trainers in Western Mass and Beyond Paws of Nature Dog and Cat Behavior Training Services Serving Northern CT and Western MA Call 413 642 5442 Pet Behavior Consulting Certified behavior Consultant for cats and dogs Granby Ma 413 230 9873 ForAnimals Positive Pet Training techniques for dogs and cats See ad page 12 Berkshire Humane Society CLASS SCHEDULE Puppy Play and Learn 4 week program Thursdays 5 6pm beginning 1 7 2021 ONE SPOT LEFT Tuesdays 5 6pm beginning 1 26 2021 Saturdays 11 30am 12 30pm beginning 2 6 2021 Thursdays 5 6pm beginning 2 11 2021 Level 1 Manners 7 week course includes a no pull device and treat pouch Mondays 1 2pm beginning 2 1 2021 Saturdays 9 30 10 30am beginning 2 13 2021 Wednesdays 6 7pm beginning 2 24 2021 Tuesdays 6 30 7 30pm beginning 3 9 2021 Level 2 Manners 7 week program Thursdays 6 30 7 30pm beginning 1 14 2021 Saturdays 2 3pm beginning 2 13 2021 K9 Nosework levels 1 2 3 6 week programs Mondays 5 30 6 30pm 7 8pm Days and times will vary from session to session so if interested in K9 Nosework please email CSala berkshirehumane org directly who will match you with the appropriate class Reactive Rover 6 week program Saturdays 2 3pm FULL for this session taking waitlist reservations day of week and time may change next session If interested in Reactive Rover class please email mgernert dott berkshirehumane org directly who will put you on the list to be notified of the next class date and time All other inquiries please email lcorbett berkshirehumane org or mgernert dott berkshirehumane org to enroll

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Soft Paws By Charlene Marchand It goes without fail that almost on a weekly basis someone is referred to me for their dog s submissive urination problem It s important to understand that this behavior is quite common can begin as early as ten to twelve weeks of age though more commonly around five or six months affects both sexes equally and if handled properly will extinguish by about a year of age let me repeat if handled properly Let s define our terms Even when housebroken a dog can submissively urinate when the owner arrives home is in close proximity to the dog when the dog is approached by a stranger outside of the home in a veterinarian s office in a training class or when company even familiar extended family members arrive for a visit The behavior in a pack technical sense is a deference behavior to a dominant pack member an acknowledgement of respect a gift if you will an act of subordination Many dogs exhibiting this behavior will also roll over on their backs for the boss Unfortunately our instincts as humans are almost always incorrect in the handling of these undesirable behaviors By that I mean that the typical response is to yell or reprimand the dog in the heat of the moment thinking that this negative reinforcement will stop the wetting Wrong The verbally aggressive posture taken by someone in charge will always exacerbate the gift giving precipitating a quicker gift and often a much greater quantity one The only individual in need of behavior motivation in this trigger situation is the dog s owner The fluid dynamic encouragement of the submission must be identified and stopped immediately Correct responses include no eye contact upon approach diffusing the focus of the dog to track it turning away from the dog once it squats keeping your facial expression a calming signal and never allowing the dog to watch as you clean up the mess As those who train with me so well know the offset tone of approval from the pack leader can also forestall an accident While on this note it is imperative to ignore or walk away from a dog that rolls over in a submissive manner I m not talking about a nice relaxed leisurely belly rub when all s well most of you know what I mean and if you re not sure connect with someone who can explain the difference to you Let me assure all of you that this behavior typically will not go away on its own We need to have an understanding united in helping our Fifi and Fido realize that the human king and queen of the household don t need these selfless liquid gifts to be given They already have the greatest gift the love and devotion of man s best friend Another APB All dog owners should frequently check the fit of your canine s collar especially if it is not removed on a daily basis I ve inadvertently discovered a number of too tight necklaces while doing a hands on for other reasons A flat round or buckle collar when checked at the thickest part of the dog s neck just above the tie in to the shoulder blade should allow comfortably for the fit of two fingers one on top of the other Some collars may need three A properly fitted slip collar be it nylon or a fine chain link should rest open at the base of the neck with two to three inches of play when gently tightened to fit snugly against the neck muscle Dogs grow puppies very quickly dogs gain weight and dogs that are active and athletic lay on muscle which can all affect the proper fit and comfort of their collar One last thing our CGHS SPCA Food Bank is in dire need of bags of dry cat food Our Food Bank helps those in financial need to continue to feed their pets To donate a bag or two you can come to the shelter any time we re open Those needing the assistance of the Food Bank can also come in during business hours Thank you for these gifts of food desperately needed by families who are struggling to take proper care of their pets Feel free to call us with any questions at 518 828 6044 or visit our website at www cghs org Stop down and see us at 111 Humane Society Road off Route 66 about a mile south of the intersection with Route 9H in Hudson Our hours are every day from 11 30 a m to 4 00 p m The Food Bank is open to any from the public in need of pet food or for those wishing to donate food anytime during business hours All of our cats and kittens are Furrever Free with all expenses paid Spay neuter clinics for cats are 75 00 male or female including a rabies vaccination and a 5 in 1 feline distemper combination vaccination Nail clipping services are available every Saturday from 10 to 11 a m at the shelter no appointment necessary for a donation of 5 for cats and 10 for dogs Charlene Marchand is the Chairperson of the Columbia Greene Humane Society SPCA Board of Directors She may be contacted at cghsaaron gmail com Certified Essential Oil Coach Offering education on Essential Oil safety for people and pets Raindrop Technique 518 929 5870 Deborah zigzagtozen com https oily life zigzagtozen Wood Hill Veterinary Clinic OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK Like us on Facebook 650 ROUTE 295 OLD CHATHAM 518 392 6224 WOODHILLVETCLINIC COM Jim Wendling Painting More Experienced professional painters specializing in Interior Exterior Painting Power Washing Deck Staining Refinishing Repair Log Home Staining Small Carpentry Vinyl Aluminum Siding Painting Free Estimates 413 442 3751 Donation to The Berkhire Humane Society with any purchase 7

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Tails to Tell This Side of Purradise by Iris Bass Toot Toot Tootsie Don t Cry I have no crystal ball but a nice warm home is surely in the future of a beautiful longhaired tuxedo stray currently awaiting adoption at Purradise s mother shelter the Berkshire Humane Society On December 23 I discussed her with Purradise staffer Cathy now working at BHS during the pandemic s resurgence Cathy doesn t know Tootsie s history but estimates her to be about eight years old in human years around age 50 When she was taken in Tootsie did need some dental work a number of teeth had to be removed but eats heartily As a stray Tootsie may have witnessed or experienced rough treatment by humans Consequently she does not like being held or picked up no squooshes says Cathy or sitting on laps though she has begun settling near another staffer she s taken a yen to simply to share her company what I call a next to cat a personality trait not exclusive to strays While learning to fend for herself Tootsie developed a streak of independence so enticing or distracting her to do or not do something which places the decision to cooperate in her court will be more successful than issuing orders A quiet stress free environment one person or a couple no other pets or children would be ideal to help Tootsie learn she can discard her stray s mentality of always needing to be on guard Once she relaxes she might even discover on her own that lap is THE place to be About her long lovely fur First let s get out of the way that longhaired cats shed more often it s shorthaireds that do And second regular maintenance not overdone at any one time is how to groom a cat who doesn t like being handled preventing mats from getting started is much easier than working them out plus far more comfortable for Kitty For a touch sensitive cat like Tootsie Cathy recommends a grooming glove similar to a lint brush but worn on a hand which while feeling like being petted or licked can gently yet efficiently remove loose hairs before they interweave If a mat does develop I d skip pet shop fancy gadgets in favor of what I use for my Maine Coons a dog grooming tool a steel comb with long widely spaced teeth and a side center handle The method use your free hand to hold a mat firmly from below between it and Kitty s skin to minimize tugging and then begin to comb outward from the outermost side of the mat slowly working your way inward until you can loosen tangles enough to comb them away without ripping out fur still genuinely attached to Kitty You might need to do this in stages if Kitty has had enough or there are multiple or dense mats Grooming session specific bribes definitely help too I have a deal with one of my girls that if I m successful she will immediately get catnip but if she doesn t let me remove at least a decent portion of a mat no catnip The anticipation of a reward goes a long way toward her cooperating Iris Bass coauthor of the Cat Lover s Daily Companion shares her Lee home with four shelter cats Her articles follow the special human feline bond at Purradise the Berkshire Humane Society Cat Adoption Center at 301 Stockbridge Road Great Barrington MA 01230 8 Doggone Helpful Tips for When Your Dog Is Gone A Section from Poppy In The Wild by Teresa Rhyne 1 Stop Stop what you are doing Stop chasing your dog stop calling its name Stop Know that every part of this will go against your instincts Your instincts are wrong and are fearbased Stop and listen to the experts You dog s life may depend on it 2 DO NOT CHASE YOUR DOG This bears repeating DO NOT CHASE YOUR DOG 3 DO NOT CALL OUT YOUR DOG S NAME Your dog will hear the panic in your voice and think If he she is scared I m scared I better hide 4 Call in a Pet Recovery Specialist Someone like Babe Fry 619 249 2221 or Mike Noon 714 724 6712 They both work for free and can guide you by phone Every circumstance is different and they can tailor their advice to your dog s situation 5 Give your dog a way to come home Leave a door open especially at night 6 DO not run around spreading your scent throughout the neighborhood where your dog is lost You want to establish one place where your scent is where your dog can find its way back to that may be at home or it may be where your dog was lost If your scent is all over several square miles your dog may chase that scent and wander father off 7 Put out some dirty laundry that smells like you socks underwear a T shirt If you can hang a piece of dirty laundry in a tree or bust in front of your home do so The wind will carry the scent farther 8 Get a PR campaign going you want thousands of eyes on flyers Produce as many flyers as you can and ask for volunteers to hang them in the area your dog was last seen and for miles out from that spot 9 You want people watching from a seated position observing and reporting sightings but not chasing not following and not walking around and not out searching for your dog Activity will cause the dog to hide Give your dog a chance to find its way to a safe spot 10 Eventually if your dog doesn t find its way back home or if it was lost someone unfamiliar your dog will establish a pattern It will settle down in one locale You ll learn where this is by the sightings reported to you by people seeing your flyers and signs This may take awhile Dont give up 11 Once a locale is established go to that spot with smelly food and a piece of your dirty laundry and sit and wait Your only job is to give your dog a safe space to expose itself Do not call to the dog do not chase the dog Just wait Let the dog find you They will see you and they will smell you long before you see him her 12 Create and place a warming box for your dog Directions to creating effective flyers using social media effectively and creating a warming box are in the Appendix of Poppy In The Wild There is also a section about coyote behaviors as that is an ongoing and dangerous issue for lost pets and so much more

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Timely Adoptables All Around Fudge ADOPTION IS AVAILABLE BY APPOINTMENT BERKSHIRE HUMANE SOCIETY I m Taco What kind of sauce do you think would go well with me I would think hot For an older boy I still have some spark left in me I can be very playful but really enjoy human company I may be able to have a calmer canine sibling but we would definitely have to meet first and go from there If you are interested in meeting me please fill out an inquiry Berkshirehumane org Boo We are still look Griffin and Kris are ing for a home for Boo a 2 5 year old spayed female Boo is smart and energetic her joie de vivre is not suitable for young children but idea for active adults or a family with older children Boo has a bit of a prey drive so cats would not be suitable but certain dogs would be OK Boo has had both male and female playmates while here at the shelter Boo has come a long way to overcome her fear of strangers and would need an experienced dog person to keep her on that path Please call 413 447 7878 extension 126 if you have questions about Boo two neutered males who are Feline Immunodeficiency Virus FIV positive These two boys were found separately as strays in two Berkshire County towns Griffin is a 3 yearold grey and white tiger domestic shorthair and Kris is a 10 year old buff domestic longhair They should not go to a home with cats that are FIV negative FIV is not feline leukemia With proper care including keeping the cat indoors FIV positive cats can live for years Please call Berkshire Humane Society feline staff if you have questions 413 4477878 extension 124 Berkshire Humane Society 214 Barker Rd Pittsfield MA 01201 Phone 413 447 7878 3 Oakland Ave Menands New York 12204 518 434 8128 www mohawkhumane org Say Hi To KENT Out of the Pits Inc P O Box 2311 Albany NY 12220 info outofthepits org Breed Pit Bull Sex Male Age 7 weeks DOB 10 28 20 Contact MaryElizabeth at 860 480 3039 Faustina is eleven years of age Due to illness her owner can t keep her although she is adored This female is a 23 pound black dog part Chihuahua part Pharoah hound and she deserves a loving home She has some quirks as all dogs do but is playful and sweet and an exceptional companion 9

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Fr o m t h e 1 Ne w Yor k T im e s b e s t s e llin g a u t h o r o f T h e D o g L i v e d A n d S o W ill I c o m e s a t a l e o f l o v e a n d d e v o t i o n d e f y in g a ll t h e o d d s In this beautiful honestly told memoir she leads us through an adventure that will inspire any dog lover A life affirming read or as any dog would say if they could speak a real treat W Br uce C amer on 1 New York Times and 1 US A Today bes t selling au t hor of A Dog s Purpose AVAILABLE WHEREVER BOOKS AND EBOOKS ARE SOLD PEGASUS BOOKS DIS TRIBUTED BY SIMON SCHUS TER W W W PEG ASUSBOOKS COM Up Close and Personal with the Author of Poppy in the Wild What motivated you to write the book Poppy In the Wild I am a long time dog lover and always had dogs in my life I love dogs When Poppy went missing and we contacted the Pet Recovery Specialist I realized I didn t know a lot about lost dogs and what to do and I was so amazed at everything they taught me and how accurate they were and how much they knew I kept saying to them You know so much You need to write a book You need to be telling people about this And they said to me we don t write We find dogs and I was like Oh right okay I ll write I was little slow on the uptake My significant other Chris who was very involved in the search for Poppy said I should write a third book Tell us about your other two books I tend to write about tragedies that happen to me and my dogs but with happy endings I don t know if I wanted this to be my writing career Its not so great to keep having to live through tragedies to write a book How did you become a writer to begin with I always loved to write and I m a huge reader It was my creative outlet until I went to law school which killed all creativity After law school I wasn t writing or reading much because I was practicing law Then I was headed for a divorce and I was looking for something to do for myself I decided I would go back to writing so I started taking some writing courses at UCLA extension It was mostly fiction Thats what I spent my time reading and I was working on a novel After my divorce and moving out on my own truth got stranger that fiction I adopted a dog who got cancer within a year and then I went through the whole cancer experience with him It was my first cancer experience People in my family never had it Going through this newly out on my own was very traumatic for me My vet told me that with chemotherapy and surgery he would only live a year and he was only two at the time and they were wrong A year later he was still with us Two years later he was still alive Three years later he was still alive At which time I found a lump and I was diagnosed with breast cancer So I thought I know what to do I ve been through this It might surprise people but the treatments are very similar for dogs and for humans The dosages are different but one of the chemo therapies was the same I started blogging what I was going through with my cancer experience It was 2009 Blogs were in their heyday at that time and relatively new It started getting a lot of attention I originally started the blog to update my friends and family so I didn t have to keep repeating the same story over and over again but I also quickly found that the writing was how I was processing what I was experiencing and how much I would really relying on what I had learned from my beagle from when he went through cancer It got picked up for a couple of women s magazine and people told me that I should write a book and at first I thought well I already said everything on the blog The blog is very raw and in the moment and not the same as a book but I realized I could try Narrative nonfiction isn t all that different from fiction The agent that I worked with was wonderful and helped me edit it before it went out This was in 2012 I went through cancer in 2009 Its an awful lot of cancer in this tiny house Are you still a lawyer Yes I m still lawyering I love publishing and I love being able to connect with people in this way but it doesn t pay what you get as a Lawyer I haven t quit my day job The Dog Lives and So Will I was my first book It hit number one on the New York Times best seller list for three weeks It got translated into 7 different languages and was also a best seller in Brazil This is the book that started it all The second book was a sequence to that about Shamus the dog in the first book He was diagnosed with a different kind of cancer after many years of surviving So it was the two of us my significant other Chris and I and this little beagle Shamus and in this one tiny 10

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house we had three different cancer diagnosis We started working on what kinds of things we can do to reduce the carcinogens in our lives We started learning about clean products in our home We ended up adopting another Beagle from a testing facility Do you know that About 70 000 beagles are used for testing every year Shamus passed away from the second cancer at about 11 years old We adopted another Beagle too So now we had two dogs both from testing facilities We had a few years without any tragedies until Poppy came He came from China pretty close to feral We were supposed to just be fostering her and we had her for six weeks I brought her to work everyday because it was good for her to socialize with a lot of people My paralegal fell in love with her She decided she wanted to be the one to adopt her They brought her home for an overnight and took her for a walk and a thunderstorm broke out and Poppy was able to twist out of her harness She ran across several busy streets which was terrifying enough and then ran into the 1500 acre wilderness park in the middle of a thunderstorm We were at a Lakers Game and ended up leaving and coming back and spent the first night in the canyons calling out to her looking for her but I learned that was the wrong thing to do Why is it wrong to call out their name I learned that you can t go from your instincts You have to go from the dog s instincts A dog on the run a dog who is somewhere unfamiliar and particularly a dog like Poppy everyone is a predator So when we were walking out and calling out to her we were causing her to hide more or keep running because she would feel like she was being hunted It makes sense In the back of the book there is an Epilogue with explanations as to what to do It is counter intuitive but easy to understand from the dog s perspective who is terrified and just wants to hide In Poppy s case she was in a wilderness park and we figured out what she was doing In the early morning she would pop up to someone s henhouses that backed up to the park for food or water And go back into the wilderness park Did she have a GPS Yes she had a tracker but the batteries died The more often you check the more the battery drains I was frantic and checking it all the time so her battery died at 1 00am in the morning the first night As it turns out when she was found she did not have her collar or her gps tracker on her How did you get her Not to give away the ending of the book they used a satellite map and figured out what would be a logical hiding place for her And they posted thousands of flyers everywhere and we got regular reports from people who would see her at different spots They did this for five days And they would map it out and figured out a pattern based on sightings So they were able to set a humane trap Someone with experience with dogs saw her on the route she was being tracked on and ended up catching her He knew what he was doing How was she She was fine No worse for the wear She had lost a pound How long was she gone Five and a half days She seemed braver and happier to be around people When did you decide you were going to keep her Right after that Beagles are great dogs If you re gonna get a beagle you have to have a good sense of humor because they are going to outsmart you You have to be able to laugh at it They are high energy and stubborn too Where is your book being sold Bookshop org Barnes and Noble Amazon In Indie book stores Also on Kindle and Nook but I m still a paper reader How many dogs do you have now We have three now We have Roe a retired hunting dog that was left chained up in a backyard after the people didn t want him anymore I m not good at fostering I always keep them Are you writing another book Actually with the covid pandemic I did start writing I m writing another novel which is how I started We were in the editing stage with Poppy In The Wild so I had less to do with it so it wasn t enough I had an idea for a fiction novel for a long time so I started writing in the morning I felt like I could go into this other world and I could control the world It helped my anxiety when we went into lockdown Do you have any other plans to work closer with dogs It seems like a definite passion of yours Yes I hope to foster more and write more I do a lot of volunteer work on the legal side with rescue groups Now I rescue and I can help transport them to the foster homes or forever homes I ve served on board of directors for a number of rescue groups How old were you when you knew you liked dogs I grew up in a household full of all different kinds of animals We had parrots and hamsters rabbits We always had animals It was a constant I got my first dog when I was six years old I got a puppy for Christmas and I was in my second year of law school when he passed away Dogs have always been a part of my entire life I have nothing against cats but I only really knew dogs and never went towards cats but my mom and sister have I can see having a cat or two I grew up all over Southern California My parents remarried and divorced so we moved a lot I was born in Hollywood I went to school at UC Santa Barbara and law school in downtown LA Please direct your readers to the Epilogue Appendex It is chock full of information some of which is counter intuitive but the right things to do if you loose your pet For example when you walk around handing out flyers don t give people a piece of paper Ask them to take a picture of the flyer on their phones Always watch for security cameras Talk to the camera hold up the flyer knock on doors 11

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Hello all my present and past pet sitting clients Webbed Sightings of All Critters for Kids During this Holiday time and especially during this difficult time in all our lives with the pandemic I wanted to reach out to all of you to express my thoughts I hope you are all safe and healthy I hope all your wonderful pets are missing me as I am them For those of you who I don t pet sit anymore and have moved out of the area I still think of you often and treasure the times I had loving and caring for your pet s for so many years It s been 24 years since I started my pet sitting business It seems like yesterday It s been because of you and your pets that has kept me wanting to continue pet sitting all these years later I know I have told many of you my business is heart based I have the best business in the world because of your pets and their kind owners Hopefully in time things will get better I am here whenever you start traveling again or need me for anything For those of you who have moved my very best to you Love Maryann Reliable Pet Sitting starfall com kids nationalgeographic com Reliable Pet Sitting Company PET SITTING kidsknowit com www allaboutbirds org www animaldiversity org www batcon org knowledgekids ca www lpzoo org www pbskids org DOG WALKING www sciencekids co nz Maryann Hyatt Owner INSURED BONDED kids sandiegozoo org 413 329 5127 www storyplace org P O Box 232 Pittsfield MA 01202 www allaboutfrogs org mhyattreliablepetsitting gmail com www discoveryeducation Serving Berkshire County since 1997 com www brainspace com Babybug Magazine www audubon org www rangerrick org www livescience com www zooborns com www education abc net au dinosaurlive com www worldwildlife org http www taizeshepherdkennel com ARKive https www wildscreen org www switchzoo com 12

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BIRD BATHThe Bird Brain By Michael Corral Alex 1976 2007 alexfoundation org Elizabeth Tullett DVM Imagine the ancient plains of Africa and a group of humans frozen in fright A lion is charging at them and as he does egrets fly from the wet lands close by Just as the lion is to pounce the ground gives way and the lion falls into a pit trap to be impaled by sharpened bamboo spikes The humans rejoice the lion sleeps tonight These rather ill adapted creatures are on their way to dominate the earth not with strength of muscle or speed afoot but with their brains But what about the birds How did they solve this problem Flying away does not require much precognitions or preparation just good reflexes and strong flight muscles Flying away is not only the solution to advoiding predators but for finding food and migrating before the winter storms hit Bird brains are impressive in their ability to control the body quickly and they have very large optic lobes but the higher portions of the brain that are responsible for learning seems not that well developed In short birds have never been consider to be that smart But then there is Alex Alex is an African Grey Parrot that was studied by Dr Irene Pepperburg for thirty years Many animals have been studied to try to understand their ability to learn chimps dolphins dogs horses but Alex was unique in that he could respond with words He could answer questions not just parrot when asked about shapes colors numbers Dr Pepperburg concluded that he had the ability of a five year old human child But like human children Alex was sometimes a reluctant learner and something of a brat Asked to pick out the red plastic key from an assortment of objects he would briskly throw or crush all the objects in the array except for the red plastic key Pepperburg quickly found that a learning session with Alex could be frustrating in that he grew quickly bored and asked for a snack or a tickle But he loved the attention so Pepperburg designed the learning sessions where Alex was present but left out of the conversation She would bring in a graduate student and describe object to him her as round or square or red or blue or plastic or metal with Alex impatiently waiting but not part of the lesson his only way to get attention was to answer the question before the human student To see Alex there are many U Tube videos and you could read her book Alex and Me Parrots as well as crows and ravens are exceptional among birds in that they have a long life span and are social Most birds live rather short solitary lives They do form bonds during the breeding season and do spend part of the year in flocks but they act more like individuals than part of a social group While birds in the wild and in the lab have shown glimmers of intelligence like a heron dropping bait into the water to attract a fish or canaries learning that food is always located under an object that is unlike the others their behavior is more based on instinct than learning Social species however spend their lives together and must be able to communicate learn by imitation and share information There are stories of ravens leading hunters to a moose or honey guides bringing humans to a beehive Crows have been known to fly away from a human with a rifle in hand but be undisturbed by the same person with a walking stick So is bird brain an insult or compliment Next article we will look at some of the amazing abilities of a bird brain like reading magnetic maps and predicting the severity of the fall hurricane season Michael Corral Master s Thesis was on Red winged Blackbird song He has contributed to a number of scientific 289 Dalton Avenue Pittsfield MA 01201 Phone 413 443 4949 Fax 413 443 8500 Certified in Veterinary Acupuncture www allenheights com BREEZY NOOK PET CREMATORIUM LTD Established in 1997 Where your feelings are understood and your presence is always welcome 452 Presbyterian Hill Road Stephentown New York 12168 Georgi Beebe 518 733 9896 journals written a text on Ornithology and wrote many articles for Animal Life Publication He taught in the Berkshires since 1980 and retired in 2011 He now teaches in Cambodia Gray Raven Farm Country Store Located at 65 North Main Street Lanesborough MA 01237 Visit them on www grayravenfarm net FEATURE CBD LIVING PET PRODUCTS Handmade Goats Milk Soap Lotions Lotions with CBD Oil Variety of Bees Wax Candles Pure Honey from the Berkshire Hills 413 496 3300 grayravenfarm verizon net www grayravenfarm net 13

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CUB S DEN Tetra Text and photograph by Thom Smith The high fin black skirt tetra is a small maximum 2 inches familiar to anyone who enjoys visiting aquarium stores or aquariums the Berkshire Museum Aquarium for instance in Pittsfield It like so many other small aquarium species also has other names and one that I find this good looking in its black and white tuxedo is also called black tetra and even more interesting the black widow tetra It is among the most popular and best known of the many different tetras Do not be fooled by different colors or those with long fins These are products of captive breeding that looks perhaps in guppies but not so handsome a tetra And those with pastel colors like blue red violet or yellow are artificially colored with dyes Purchase the original black and white colors Kept in a well maintained aquarium they may live for five or more years although with age their normal dark coloration will slowly begin to fade into a silvery gray like this author I once read that they are a schooling fish which means that they do not want to live alone so I set up a 20 gallon tank with gravel a good filtering system a couple air stones with a small pump some decorations like artificial plants in the beginning and a good heater and thermometer It sounds like a lot to start but remember I mentioned schooling fish and purchased ten thinking that would make a good school I was right they got along well because of the large size of the tank and fin nipping was kept to a minimum by having more females than males And because they are omnivorous meaning the eat plant and animal food I included live plants ask for low light plants And that means adding a grow light above the aquarium but excessive light will cause algae to grow and this species does not like bright light You can add artificial plants also and maybe a few branches Offer live foods such as daphnia as a treat if available Otherwise frozen foods including bloodworms and brine shrimp occasionally flake food maybe every three days and the dried spirulina plant One thing I learned to become a successful fish keeper was to try to match the water 14 BLACK SKIRT TETRA Fun Facts 1 The black skirt tetra is a member of the characin family which also includes the piranha and the neon tetra 2 Black skirt tetras are omnivores but they prefer meaty foods as a staple In the wild they eat insects crustaceans and worms They usually accept flake food 3 Adult black skirt tetras lose their juvenile coloration After about one to two years of age they lose their characteristic skirt 4 Female black skirt tetras are usually larger than males and have a wider anal fin Otherwise there are no obvious differences between male and female black skirt tetras 5 A black skirt tetra has an average life expectancy of 3 5 years in captivity but its life expectancy is much shorter in poorly kept tanks 6 Angelfish and bettas are incompatible with black skirt tetras the tetras will eagerly nip th efins of slow moving tankmates 7 Black skirt tetras are sometimes confused with black phatom tetras which are a completely distinct species 8 Other names for the black skirt tetra include the black widow tetra blackskirt blackamoor petticoat tetra or butterfly tetra 9 In general these frisky fish will breed in captivity However adult males often eat their own eggs 10 As a schooling fish black skirt tetras should be kept in groups of 3 or more at all times They may become more aggressive if they are kept in social isolation Excellent first pet hardy strong It s a good fish for the beginner because it is very hardy undemanding and easily bred This tetra is a real beauty in a community aquarium It is very active and fast moving from where I purchased the specimens These fish prefer soft acidic water The pH should be slightly acid 6 5 to 7 0 and temperature between 70 and 80 degrees It is always a good idea to learn a little geography by looking for information about the places your pets originally come from In this case it is primarily parts of South America s Paraguay River basin in south central Brazil Paraguay and northeast Argentina Thom Smith now retired was offered the position of Children s Department Head at The Berkshire Museum in 1960 and began developing live exhibits before the end of the decade He helped design build and opened the museum s aquarium zoo in early 1970 and in 1985 relocated the expanded aquarium and vivarium in 1985 to a larger space For nearly 50 years continued work with animals at the museum eventually earning the title Natural Science Curator

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CUB S DEN TheNational WAnimals orld Of Animals From Around the World POLAND WHITE STORK Dog Wags POLAND EUROPEAN BISON Breeds from A to Z Bernese Mountain Dog The Bernese Mountain Dog Berner Sennenhund is a large sized breed of dog one of the four breeds of Sennedhund type dogs from the Swiss Alps Bred from crosses of Mastiffs and guard type breeds Bernese Mountain Dogs were brought to Switzerland by the Romans 2 000 years ago The Bernese Mountain Dog is an extremely versatile working dog from the farmlands of Switzerland They were developed to herd cattle pull carts and be watchdogs and loyal companions They are the only one of the four breeds with long hair The Bernese Mountain Dog comes from the canton of Bern hence their name They re a large and sturdy dog breed with a friendly and calm disposition and they re also well suited to conformation obedience tracking herding and carting competitions A novice dog parent might be attracted to this breed s friendly disposition intelligence and highly trainable nature However first timers should beware The Bernese Mountain Dog s size and high energy can make handling difficult Thus they don t appreciate being cooped up in apartments all day They shed a lot and they tend to need the drool wiped from their faces every once in a while Dogs of this breed are great watchdogs but that also means they have a tendency to bark loudly They may want to chase smaller animals and play roughly even though they are quite gentle when fully mature and trained properly Bernese work well with other pets and around strangers They are excellent guardians They tend to bond with one owner or family and are somewhat aloof and standoffish towards strangers Although for an experienced pet parent who can match the Bernese s energy provide open space keep up with grooming and dedicate time and effort to training this breed will show unconditional love and loyalty A well trained Bernese makes an excellent companion that will adore the whole family They love kids and will even greet newcomers to the home warmly so long as they ve had adequate socialization training PORTUGAL IBERIAN WOLF There aren t many breeds with a greater predisposition for friendliness Therefore if you re ready for the challenge you ll never regret adopting a Bernese Mountain Dog Bernese are outdoor dogs at heart though well behaved in the house they need activity and exercise but do not have a great deal of endurance They can move with amazing bursts of speed for their size when motivated If they are sound no problems with their hips elbows or other joints they enjoy hiking and generally stick close to their people Not being given the adequate amount of exercise may lead to barking and other behaviors Bernese mountain dogs are a breed that generally does well with children as they are very affectionate They are patient dogs that take well to children climbing over them Though they have great energy a Bernese will also be happy with a calm evening The Bernese is one of the shortest lived dog breeds compared both to other breeds of a similar size and to purebred dogs in general The average life expectancy of a Bernese Mountain Dog is approximately 7 to 8 year 15

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Animal Wellness TRUE BALANCE Animal Wellness The Canine Aquatic Gym 413 429 6879 Home visits and swimming for your canine companions Equine Myotherapy www truebalanceanimalwellness com Crematory BREEZY NOOK PET CREMATORIUM LTD 452 Presbyterian Hill Road Stephentown New York 12168 518 733 9896 ANIMALECTORY Dog Training 15 OFF Alpha K9 Dog Training Dog training in the comfort of your home All ages breeds and behaviors 518 392 0263 mcaron592 gmail com Control Cooperation Connection OUR CCC CLASSES CAN HELP Contact Mariday Geyer Shaker Paws LLC 413 446 3336 shakerpaws gmail com www shakerpaws com www theconnectionpuzzle net Custom Pet Jewelry and Portraits Custom Pet Charms Image transfer to metal Perfect for year roud gifts for the animal lover diane firtell gmail com Doggie Day Care Offering Salon Services Playcare and Training for THE TRI STATE AREA S PETS BOWMEOW REGENCY www bowmeowregency com 413 229 0035 bowmeowregency yahoo com GINA S K 9 BED AND BREAKFAST 518 329 4675 Quality Care Pet Sitting in My Safe Comfortable Home Copake NY 12516 Fully insured member NAPPS Dog Breeds STONEWOOD GERMAN SHEPHERD KENNELS Mark Newton 413 446 8261 markspetcare gmail com Breeding for Good Temperament Excellent Bloodlines AKC Registered 16 Like Us On Facebook Dog Training ZEN DOG TRAINING ONLINENE ONLINENE Puppy Boot Camp 27 Included Everything you need to raise a Zen Dog 6 week online puppy course Best play biting solutions in the industry ZDT Comics Obedience Teaching Commands Solving House Training Separation Anxiety and more zendogtraining net shop Food Supplies BensDotter s Pet 940 Main Street Great Barrington MA 413 528 4940 Quality foods Equipment and Supplies Mon Fri 10a 6p Sat Sun 10a 4p Foranimals LLC Leea Foran 413 445 8843 Behavior Consultations Private Training Group Classes www trainingforanimals com Northern Berkshire K 9 Services Include Day School Obedience Canine Education Day Care Day Train Options Board Train Options Group Obedience Agility Classes 200 Main Street Williamstown MA 413 458 6087 www nbk9 com Stonehill Kennels All Breed Dog Training Dog Boarding Companion Dogs for Sale K 9 Professional Services 345 Sharon Turnpike Goshen CT 06756 860 491 2202 K 9one4u msn com Taize Shepherd Kennel Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Private and Group Classes Charlene Marchand North Chatham New York 518 766 3804 www taizeshepherdkennel com CHEZ PET Your Neighborhood Pet Supply Store Lenox Commons 55 Pittsfield Road Lenox MA 413 637 0800 www chezpet com Monday Friday 10am 5 30pm Saturday 10am 4pm OPEN Sundays 11am 4pm MEOW GROWL Pet Supplies Unleashed 59 MAIN STREET LEE MA 413 243 1220 www leemeowandgrowl com SELF SERV Fantastic Selection of Dog Cat Food Pet Supplies D OG W E ASH Leashes Collars Grooming Tools Gifts Treats Human Products Too Barrington Coffee Fire Cider Goat Products Gray Raven Farm Country Store New Location 65 North Main Street Lanesborough MA 01237 Handmade Goats Milk Soap Lotions Much More 413 496 3300 grayravenfarm verizon net www grayravenfarm net Grooming Critter Clippers Becky Owner Stylist Renee Stylist By Appointment 518 477 7748 4162 State Route 20 Schodack NY 12033

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Essential Oils First Aid Kit By Deborah Tuttle As we end the holiday season I find myself enjoying a movie with my trusted fur children surrounding me I reach down to touch their paws and notice how the winter weather is taking its toll on them as well Sadly my hands are not that much better How these cold winter days can take affect us Let s face it we all want a quick and effective solution to remedy this situation In the past I would grab any type of lotion to address this Yet as I get older I tend to dig a little deeper Happily as I continue in my studies to be a certified Aromatherapist I have learned a little bit more about the most effective combination of oils and lotions one can use to support their skin Vegetable and herbal oils can provide excellent protection for us They can reduce the transepidermal water loss TEWL thus maintaining hydration in our skin From the School for Aromatic Studies If skin has dry lacking oil and dehydrated lacking water then a cream would be appropriate If on the other hand skin is dry lacking oil but was well hydrated then a facial oil would be appropriate You see I tend to drink about a gallon of water per day True my skin will still get dry with a woodstove burning but for me I have found the combinations of essential oils and a carrier oil have supported my skin a lot The protective barrier of the oils improve the appearance of my skin and when mixed with calming essential oils such as Lavender has the added benefit of relaxation In fact in some parts of the world it is not uncommon to apply a combination of a carrier oil with essential oils before getting into the shower It can be beneficial to protect your skin and prevent moisture loss The type of essential oils and carrier oil should also factor into what you are trying to address I know that Jojoba carrier oil is very supportive for my skin For my shall we say mature skin I tend to reach for essential oils such as Boswellia carteri Frankincense Lavandula angustfolia Lavender and Helichrysum italicum Helichrysum The amount of the essential oils and carrier oil I use is guided by dilution charts from my studies Now regarding my dogs and their dry pads I have a winter routine that I follow There is no doubt that many have witnessed the adverse reactions when your dog steps on freshly salted walkways and how it can stop them in their tracks The salt can burn their pads and many times get in between their little toes One of the routines I have followed is when we return home from walks I get a basin of warm water and gently place their paws in it to rinse them off I pat their paws afterwards so that they are still a little damp and reach for a paw cream that I have made and gently pat a light amount of the cream on their paws The cream is a combination of beeswax and shea butter as its base with a combination of essential oils I will use a drop of lavender and frankincense I had previously patch tested the oils on them and noticed no contraindications Dilution charts are available based on the size of your dog Another benefit when you make these yourself is that you are avoiding chemicals that are placed in many products such as parabens phthalates petrochemicals synthetic fragrances and colorants and synthetic preservatives These natural approaches provide the benefits this family is seeking Pet Protection Animal Support Certified Essential Oil Coach Offering Essential Oil Therapy to Animals Education Referral Service In Home Therapy Sessions 518 929 5870 Raindrop Technique Deborah zigzagtozen com https oily life zigzagtozen GINA S K 9 ALLEN HEIGHTS VETERINARY HOSPITAL 289 Dalton Avenue Pittsfield MA 01201 Quality Care Pet Sitting in My Safe Comfortable Home Fully insured member NAPPS Reliable Pet Sitting Company Conventional Holistic Veterinary Medicine Acupuncture SERVING CENTRAL COUNTY MASSACHUSETTS Class 4 Laser for Healing 413 446 3336 shakerpaws gmail com www shakerpaws com Dog Walking and Pet Sitting 413 269 6249 southernberkshirepetsitting com Animalkind Inc 721 Warren Street Hudson NY 12546 518 822 8643 Berkhire Humane Society 214 Baker Road Pittsfield MA 01201 413 447 7878 Columbia Greene Humane 111 Humane Society Road Hudson New York 518 828 6044 Dakin Animal Shelter 171 Union Street Springfield MA 413 781 4000 163 Montague Road Leverett MA 413 548 9898 Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK www pittsfieldvet com VCA All Caring Animal Hospital SHAKER PAWS PET CARE OUR LOCAL SHELTERS Certified in Veterinary Acupuncture Phone 413 443 4949 www allenheights com 413 499 1580 1634 West Housatonic St Rt 20 Pittsfield MA 01201 mhyattreliablepetsitting gmail com Erica Bell Elizabeth Tullett DVM Pittsfield Veterinary Hospital Shaker Hill Pet resort Maryann Hyatt Owner INSURED BONDED 413 329 5127 Bonded Insured Certified Professional Pet Sitter Newest litter 9 2 2020 Ready for homes Visit them on www llamafanatics Grow your own luxury fibers We handle our bunnies from birth so they make good pets as well as producing loads of beautiful fiber Pedigreed Giant Angoras and Giant Hybrids Veterinarians BED AND BREAKFAST 518 329 4675 MARIDAY GEYER ANGORA RABBITS FOR SALE 413 275 2230 Diane Laurel Ledge Farm Fibers Pet Sitting Copake NY 12516 Rabbits For Sale 440 Stockbridge Road Great Barrington MA 413 528 8020 www vcaallcaring com Michael Delliere D V M Gwen Hood D V M Wood Hill Veterinary Clinic OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK 650 ROUTE 295 OLD CHATHAM 518 392 6224 WOODHILLVETCLINIC COM 875 Crane Ave Pittsfield MA 413 448 9800 Everybunny Counts Rabbit Rescue 618 Matthews St Bristol CT 06010 Facebook Everybunnycounts Geminis Pampered Greyhounds 145 N Whitney Street Amherst MA 01002 413 253 4894 Greyhound Options 43 Sczgiel Road Ware Ma 413 967 9088 House Rabbit Connection PO Box 2602 Woburn MA 01888 781 431 1211 Kanes Krusade P O Box 1085 East Longmeadow MA 01028 Lttle Guild of St Francis Like us on Facebook 285 Sharon Goshen Turnpike West Cornwall CT 860 672 6346 Mohawk Hudson Humane Society 3 Oakland Ave Menands New York 12204 518 434 8128 Mutt Rescue 102 Grove Street Chicopee MA 01020 413 594 8144 Second Chance Animal Center 1779 VT 7A Arlington Vermont 05250 802 375 2898 Thomas J O Conner Animal Control Adoption Center 627 Cottage Street Springfield MA 01104 413 781 1484 Westfield Homeless Cat Project 1124 East Mountain Road Westfield MA 01085 413 568 6964 17

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CANINE RESCUE LEAGUES WEBBED SIGHTINGS Looking for a dog Look here or contact us and we can help 413 496 8188 anlife aol com AFFENPINSCHER RESCUE OF AMERICA Donna Wolfe http www affenpinscherrescue org AIREDALE TERRIER New England Airedale Rescue www newenglandairedalerescue org AKITA Akita Rescue of Western New York www akitarescuewny com ALASKAN MALAMUTE Alaskan Malamute Rescue of New England www amrone org 413 4297286 MA AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER PittieLove Rescue www pittieloverescue org Out of the Pits www outofthepits org Albany NY area info outofthepits org The Simon Foundation Inc thesimonfoundation org 860 519 1516 CT AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD Northeast Aussie Rescue Placement Helpline ARPH www arphinc com 877 ARPH 779 BASSET HOUND New England Basset Hound Rescue Inc nebhr org BEAGLE B O N E S Beagles of New England States www bonesbeagles org admin bonesbeagles org 508 473 2228 MA BERNESE MOUNTAIN DOG Bernese Education and Rescue Northeast Region www bernerinc org BICHON FRISE Bichon Frise Club of America www bichonrescue org 866 473 0722 Linda Ferrullo 845 561 7004 NY BLOODHOUND NorthEast Bloodhound Rescue www bloodhounds com tbn nebr html BORDER COLLIE New England Border Collie Rescue www NEBCR org ME NH VT MA CT RI upstate NY northern NJ info nebcr org 800 760 1569 Nutmeg Border Collie Rescue Jalyn White 860 742 6349 CT BOXER Northeastern Boxer Rescue www BoxerRescue com contact boxerrescue com all New England The Boxer Rescue www theboxerrescue org info theboxerrescue org MA CT RI 800 471 2030 Second Chance Boxer Rescue www secondchanceboxer com all New England juliescbr gmail com 877 281 3146 shelter calls or urgent issues only BRITTANY New England Brittany Rescue www nebrittanyrescue org BULLDOG Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network BCARN www rescuebulldogs org rescueroster rescueroster htm CHIHUAHUA Yankee Chihuahua Rescue www YankeeChihuahuaRescue org yankeechirescue gmail com Connecticut rescueconnecticut gmail com Massachusetts rescuemassachusetts gmail com Vermont ycr vermont gmail com COCKER SPANIEL Cocker Spaniel Rescue of New England www csrne org info csrne org 603 547 3363 NH COLLIE Collie Rescue League of New England www crlne org crlneinfo aol com Hotline 802 222 5124 VT DACHSHUND Dachshund Club of America National Rescue guiness7 comcast net 904 217 7698 DALMATIAN Dal Rescue of Upstate New York StoneHillDals aol com Dalmatian Club of America www thedca org DOBERMAN PINSCHER Doberman Rescue Unlimited www dru org doberman dru org NH MA RI CT VT ME 603 887 1200 NH ENGLISH COCKER SPANIEL English Cocker Spaniel Club of America www ecsca org rescuehome html ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIEL New England English Springer Spaniel Rescue www essrescue org GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG German Shepherd Rescue of New England www gsrne org all New England states info gsrne org hotline 978 443 2202 MA GOLDEN RETRIEVER 18 Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue New England only www ygrr org Hotline 978 568 9700 MA GREAT DANE Great Danes Around New England Rescue www gdaner org Carrie Loholdt MA VT NH CT RI ME gdanerescue aol com 207 321 2771 ME GREAT PYRENEES Northeast Pyr Rescue www nepyresq org 877 528 0637 GREYHOUND Greyhound Friends www greyhound org New England NY NY 508 435 5969 MA Greyhound Rescue of NE www greyhoundrescuene org adopt greyhoundrescuene org 508 478 1617 MA Greyhound Pets of America Massachusetts www greyhoundpetsmass org IRISH SETTER Irish Setter Club of New England www iscne org JACK RUSSELL TERRIER Pauline Clark www jacksgalore org LABRADOR RETRIEVER Labrador Retriever Rescue www labrescue com MA ME NH RI VT Hotline 978 356 2982 MA Labrador Retriever Rescue CT www labrescuect orglabrescuect gmail com 860 767 0381 CT NorthEast All Retriever Rescue www nearr com email nearr nearr com Hotline 617 824 4278 MA MALTESE American Maltese Association Rescue www americanmalteserescue org MASTIFF Friends of Rescued Mastiffs www mastiffrescue org 800 200 5287 Mastiff Club of America Rescue www mastiff org MCOARESCUE htm RydalmMastiffs aol com OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOG New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue www neoesr org 781 259 8173 MA PEKINGESE Pekingese Rescue Network Inc NJ NY CT MA NH RI ME VT www pekerescue petfinder com POMERANIAN Bay Colony Pomeranian Club Rescue baycolonypomeranianclub org POODLE Poodle Rescue of New England www poodlerescuene org PoodleRescue poodlerescuene org 617 628 1425 MA Poodle Rescue of Vermont www poodlerescuevt org 802 497 4144 VT info poodlerescuevt org PUG Pug Rescue of New England www pugrescueofnewengland org Green Mtn Pug Rescue www greenmtnpugrescue com Curly Tail Pug Rescue NY CT NJ www curlytailpugrescue org RAT TERRIER Ratbone Rescues www ratbonerescues com ratbonerescue ratbonerescues com ROTTWEILER North East Rottweiler Rescue www rottrescue org toll free 866 392 0102 SAINT BERNARD Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation www saintrescue org SAMOYED Minuteman Samoyed Club Rescue www doghows org flash mscr info samoyedrescue org SHIBA INU National Shiba Club of America Rescue www shibas org rescue html rescue shibas org NYC Shiba Rescue http nycshibarescue org email shibas nycshibarescue org 917 591 3408 NY SHIH TZU American Shih Tzu Club Rescue contacts www americanshihtzuclub org rescue_committee Shih Tzu Rescue of New England www petfinder com shelters MA304 html STRNE1 gmail com WELSH TERRIER welshterrierrescue org YORKSHIRE TERRIER Yorkshire Terrier Club of America Rescue Inc www ytca org rescue html Tails to Tell Tellus is Home for The Holidays In early September Alicia and Chris rented a home in Pittsfield while house hunting in Berkshire County The couple and their two children ages 3 and 9 were relocating from Maine and had their animals with them including cats Tellus and Nikka The cats got outside and Nikka returned but Tellus did not Heartbroken they searched for her and looked for her on missing pet Facebook pages such as Missing Pets of Berkshire County They came up empty They eventually found a home in Adams and moved in still searching for Tellus Five days before Christmas their search paid off Someone had found Tellus under a house in Pittsfield and posted her photo on Missing Pets of Berkshire County Alicia responded to the post but after not getting an instant reply Chris went knocking door to door in the Pittsfield neighborhood identified in the Facebook post to see if he could locate who found his cat He did and they told him that they had brought the stray to Berkshire Humane Society which had closed for the day The next day Chris and Tellus were reunited at the shelter where Tellus spent only a night The family didn t want to get their hopes up too high and then be disappointed We didn t want to tell the kids until we knew for sure said Chris As Berkshire Humane Society Feline Manager Erin Starsja prepared a cat carrier for Tellus to go home Chris told her that she might have trouble getting the cat into it She hates those he said Erin opened the door to the carrier and Tellus happily hopped in Chris was amazed Tellus was ready to go home Chris and his family celebrate Christmas so this one was an especially merry one for them except perhaps for one member I m not sure what the dog will think of this said Chris Erin offered her expertise if the furry family needs help readjusting If there s ever a story to show that you should never stop looking for a lost pet this is it said Erin Never give up Berkshire Humane Society s website has a page on what to do if your pet is missing at https berkshirehumane org steps to take for amissing pet

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Jack s Galore Matching you with the right rescue Jack A family run Jack Russell Terrier Rescue Annie is a nine year old brown and white female smooth coat Jack Russell shorty Annie weighs a 14 pound armful This delightful girl s dad passed away and her two children ran off but found after we rescued Annie We were asked to help by a family friend so this wellloved WV country girl made her way to MA to find her forever home Find us on Facebook or jacksgalore org STELLA is a very sweet outgoing and talkative female calico who is one two years old She prefers respectful kitty and human siblings and no dogs Second Chance Animal Center 1779 VT Route 7A Arlington VT 05250 802 375 2898 https 2ndchanceanimalcenter org Your Neighborhood Pet Supply Store featuring Made in the USA Foods Treats Toys Essentials Gifts Natural and Organic Products Lots of Fun Stuff Monday Friday 10am 5 30 pm Saturday 10 am 4 pm OPEN Sundays 11 am 4 pm Lenox Commons 55 Pittsfield Road Lenox MA 413 637 0800 www chezpet com 19

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BENSDOTTER S PET 940 MAIN STREET GREAT BARRINGTON MA Quality Foods Equipment and Supplies Conventional and Raw Food Diets for every budget for every lifestyle to every taste Pet Wellness is Our Specialty Raw Feeding is Our Passion A Little Bit Conventional A Little Bit Alternative A Whole Lot Different Nature s Logic complete and balanced kibble canned and raw frozen pet foods provide some of the highest quality and safest nutrition in pet foods today In using only whole foods in their recipes Nature s Logic can be fed with the peace of mind that your pets will not be exposed to toxic levels of synthetic vitamins and minerals Nature s Logic complete and balanced kibble canned and raw frozen canine diets are available in a variety of proteins formulated so as to be suitable for diet rotation Beef Chicken Duck Lamb Pork Rabbit Sardine Turkey Venison Nature s Logic pet foods contain no corn wheat soy nor legumes Instead Nature s Logic dry food recipes contain millet a gluten free nonGMO grass seed that is naturally low in sugar And no hydrolyzed proteins mean no MSG On Route 7 less than a minute south of the Great Barrington Guido s Monday Friday 10a 6p Saturday 10a 4p closed Sundays 20