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This live booklet is about two dogs who end up breaking their owner's great grandmas vace. They end up getting kicked out of the house once their owner returns home. They end up running away getting lost and being picked up by the pound, were their owner finds them and brings them safely back home.

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Bengie & Bon Bon

By: Audrey Lukes

Summer of 1987 on a hot and gloomy day, a lady was walking through the park when two dogs approached her. She thought they were the cutest little dogs she had ever seen before. 

After awhile of playing with the playful pups she realized no one had come to claim these little pups. She decided to walk around the park with the dogs for awhile hoping to find the owners. After a couple hours of being at the dog park and no sign of possible owners, she decided to take them home.

A few weeks passed and there were no replies to any of her signs she had posted on the light posts. So she decided to adopt them as her own.