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Beginning Sound Match
Lesson Objective
Students will be able to accurately write their first name and identify beginning sounds in familiar items.
Background Information for Teacher
Student Prior Knowledge
Construction paper
pictures (samples provided) – Can alternately use magazines for pictures

Step-by-Step Guided Lesson
Step 1: Start Video
(Tips: Interact with the video by pausing, to ask questions or discuss information viewed with student.)
Step 2: Teach Lesson
Begin by asking the student to spell their name.The student should be well versed in this after the first month or so of kindergarten.
Ask the student to spell their name out loud. Example
: “Brian, can you spell your name? Good now let’s take it apart. What sound
does the B make? Good, now the R?...”
Demonstrate to the student how they will turn a piece of construction paper lengthwise and write their name one letter at a time with
enough space to glue a picture beside the letter. Tell the student they will choose the pictures to make their letter sounds. Allow
students to color their chosen pictures and glue them in the appropriate spot.
Step 3: Complete the worksheet attached below.
Worksheets for extra practice
Worksheets for extra practice
Step 4: Review. Start the next lesson with the game or activity attached below for review so the student can demonstrate
understanding of this lesson before moving forward.
Matching ( offline) worksheet
Challenge: Clifford Interactive Story (online) game