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 By:Deonte Goethe And Demetrius Bennett

Blog: A regularly updated westie that  

someone post mostly anything


Flaming: It is used for to express




P2P: (Peer to Peer)Task or work that


loads between peers


Phishing: The activitys an online account


holder offinancial


Podcast: A digital file made


downloading to a computer


 Aggregator: A wesite tat collects related


iteams content and dispaly

  Digital Life 101 



                             Tips and Rules about Password

Never give away your password to anyone . 

Create password that is easy to remember but hard for your friends to learn.

 Include numbers, letters and symbols. 


Dont post it or write it as on paper where some can see it and find out


what your password is.




Tips and Rules

1. use proper langauge precise


3.avoid emoticons and texting writing explanatory. justify your opinion all comments before hitting submit



.Create smart and strong password


.Use wise emails 


.Shop safely


.Have a patient to watch you while you on


the computer 




Tips and Ruls:

           Protect Yourself Online

The illegat trade in software, videos, digital


video devics (DVDs), and music

   Digital Piracy