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                The Boston Tea                        Party 


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  • The Unbearable Taxes p4
  • Time to Rebel p5
  • Midnight Mohawks p6
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Time to get a gun cause your going into the war…... The  7 years war that is. The Boston  tea party is gonna be cruel so pack your bags it's time dump some tea.




After the French and Indian war (7 years war)  Great Britain needed money because they payed so much money to keep fighting and protecting the colonists. So the British thought they could get a little help from the colonies. After all the British were protecting the colonists. On the other hand the colonists had never lived with taxes and they weren’t about to start now. The British didn’t know that the colonists didn’t want to help. To be fair, nobody agreed about the tax and it was not even official. So parliament passed the stamp act. The colonists HATED the this. As a consequence refused to pay it. To do this they boycotted items that were taxed. Finally parliament repealed the stamp act. The colonists were so happy they built a statue of King George.(During the war the patriots didn’t have much gunpowder so they tore down the statue that they built of King George). Little did they know that  parliament was coming in with more force…...taxes!!!

         The Unbearable Taxes  

                    Time To Rebel 

After the stamp act was repealed, parliament had plans to show the colonists who was boss. In 1773 parliament passed the tea act. The tea act taxed every sip of tea. On the  other hand Great Britain thought they would buy a lot of tea because tea was cheaper than ever. But there was tax on tea. Tea was also the colonists favorite thing. The patriots famous chant was “No taxation without representation.” However  this was no good and King George didn’t listen. Soon the majority of the colonists were boycotting tea. In September and October 7 ships carrying British East India Company tea were sent to the colonies. Of those 7 ships there were over 2000 crates of tea on board. That's  nearly 600,000 pounds! And it costs almost 10000 dollars. Then on December 16th 1773 at midnight possibly the biggest party of the 1700s happened.

The night was December 16th 1773. One of the biggest and most violent groups of the revolution the Sons Of Liberty led by Samuel Adams invaded 3 of the 7 ships that arrived and 342 crates of tea were dumped overboard and into the Boston Harbor. Later on the during the immigration period of time America was called the melting pot. I believe that one of the reasons America is called that is because of the all that tea. In fact that the Sons of Liberty screamed, “Tonight Boston Harbor will be tea pot.” Many people believe that pretty much all of the men at the Tea Party were dressed as Mohawks Indians but historians believe that very few dressed up. Today you might know Samuel Adams as the guy who has a beer company named after him. But you have to wonder what his favorite drink was? Beer or tea.



Midnight Mohawks 


When the king found out about the tea party he was more angry than Donald Trump when he sees Hillary Clinton is in the lead. Now that's saying something. Let's say your mom tells you not to watch TV but you do it anyway and she finds out. Your mom would punish you right? In other words Great Britain told the colonies they couldn’t protest and if they did they would get a punishment. Boy did they get a punishment. The intolerable acts came. The intolerable acts was a set of laws including the Boston port act and the quartering act. The quartering act said that colonists had to provide food and shelter for the redcoats. On the other hand the Boston port act said that until all the was paid for Boston Harbor was closed. This law isn’t really that big of a deal. England could just make more tea. But England bought the tea from China and its not like China is going to give them a refund. Then the colonists shocked the world and started to unite. Other colonies sent food, water you know it. Next thing you know there was the continental  congress but I won’t get into that. Then a military! Finally a nation.  


In other words, this war is Not one to sleep on.  But you gotta do what you gotta do to fight for what's right. So lock and load because the revolutionary war has just begun.



  1. Harbor: A very big lake

  2. Immigration: When people leave their country and move to another

  3. Military: Every division of soldiers combined

  4. Representation: To show people ideas with presentation

  5. Tax: Money people pay to the government by law


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