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How to get there?

You can choose the plane which is cheaper but you have to think about travelling around Iceland as well. You can rent a car there which is quite expensive so I would not recommend that if you want to stay there more than two weeks. You can use public transport but your destinations will be limited and it is not cheap either. The cheapest way is hitchhiking which is safe and easy here but you need to stay on the big roads.

Or you can go by ferry. There is a plenty of advantages. You can have a stop at the Faroe Islands. You can sleep inside your car and save some money on campsites. You can take some food from home and save money on that. You can get anywhere you want if there is a road. And there is one big disadvantage - it is expensive. A lot.

What can you see there?

Iceland is called the land of fire and ice. This picture is from the 'fire' side of Iceland. Fire is represented by volcanoes, lava fields or colours made by minerals dissolving in hot water. Speaking of hot water - hot tubs are probably the best product of fire on Iceland.


I said a land of fire and ice, right? So after you warm up in a hot tub, you should visit one of the glaciers in Iceland. You have plenty to choose from. The most known is probably the glacial lake you can see in the picture. You could see it in James Bond movie and you can spot a lot of birds or seals there. Later you can jump into a hot tub to warm up again.


A lot of ice means a lot of water. There is a waterfall everywhere you look. Literally. And did you know that almost all the water in Iceland is drinkable?


Yes. This is a puffin. The cutest bird you can imagine. But it is not the only animal you can admire in Iceland. There is a big tradition of whale watching tours. You can see seals lying on the beaches or playing in the sea. Seagulls are everywhere. You can spot a polar fox (which is black during summer). There are no life-threatening species in Iceland. The most dangerous animal there is a bird called tern. It protects its home by attacking your head. They are everywhere so if you see them run or have an umbrella.