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By: Toni Morrison

Elizabeth Burricelli

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She was born on February 18, 1931, in Lorain, Ohio. She's a Pulitzer Prize- and Nobel Prize- winning American novelist, editor and professor. She has won almost every prize you can win for books. Some of her most famous titles, apart from Beloved are The Bluest Eye and Song of Solomon.

Author Background

Toni Morrison

Purpose of The Work

There are many different purposes to the book Beloved. The first is to recuperate history that has been lost. Also her novel provides a voice,and denied the power of language


The author intends for this book to be for a curious and intelligent auidence. This is apparent by how Morrison ends the novel on a mysterious note.


The perspective of the novel changes depending who is currently narrating. When anonymous charcter narrates, they speak in 3rd person. When each character narrates their personal opinions they speak in 1st person perspective.

Narrative Structure

Flash backs were very common throughout the story. for exapmle, in the first paragraph “by 1873, Sethe and her daughter were [the ghost's] only victims.”



Most of the story is told through dialogue, so the syntx is more natural. It's presented in the way people speak. This same pattern carries over most of teh story, even the parts that aren't dialogue. The synatx changes depending on which character is spekaing. Morrison also uses short sentences (often only one word) to create emphasis.


The diction in the story changed depending on which chracter was speaking. Morrison used lots of commons to show to slowness of speach. Each time a character were to speak the diction would change

The book beloved is based off of a story about an African-American slave, named Margret Garner, who escpaed slavery during 1856 in Kentucky. She accomplished this by fleeing to Ohio which at that time was a free state. She and her children were retreieved under the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. Margret murdered her 2 year old daughter so she wouldn't be captured. Sethe, the main character, killed her 3 children when people came to return her to her owner. A women presumed to be her daughter, who was named Beloved, returned years later to to haunt Sethe's home. 

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