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By: Sara Becker

& sanitation

How Listeriosis is spread:

Only eat pasteurized dairy products.


Symptoms of Listeriosis:

- more sevre symptoms may require antibiotics.

- mild symptoms require no treatment.



Chemical hazard-  a problem caused by a chemical.

Physical hazard- an object found in food that isn't supposed to be there.

Cross contamination- bacteria is transfered from one food to another.

Direct contamination: touching a food then not washing your hands and touching another food.


To avoid cross and direct contamination wash: hands and utensils regularly.


Sanitary- removing harmful pathogens

Clean- means that the food is free from dirt 

Clean & Sanitary

Wash your hands before you eat, after you've touched an animal & after using the restroom.

Danger zone:


- Pathogens grow in these temperatures

- Temperature range- 39-140F

How to wash dishes by hand:

Fat Tom is a way the food industry describes the six favorable condtions forthe food growth of pathogens.

The right cooking temperatures:

(stuffed) Poultry- 165 degrees Farenheit

Ground beef- 160 degrees Farenheit


The best way to thaw food is in the fridge,but you could also thaw it under cold water or in the microwave.

- Keep cold food at 40 degrees Farenheit

- Keep hot foods at 160 degrees Farenheit

- Perishable foods can be left out of the fridge for two hours.

- Work in an organized area

- Keep hands and knives clean and dry

- Keep knives organized

Tips to avoid cutting yourself:

- lift pot lid on the side further from you first

- Turn off burner when you're done using it

- use an oven mit when getting something out of the oven

How to avoid fires & burns:


- cover outlets with the plastic saftey cover

- make sure your hands are dry when unplugging a cord

- always make sure you dry the floor if you spill something

Ways to prevent falling & electoral shock: