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Art & PhotographyMusic, Film & CultureCraft & DesignFood & HomeThe Natural WorldGraphic NovelsSTACKSVisual Edition Fall / Winter 2022Table of Contents

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2Art & PhotographyBetye Saar: Black Doll BluesBetye SaarSaar has spent much of her life collecting, assembling and re-working racist representations of Black Americans in white Americana. This book contains new watercolor portraits of her Black Doll collection, historic assemblages, and early sketchbooks, covering her lifelong interest in Black spirituality, representation, and political advocacy.Alaïa Afore AlaïaCarla SozzaniAlaïa is best known for the clinging shapes and magnificent gowns of his 1980s work. This gorgeous book places that era in the context of his life and fashion by showing his beginnings. At art school in Tunisia, assisting at Christian Dior in Paris, privately dressing a Rothschild, Greta Garbo, and others all before his clothing was sold in NYC. Get Your Shit TogetherDavid ShrigleyDavid Shrigley is in the business of calling us all out constantly – his art is a great reminder that perfection is impossible, that flaws are what make us interesting, that our ability to look at this dark world with humor makes it go round.Binh Danh: The Enigma of BelongingBinh DanhLocal Vietnamese-American artist creates his works with a technique all his own, using photographic positives, sunlight, and time to print images onto leaves which are then encased in resin. This chlorophyll printing process results in remarkable and striking pieces, mostly confronting the costs of the American war in Vietnam, and centering them in the natural world.Master of the Two Left Feet: Morris Hirshfield RediscoveredRichard MeyerOnce called “master of the two left feet” by a critic who felt his work was too unsophisticated for display in a 1943 MoMA show, Morris Hirshfield has recently been coming back into vogue along with other American self-taught and outsider artists. His work is surreal and funky and feels so far ahead of its time. Women Holding ThingsMaira KalmanWhat do women carry? Or maybe, what don’t we? Kalman’s newest book is an inspiring collection of pieces that speak for themselves.

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3Art & PhotographyBarry McGee: ReproductionsBarry McGeeBarry McGee: Reproduction provides unique insight into the process of a major American artist, and is a testament to the immense amount of visual information McGee has absorbed to build one of the most eclectic and innovative artistic legacies of our time.One of the most influential American artists working today, Carrie Mae Weems has investigated narratives around family, race, gender, sexism, class and the consequences of power for more than 40 years. This volume is the most thorough survey yet published.Also, a reissue arrived this year of her legendary Kitchen Table Series.“In book form, Kitchen Table is more intimate.... Unlike the experience of meandering through a museum, stepping back to appreciate the images and nearing the text panels to skim them, the pace of exploration is now in a person's hands."- Hilary Moss, New York TimesCarrie Mae Weems: A Great Turn in the PossibleCarrie Mae WeemsEchoes of the SupernaturalRobert DavidsonRobert Davidson is one of the leading Haida artists in the Pacific Northwest. His art engages both with Western and Haida traditions and is enthralling to view. This book focuses on his bold and colorful serigraphs, but also spends time with his family and cultural setting, and includes some of his carved totems and masks. Really gorgeous work.Liza LouLiza LouLiza Lou first gained attention in 1996 when her room-sized sculpture Kitchen was shown at the New Museum in New York. Representing five years of individual labor, this groundbreaking work subverted standards of art by introducing glass beads as a fine art material. This book is the most comprehensive study of her work, which broadly considers women, community, and the valorization of labor.

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4Music, Film & CultureComrade Sisters: Women of the Black Panther PartyStephen Shames, Ericka HugginsAlong with intimate photographs from Shames and writing by Ericka Huggins, Angela Davis, and Alicia Garza, this book includes contributions from over fifty former women members - some well-known, others not - who vividly recall their personal experiences from that time.Sun Ra: Art on SaturnSun RaDrawn from private collections around the world, this is the first comprehensive collection of the Saturn label’s printed record covers, along with hundreds of the best hand-designed, one-of-a-kind sleeves and disc labels decorated by Sun Ra and members of his Arkestra.Punk 45: Singles Cover Art 1976-80Peter KoepkeThis 350+ page flexibound book is a revelatory guide to hundreds and hundreds of original seven-inch record cover sleeve designs--visual artifacts found at the heart of the most radical and anarchistic musical movement of the 20th century.Mati & the Music: 52 Record CoversMati KlarweinMati Klarwein’s Pop-Surrealist universe of pantheistic religious harmony, sexual fertility and gender and racial unity gave visual expression to an era. Fifty-two paintings appeared on album covers, many of them commissioned by the musicians themselves; most famously by Miles Davis for Bitches Brew and Live Evil and Carlos Santana for Abraxas.Revolution is LoveQween JeanIn June 2020, after a Black trans woman in Missouri and a Black trans man in Florida were killed just weeks apart, activists Qween Jean and Joela Rivera returned to the historic Stonewall Inn where they initiated weekly actions. Revolution Is Love is the powerful and celebratory visual record and a moving testament to the enduring power of photography in activism, advocacy, and community.For the Photography Workshop Series Aperture works with the world's top photographers to distill their creative approaches, teachings, and insights on photography. Graciela Iturbide--known for her portraits and landscapes imbued with poetic ambiguity and documentary truth--explores photographing in ways that employ a deeply personal vision, while also reflecting subjects' rich cultural backgrounds.Graciela Iturbide on Dreams, Symbols, and Imagination Graciela Iturbide, Aperture

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5Craft & DesignRecord, Map & Capture in Textile ArtJordan CunliffeThis stylish and fascinating book from up-and-coming textile art star Jordan Cunliffe shows how raw data, maps and personal experience can be distilled into textile art, producing mesmerising works with deep meaning, whether obvious or hidden, and concentrating on the smaller, quieter moments that make up our lives.Patterns: Inside the Design LibraryPeter KoepkeA study of the Design Library’s collection of patterns, from Abstract to Zig-Zag, with featured creators and brands that have influenced pattern design over the ages.Hammer & NailErik Eje AlmqvistInspired by the work of Italian Modernist Enzo Mari, Almqvist presents a collection of furniture projects designed to be easy to build and customize at any skill level. The simplicity and ease is the focus of Mari’s design philosophy. Be an amateur! It’s good for you.Illy Art Collection: 30 Years of BeautyFor 30 years Illy has collaborated with contemporary artists and designers to produce limited edition expresso cups. Artists include Marina Abramovic, Pedro Almodovar, David Byrne, Anish Kapoor, Kiki Smith, Yoko Ono, Robert Rauschenberg, Ai Weiwei among othersClose KnitLærke BaggerThis Danish knitwear designer released her first free pattern under her own name last year, and the #AloneTogetherSweater project got famous fast. With her wildly modern use of texture, color, and unexpected shapes, the fun doesn’t stop!Iro: The Essence of Color in Japanese DesignRossella MenegazzoThe traditional colors of Japan have been in use since the seventh century, originally to indicate rank and social hierarchy but, over time, their significance has broadened to include all manner of designed objects. This landmark volume celebrates a curated selection of 200 colors (iro in Japanese), with each traditional shade illustrated by one or more items - ranging from 16th-century kimonos to contemporary chairs, humble kitchen utensils to precious ceramics.

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6Food & HomeDiasporicanIllyana MaisonetIllyanna Maisonet spent years documenting her family’s Puerto Rican recipes and preserving the island’s disappearing foodways through rigorous, often bilingual research. In Diasporican, she shares over 90 recipes, some of which were passed down from her grandmother and mother“A delicious journey through purpose, place, and the power of food that you won’t want to miss.”—José Andrés, chef, cookbook author, and founder of World Central KitchenTV SnapshotsLynn SpigelLike today's selfies, TV snapshots were a popular photographic practice through which people visualized their lives in an increasingly mediated culture. Drawing on her collection of over 5,000 shots, Spigel shows that people did not just watch TV: women used the TV set as a backdrop for fashion and glamour poses; people dressed in drag in front of the screen; and in pinup poses, people even turned the TV setting into a space for erotic display.AphroChic: Celebrating the Legacy of the Black Family HomeJeanine HaysShowcasing the amazing diversity of the Black experience through striking interiors, stories of family and community, and histories exploring the obstacles Black homeowners have faced for generations, this groundbreaking book honors the journey, recognizes the struggle, and celebrates the joy that is the Black family home.How to Live with ObjectsMonica Khemsurov & Jill SingerFrom the founders of SIGHT UNSEEN, an anti-decorating book that champions a new approach to interiors. In the modern home, it matters less whether your interior is perfectly appointed and more if it’s authentically personal, unique, and filled with the objects you feel a connection to. You have to see inside this one!For Cats OnlyPascale WeberExcuse our shameless cat person behavior in including this sweet little volume. Pascale Weber photographs cats on design-forward, modern furniture made for them. Utterly charming. Home FoodOlia HerculesIn her most personal book yet, Olia Hercules distills a lifetime of kitchen curiosity into her 100 most loved recipes. She draws on her childhood in Ukraine; her years in Cyprus and Italy; her simple, plant-centric family meals at home in London; and the special festive recipes she has gleaned along the way. All of these are centered in comfort and connection.

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7Food & HomeThe Woks of LifeBill, Judy, Sarah & Kaitlin LeungThu says: “ I am obsessed with this blog – a collective of techniques and delicious recipes by the Leungs. Truly a family affair. I’ve made countless dishes from them which are now staples for me (even though most of my friends call me “extra”).Tanya Holland’s California SoulTanya HollandFamed restaurateur of Brown Sugar Kitchen Tanya Holland is back with a delicious selection of California-rooted seasonal soul food recipes. With feature spots for Black California makers and sections on Black history in California, this is so much more than a recipe book. Punk IkebanaLouesa RoebuckPunk Ikebana is the second book on found and foraged floral design from Louesa Roebuck – with instruction on the practice of Ikebana and how and when to bend the rules. With vibrant photos on luxe matte paper, and a foreword from local favorite Obi Kaufmann, this book is a pleasure to page through, especially during these cooler, darker months.Ghetto Gastro Presents: Black Power KitchenJon Gray, Pierre Serrao, Lester Walker & Osayi EndolynPart cookbook. Part manifesto. Black Power Kitchencombines 75 mostly plant-based, layered-with-flavor recipes with immersive storytelling, diverse voices, and striking images and photographs that celebrate Black food and Black culture.Rare Birds, True StyleViolet Naylor-LelandThis lively book celebrates unique and inspiring British style. Spanning generations—from Nicky Haslam to Alice Temperley, Beata Heuman, and Luke Edward Hall—this book is an irresistible tour through the homes and wardrobes of some of England’s most celebrated contemporary talents, each with their own distinctive and unconventional taste. All of the homes are original, stylish, charming, and authentic.All About Cookies: A Milk Bar Baking BookChristina TosiLeigh says: “If you’re anything like me, you’ve drooled over Milk Bar cookbooks, bought Milk Bar cookbooks, and found that you couldn’t recreate the magic inside. This one looks a whole lot more approachable, with recipes for cookies that are no less magical, but perhaps also within reach for the home baker.”

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8The Natural WorldWe Are the ArkMary ReynoldsAn ARK is a restored, native ecosystem. It’s a thriving patch of native plants and creatures that have been allowed and supported. In these inspiring pages, discover how one person’s actions can effect big change in this world. Even the tiniest postage stamp patch of land matters! Together we are building a patchwork quilt of life that will wrap its way around this planet.Botanical: Observing BeautyFilipa RamosThis handsome volume invites readers on an intimate stroll through centuries of jewelry, botany, drawing, prints, video-game imagery and scientific illustrations, offering a primer on the beauty and ingenuity of nature as reflected in art. A coterie of international thinkers guide Botanical's ambitious scope and aim: Emanuele Coccia, Italian philosopher; Estelle Zhong Mengual, French art historian; Filipa Ramos, Portuguese curator. Through their rigorous and engaging essays, they unravel the mysterious inner workings of nature and celebrate the visionary mimetic art born from culture.Bay of LifeFrans Lanting and Chris EckstromA whole book on the “the hottest hot spot for biodiversity in North America” by nature documentarians who’ve worked all over the world with National Geographic, but base themselves in Monterey Bay. Full of incredible detail photography and stories from forest, beach, bay, and the open ocean. Sometimes in California we forget how much beautiful LIFE is in our collective backyard – this will remind you.Phenomena: Doppelmayr’s Celestial AtlasGiles SparrowThe Atlas Coelestis, created by Johann Doppelmayr in 1742, set out to record everything known about astronomy at the time, rendered in exquisite detail. This oversized book presents thirty beautifully illustrated and richly annotated plates, covering all the fundamentals of astronomy. Each plate is accompanied by expert analysis from astronomer Giles Sparrow, who deftly presents Doppelmayr’s references and cosmological work to a modern audience.Animal Books For Jaap, Zeno, Anna, Julian & Lucaby Lous MartensLous Martens has five grandchildren – Jaap, Zeno, Anna, Julian, and Luca – and has begun making an animal scrapbook for each newcomer to the family.Consisting of loosely pasted pictures of animals that were clipped from newspapers and magazines about art, literature, and science, plus stamps and photographs from advertising brochures, the books are enjoyable for their small, ever-evolving changes as new material is added.The Botanical Mind: Art Mysticism and the Cosmic TreeCamden Art CenterThis mesmerizing book looks back through history at diverse cultural, spiritual, and mythological traditions to reappraise the importance of plants to life on this planet. Through the symbolism of diverse cultural artefacts and the works of mystics, artists and thinkers around the world, The Botanical Mind reveals how the vegetal kingdom has metaphysical importance to the development of consciousness and spirituality.

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9Graphic NovelsDucks: Two Years in the Oil SandsKate BeatonLiz says: “An astonishing great memoir full of humanity, both tough and tender. I am better for reading this and I believe you will be, too.”Below AmbitionSimon HanselmannNobody’s favorite roommates, Megg and Werewolf Jones are Horse Mania. Horse Mania is a test of the audience’s patience, proudly the “worst band in town,” without any ambition to make it. Join the musicians as they battle through shoddy, distracted practice sessions, a squalid house show, and a doomed interstate tour. Horse Mania wants you to lose your mind. A meditation on youth, performance, and memory as only Simon Hanselmann, the best comedic writer in comics, is capable of.It’s So MagicLynda BarryOne of several of her books gloriously reissued this year, It’s So Magic captures Lynda Barry’s unparalleled ability to depict the magic of youth experiencing firsts in a world that contains as much humour as it does hardship.Birds of MaineMichael DeForgeBirds roam freely around the Moon complete with fruitful trees, sophisticated fungal networks, and an enviable socialist order. The universal worm feeds all, there are no weekends, and economics is as fantastical a study as unicorn psychology. These birds are free to crush on hot pelicans and live their best lives until a crash-landed human from Earth threatens to change everything. Birds captures the optimistic glow of utopian imagination with a late-capitalism sting of irony.Men I TrustTommi ParrishEliza is a thirtysomething struggling single mother and poet. Sasha, a twentysomething yearning for direction in life, just moved back in with her parents and dabbles as a sex worker. The two strike up an unlikely friendship that, as it veers toward something more, becomes a deeply resonant exploration of how far people are willing to go to find intimacy in a society that is increasingly not conducive to it. Tommi Parrish is one of the most essential and insightful writers & artists working.Love at First SightWisława Szymborska, Beatrice Gasca QueirazzaLove at First Sight is a poem about love and chance and destiny by the Polish winner of the 1996 Nobel Prize for Literature. Illustrated by Italian artist Beatrice Gasca Queirazza, Szymborska’s poem comes to life in entirely new ways for her readers and for lovers everywhere.